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Music On! TV
Music On! TV
Music On! TV.jpg
Music On! TV Logo
Launched July 1, 1994
Owned by Music On! TV, Inc., a division of Sony Music Entertainment Japan, Inc.[1]
Picture format 480i (SDTV)
1080i (HDTV)
Slogan We Believe in Music. [2]
Country Japan
Broadcast area Japan
Headquarters Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan
Formerly called Viewsic (July 1, 1998 to May 1, 2004)
SKY PerfecTV! channel 731 (SDTV)
channel 641 (HDTV)
SKY PerfecTV! e2 channel 325 (SDTV)
Available on most cable systems Check local listings
Hikari TV channel 603 (SDTV)
channel 653 (HDTV)
Music On! TV, Inc.
Kabushiki Gaisha Myujikku On Tivi
Type subsidiary of Sony Music Entertainment Japan, Inc.
Industry music industry, television
Founded March 2, 1998 (as SME TV, Inc.)
Headquarters Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan

Music On! TV (ミュージック・オン・ティーヴィ Myujikku On Tivi?), also known as M-On! (エムオン Emu On!?), is a cable television network operated by Music On! TV, Inc. (株式会社ミュージック・オン・ティーヴィ Kabushiki Gaisha Myujikku On Tivi?), a subsidiary of Sony Music Entertainment Japan, Inc. (SMEJ).

Its official motto is We Believe in Music.[2]



Viewsic logo.
  • March 2, 1998 - Music On! TV, Inc. was founded by the Sony Music management as SME TV, Inc. (株式会社エスエムイー・ティーヴィ Kabushiki Gaisha Esu Emu I Tivi?).
  • July 1, 1998 - SME TV, Inc. launched Viewsic (ヴュージック Viyujikku?) (portmanteau of view and music).
  • June 1, 2002 - Viewsic was launched on SKY PerfecTV! e2.
  • May 1, 2004 - Viewsic was relaunched as Music On! TV.
  • October 1, 2009 - Music On! TV was launched in high definition television.

Current Programming

Video Clips

  • Sakidori! (サキドリ!?)
  • Artist File
    • Artist File International
  • J-pop Clips/J-pop Hits!
  • International Clips
  • Back to ××××
  • Kiss x Kiss
  • Kira Kira (キラ◇キラ?)
  • Animanger (動画戦隊!アニメンジャー?)
  • Korea Hits
  • Visualism
  • Back to the 80's International
  • Back to the 90's International


Live Shows

  • Asahi Super Dry the Live
    • Asahi Super Dry the Live Navi
  • Live Dam Presents Liven Up


  • M-On! Countdown 100
  • M-On! Album Countdown 50
  • M-On! Karaoke Countdown
  • M-On! International Countdown 20
  • Ketai! Download Countdown
  • Musico Countdown
  • Korea On! Countdown 10 ~M-On! K-pop Best 10~


  • Korea-Wide
  • Superstar K (third season)[3]


  • 5 Rioshi! (5リオシ!?)
  • GGTV ~George's Garage~
  • Love On! TV
  • We Believe in Music

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