Bitola municipality

Bitola municipality

Infobox Municipality in the Republic of Macedonia
municipality_name=Bitola municipality
municipality_name_mkd=Општина Битола
status=Urban municipality
mayor=Vladimir Taleski
municipality_location=BitolaMap.png coa_pic=Bitola New coat.jpg
area=422,39 km²

Bitola ( _mk. Битола) is a municipality in southern Republic of Macedonia. "Bitola" is also the name of the city where the municipal seat is found. It is located in the Pelagonia statistical region.


The municipality borders Demir Hisar municipality in the north, Mogila in the northeast, Resen in the west, Krivogaštani in the southeast and Greece in the south.

The municipality expands vast through the Pelagonia valley reaching the highest points of Baba Mountain. The Reka Crna runs through the municipality.


The population of the municipality is 95,385 of whom approximately 80,000 live in the municipality center Bitola, the rest live in the suburbs and the villages of the municipality.

According to the last National Macedonian census the majority in the municipality is represented by the Macedonians with 88.7% or 84,616, the following are the Albanians with 4.36% or 4,164, Roma are represented with 2.73% (2,613), Turks with 1.69% (1,610), Bosniaks with 0.03% (21), Serbs with 0.57% (541), Vlachs with 1.34% (1,270) and 0.58% (550) are others.

By the 2003 territorial division of the republic, the rural Bistrica municipality and Capari municipality were attached to "Bitola municipality". Without these two municipalities the population of the "municipality of Bitola" was 86,176 according to the National census of 1994, and 86,480 at the last census. The population of the abolished in 2003 Bistrica municipality in 1994 was 5,779, and according to the last census was 5,042. The population of the abolished in 2003 Capari municipality in 1994 was 1,793, and according to the last census was 1,424. With the Territorial administrative division of the republic in 2003 the municipalities of Capari and Bistrica were attached to Bitola and so the population of the present day municipality is 92,874.

Inhabited places

The number of the inhabited places in the municipality is 66. There is one town and 65 villages.



# [ 2002 census results in English and Macedonian (PDF)]

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