MechWarrior 2 soundtrack

MechWarrior 2 soundtrack
Songs of the Warrior: The Mechwarrior 2 Soundtrack
Soundtrack album by Gregory Alper & Jeehun Hwang
Released 1995
Genre Video game music

The Mechwarrior 2 soundtrack is the score to the second installment of Activision's Battletech-based sci-fi strategy/simulation Mechwarrior series. It received near universal praise from game reviewers and has been described as one of the greatest game soundtracks of all time. It is generally considered to be a cult classic of game music.[1][2]

The music was stored as standard audio CD tracks allowing the music to be played on a standard Audio CD player. Track one contains the program data and should be skipped.

The Soundtrack was composed by Gregory Alper & Jeehun Hwang, who has composed music for numerous PC games. A remix version of the song entitled "Labrea, Circle of Equals (Trial of Grievance)" (aka "Arkam Bridge") was used later in Civilization II in the Hoover Dam Wonder video.

The track listings below reflect the original 1.0 DOS PC-releases of the games. Some variations of the games have the same music while others deviate. For instance, the Titanium version of the original game has the same tracks arranged in a different order, the Titanium version of Ghost Bear's Legacy has five tracks replaced with new material, and the Titanium version of Mercenaries has roughly a minute truncated from the end of most every track; the 1.05 standard DOS/Win95 version of Mercenaries also does this.

The PSX release of the original game borrows the heavy metal tracks from Mercenaries.

Tracks on the MechWarrior 2 Game Disc
Track Mission Name Track Name Length
1 (Data Track) N/A N/A
2 Umber Wall Mission X 2:17
3 Silent Thunder / Rust Heart Anomaly 2:23
4 Bone Machine Left to Die 1:55
5 Plum Wine The Thrill of the Hunt 1:43
6 Rogue Chariot / Bronze Anvil Routine Mission 2:21
7 Golden Spade Kill or Be Killed 1:49
8 Bouk Obelisk Against the Odds 2:14
9 Arkham Bridge Race Against Time 1:45
10 Iron Piston / Wolf Trial 2 Ambushed 2:16
11 Armor Veil Confrontation 2:27
12 Pyre Light Recon 2:15
13 Sable Flame The Art of War 2:15
14 Mirror Cage Happy Fun Battle 2:27
15 Burning Chrome A Walk in the Park 2:19
16 Temper Edge / Wolf Trial 4 No Surrender 2:06
17 Jade Falcon Trial To The Death 3:10
18 Velvet Hammer The New Challenger 2:01
19 Aquiline Fire Unknown 2:40
20 Flame Tongue The Predator and the Prey 2:20
21 Silver Staff Death is Imminent 2:09
22 Title Theme A Second Chance 2:07
23 Blade Splint / Cold Crescent / Wolf Trial 3 The Turn of the Tide 1:58
24 Wolf Trial 1 Die With Honor 3:03
25 Redemption Retaliation 2:09
26 Scorching Sand This is It 1:59
27 Splash Unknown 2:05

Tracks on the MechWarrior 2: Ghost Bear's Legacy Expansion Game Disc
Track Mission Name Length Track Name MW2 Mission Name
1 (Data Track) N/A N/A N/A
2 Moritz, Gnesta Valley (Strike) 2:07 Kitty, Kitty, Here I Come N/A
3 Garstedt, Space (Defend) 4:20 'Mech Dance N/A
4 Alshain, Polotmy Mountains (The Blooding) 3:44 Ghost bear 3 N/A
5 Thun (Strike) 2:04 Searching Forever N/A
6 Moritz, New Coffton (Strike) 2:03 Sneak Sneak N/A
7 Wolcott (Strike) 2:25 Morning Raid N/A
8 Moritz, Orbit (Destroy Orbital Platform) 2:07 Silent Predetor N/A
9 Mannedorf (Defend) 2:03 One Chance Left N/A
10 (Unknown) 2:10 'Mech Chant N/A
11 Mannedorf (Patrol) 2:16 Underwater Run Iron Piston
12 Chandler (Defend) 2:21 Search and Destroy Rogue Chariot / Bronze Anvil
13 Chandler (Strike) 2:17 Ghost bear 12 Umber Wall
14 Garstedt, Cordivas Grotto (Trial of Possession) 2:15 OmniFun Pyre Light
15 Alshain (Defend) 1:49 Jungle Jive Golden Spade
16 Jeanette (Raid) 2:23 Under the Sun Silent Thunder / Rust Heart
17 Alshain, Polotmy Mountains (Trial) 1:43 Heated Blast Plum Wine
18 Alshain, Polotmy Mountains (Trial of Position) 2:14 Smoke Jag Scum Bouk Obelisk
19 Labrea, Circle of Equals (Trial of Grievance) 1:45 N/A (Listed as track 18) Arkham Bridge
20 (Unknown) 1:55 N/A (Listed as track 19) Bone Machine
21 Cinematic Opening 1:12 N/A (Listed as track 20) N/A

Tracks on the MechWarrior 2: Mercenaries Game Disc
Track Mission Name Length
1 (Data Track) N/A
2 Scalpel 2:05
3 Snake City 2:04
4 Dawn Watch 2:04
5 Final Strike 2:10
6 Phoenix Dawn 2:10
7 Homestead 2:10
8 Freedom Fight 2:01
9 Glittering Gold 2:04
10 Back Door 2:12
11 Exodus 2:04
12 Trojan Horse 2:04
13 Tick Tock 2:04
14 Crystal Storm 2:10
15 Night Wolf 2:08
16 Leg-Breaker 2:03
17 Dust River 2:03
18 Dragon’s Teeth 1:57
19 Berserker 2:06
20 Götterdämmerung 4:17
21 Starlight Hunt 1:25
22 Intro 1:40


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