Origin Sweden
Genres Pop, R&B
Years active 2010 - April 2010
Labels Sony Music
Website Official Site
Rabih Jaber
Eddie Razaz

Rebound! was a Swedish boyband pop duo established in 2010. Rebound! (written many times as REbound!) is made up of Rabih Jaber and Eddie Razaz, two contestants in Swedish Idol. The band was dissolved in April 2011 after three hits, including a #1 hit "Hurricane". After the split-up, the members are pursuing solo careers.



The duo was formed in the beginning of 2010[1] and included the Swedish singer of Lebanese origin Rabih Jaber and Swedish singer of Persian origin Eddie Razaz. They adopted the stylized form REbound! with Capital R standing for Rabih and capital E standing for Eddie[2]

They released their debut single named "Hurricane" on the 12 April 2010.[3][4] It reached #1 on the Swedish Singles Chart for 7 May 2010.

The follow-up singles were "Not Helpless" and "Psycho". Their debut album was to follow in 2011, but was never realized. The duo announced the split-up of the group in two posts on the official website of the group on April 30 and May 1, 2011. They both declared that they were pursuing solo careers.


Both members of REbound! are former participants of Swedish Idol 2009 where they met.

Rabih Jaber (in Arabic ربيع جابر) (full name Rabih Mahmoud Jaber) was born on 5 August 1987 in Lebanon. His family immigrated to Sweden when he was 2 years old and resided in Lycksele. He was a striker in a Swedish soccer team playing in the Swedish Division III.[5] He took part in TV4 Idol 2009. He survived until Week 5 when he was eliminated finishing seventh overall. His live performance of Michael Jackson's" You Are Not Alone" during Idol 2009 became a hit that stayed one week in the Swedish Singles Chart of 23 October 2009 at #44[6]

Eddie Razaz (full name Ardalan Razaz Rahmati) is a Swedish singer of Persian origin born in Stockholm on 21 December 1988. He first auditioned for Swedish Idol in 2005[7] but was eliminated during the qualifying rounds. He also worked with a modeling agency.[8] During Idol 2009, he was more successful, as he survived until Week 6 before being eliminated and finishing sixth overall. In May 2010 issue of the Swedish gay magazine QX, Eddie Razaz came out as gay.[9][10][11] He is also pursuing a modelling career. He modeled for Tom Ford Eyewear with photography by Bingo Rimér.[12]

After split-up

After the split-up, each of the two members has decided to continue in a solo career.

Rabih Jaber cooperated with producer Raaban in "Grenade", a cover of a Bruno Mars. The release was credited to Raaban feat. Rabih. Jaber is releasing his solo single "Millionaire" in summer 2011.

Eddie Razaz, signed with Sony Music Sweden. is preparing his debut solo album. He is cooperating in this regard with Kurdish-Persian-Swedish rapper and producer Rebstar.[13]



  • 2010: "Hurricane" (reached #1 in the Swedish Singles Chart)[14]
  • 2010: "Not Helpless"
    • 2010: "Not Helpless (Rink's If Only You Knew Remix)" [1]
  • 2011: "Psycho" [2]

For releases by Rabih Jaber and Eddie Raza after split-up, refer to their individual pages.


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