Mat Zo

Mat Zo
Mat Zo
Background information
Birth name Matan Zohar
Also known as MRSA
Born April 30, 1990 (1990-04-30) (age 21)
Origin London, England, United Kingdom
Genres Progressive house/trance
Occupations Musician, DJ
Instruments Keyboards, mixer, synthesizer
Years active 2006-present
Labels Anjunabeats, Hospital Records, Armada Music
Associated acts Unripelemon, Reif

Matan "Mat Zo" Zohar (born April, 1990) is a British progressive dance music producer, composer and DJ.[1]


Life and career

Matan Zohar was born in London, England in 1990. He was raised by his mother who was a professional violinist, who allegedly possessed staunch musical ethos. From age one to eleven, Zohar and his family lived in the city of Cleveland, Ohio in the United States. It was there at age 8 where his father presented young Zohar with a guitar as a gift.[2] He returned at age 11 to London and continued pursuing his musical interests as a drummer and bassist as a member of a jazz and rock band respectively. However, Zohar became more interested in musical acts such as Daft Punk and the Chemical Brothers, and his musical inclinations shifted to those of electronic dance music and DJing. After 3 years living and producing music in London, his recording began to gain attention and play time by other disc jockeys such as DJ Tarkan, Perry O'neil, Swedish Egil, DJ R-Man, Jav D, Micah, Airwave, Andy Moor and Markus Schulz[3] In the 2009 publication of DJ Magazine's top 100 poll he was described by musical acts Above & Beyond, Lange and Daniel Kandi as a promising producer. In the 2010 publication, Mat Zo was a new entry at #66.[4][5][6]

Productions :

  • Mat Zo "Exodus" Original Mix / Relysis Remix
  • Mat Zo "No Hassle" Original Mix / Progressexual Mix: Blue Room Project
  • Mat Zo "Foot And Mouth EP"
  • Mat Zo "Clovers & Acid / What's Left In My Snorty" Original Mixes
  • Mat Zo "Rush / Defined" Original Mixes
  • Mat Zo "Lucky Strike / Synapse Dynamics" Original Mixes
  • Mat Zo "Aurus / The Price Of Oil" Original Mixes
  • Mat Zo "Nuclear Fusion" Original Mix / Rex Mundi Remix
  • Mat Zo "Equinox / Subaquatic Dream" Original Mixes
  • Mat Zo "Fractal Universe / This Is Reality" Original Mixes
  • Mat Zo "Default / Rush 2009" Original Mixes
  • Mat Zo "Near The End / Land Of The Free" Original Mixes
  • Mat Zo "24 Hours" Original Mix / Oliver Smith Remix
  • Mat Zo "24 Hours" Rank 1 Remix
  • Mat Zo "The Lost / The Found" Original Mixes
  • Mat Zo "Back In Time / Millenia" Original Mixes
  • Arty & Mat Zo "Rebound" Original Mix / Radio Edit
  • Mat Zo "Superman" Original Mix / Mike Koglin Remix
  • Mat Zo "Frequency Flyer" Original Mix
  • Mat Zo "Bipolar" Original Mix / Radio Edit
  • Arty & Mat Zo "Mozart" Original Mix / Radio Edit


  • Activa pres. Solar Movement "Eclipse" Original Mix / Mat Zo Remix
  • DJ Tiesto "Driving To Heaven" Mat Zo Remix
  • Lange feat. Emma Hewitt "Live Forever" Mat Zo Remix
  • Soliquid "Music Is For Rich People" Mat Zo Remix
  • Waterspark "Fairway" Mat Zo Remix
  • U2 "Beautiful Day" Mat Zo Remix
  • Mark Pledger vs. Matt Hardwick feat. Melinda Gareh "Fallen Tides" Mat Zo Vocal Remix
  • Activa pres. Solar Movement "Eclipse" Mat Zo Remix
  • Signalrunners "Recoil" Mat Zo Remix
  • Josh Gabriel pres. Winter Kills "Deep Down" Mat Zo Remix
  • Sunny Lax "P.U.M.A." Mat Zo Remix
  • Tritonal "Lifted" Mat Zo Remix
  • Kyau & Albert "Be There 4 U" Mat Zo Remix
  • Above & Beyond feat. Richard Bedford "Thing Called Love" Mat Zo Remix
  • Judge Jules "City Nights" Mat Zo Remix
  • Kylie Minogue "Get Outta My Way" Mat Zo Remix
  • Tate & Diamond Feat. Nicolai "Electrified" Mat Zo Electrofied Dub


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