Maharajah's College

Maharajah's College
Maharajah's College
మహారాజా కళాశాల

Logo of Maharajah's College
Motto Righteousness in the heart and beauty in the character
Established 1879
Type Autonomous Institution
Principal Dr. Bh. Subrahmanyam
Chairman Sri Pusapati Anand Gajapathi Raju
Undergraduates 2,192 per year
Location Vizianagaram, Andhra Pradesh, India
Campus Urban
Website [2]

Maharajah's College shortly M. R. College (Telugu: మహారాజా కళాశాల) is one of the oldest Colleges in India.[1] It was established in 1879 by Sri Poosapati Vijayarama Gajapathi, Maharajah of Vizianagram. National Accreditation and Assessment Council (NAAC) assessed and accredited the Institution with "B" grade.[2]

There are 21 departments offering 19 different undergraduate and postgraduate courses. There are about 150 permanent and temporary academic and support staff members with an annual intake of about 2,192 students in 2009.



This Institution was founded by Sri Poosapati Vijayarama Gajapathi Raju, the Maharajah of Vizianagram. It was started as a middle school in 1857 and upgraded to a High School in 1868. It was again upgraded to a College in 1879. Graduation classes were started in 1881 under the patronage of Sri Pusapati Ananda Gajapati Raju. The college has rapidly progressed by 1894. The lower classes of High School were shifted to a separate building. The Rajah Saheb P. V. G. Raju gifted the Royal Palace to the College in 1948. The MANSAS (Maharajah Alak Narayan Society of Arts and Sciences) came into existence in 1958 and college has expanded further. Dr. P. V. G. Raju expired on 13 November 1995. His son Dr. Poosapati Ananda Gajapathi Raju has taken charge as Chairman and Poosapati Ashok Gajapathi Raju became the Vice-Chairman. Autonomous status was conferred on the College in 1987.


This is the complete list of Successive Principals:

Name of the Principal Term Begins Term Ends
Sri C. Chandra Sekhara Sastry 1879 1887
Dr. K. Ramanujachari 1887 1920
Sri Y. Narasimham 1920 1922
Sri K. Janaki Rao 1922 1934
Sri U. Subbaraya Bhat 1934 1939
Sri S. Purushottam 1939 1945
Dr. K. R. Subrahmaniam 1945 1948
Dr. A. L. Narayan 1948 1956
Sri V. Venkata Rao 1956 1962
Dr. N. Ramlal 1962 1963
Sri V. Venkata Rao 1963 1969
Sri. V. Linga Murthy 1969 1976
Sri D. L. Satyanarayana 1976 1985
Sri. P. B. V. Raju 1985 1986
Sri K. Suresh Kumar 1986 1987
Sri M. V. Jagannadha Rao 1987 1988
Sri P. B. V. Raju 1988 1990
Sri G. V. R. Subrahmaniam 1990 1993
Dr. C. Madan Mohan Rao 1993 1994
Sri K. Ranga Rao 1994 1996
Sri. P. V. Sainadha Sastry 1996 1997
Sri P. Nagaraju 1998 1998
Dr. D. B. Subba Rao 1998 2001
Sri G. V. Suryanarayana 2001 2003
Dr. K. Subrahmanyam 2003 2004
Dr. A. Raghava Rao 2004 2004
Sri K. Atchuta Rao 2004 2005
Dr. A. Raghava Rao 2005 2006
Dr. A. V. D. Sarma 2006 2008
Sri M. V. Prabhakara Rao 2008 2008
Dr. D. R. K. Raju 2008 Present


The Maharajah's College is spread over 17.93 Acres of land hosting six buildings with construction area of 115,307 sq ft (10,712.4 m2). There are 51 class rooms, 21 laboratories and 10 staff rooms. There is a central library and 14 other departmental libraries. The central library hosts more than 50,00 books and 20 computers connected to the Internet. There are two seminar halls and a Health centre. There is a boys hostel in the campus. There is a sprawling playground with facilities for Volley Ball, Basket Ball, Kabaddi, Kho-Kho, Ball Badminton, Tennis, Cricket, Foot Ball and Hockey. There are facilities for Indoor games and a Gymnasium. There is Andhra Bank branch in campus serving the needs of the staff and students.



  1. Department of Agriculture
  2. Department of Botany
  3. Department of Chemistry
  4. Department of Commerce
  5. Department of Economics
  6. Department of English
  7. Department of Geography
  8. Department of Geology
  9. Department of Hindi
  10. Department of History
  11. Department of Industrial Relations
  12. Department of Mathematics
  13. Department of Philosophy
  14. Department of Physics
  15. Department of Politics
  16. Department of Sanskrit
  17. Department of Social Work
  18. Department of Telugu
  19. Department of Zoology
  20. Department of Library and Information Science
  21. Department of Physical Education

Courses of Study

  • Intermediate Course
    • Biology, Physics and Chemistry
    • Commerce, Economics and Civics
    • Geography, Economics and Commerce
    • Geology, Physics and Chemistry
    • History, Civics and Special Telugu
    • History, Economics and Civics
    • Logic, Economics and Commerce
    • Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry
  • Diploma in Computer Skills
  • Diploma in Tally Accounting Executive Course
  • Bachelor of Arts
    • Economics, Politics and Philosophy
    • History, Economics and Politics
    • Industrial Relations, Economics and Politics
    • Social Work, Economics and Politics
    • Telugu, History and Politics
  • Bachelor of Business Management
  • Bachelor of Commerce
  • Bachelor of Science
    • Botany, Agriculture and Chemistry
    • Botany, Zoology and Chemistry
    • Geology, Physics and Chemistry
    • Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry
    • Mathematics, Physics and Geology
    • Mathematics, Physics and Statistics
    • Zoology, Agriculture and Chemistry
  • Master of Science in Analytical Chemistry, Electronics, Organic Chemistry, Physics

Scholarships, Prizes and Medals

There are about 117 Scholarships, Prizes and Medals given annually to meritorious students in different subjects.

  1. Sri Maremanda Narasinga Rao Memorial Scholarship
  2. Dr. Ramanujachari Scholarship
  3. Sri Chatti Purnayya Pantulu Memorial Scholarship
  4. Maturu China Sanyasilingam and Maturu Venkata Ratnam Prizes
  5. Smt. Alaka Rajeswari Scholarship
  6. Vizianagaram Chamber of Commerce Scholarship
  7. Estate Employees's Association Scholarship
  8. Dr. Yerraguntla Kameswara Rao Memorial Scholarship
  9. Smt. K. Nirmala Scholarship
  10. Dr. Rayavarapu Subhadramma Prize
  11. Smt. A. Seshamma Prize
  12. Sri K. Rama Mohan Rao's Prize
  13. Geology Association Cash Prize
  14. Sri M. Kamayya Memorian Prize
  15. Sri Vajjahla Gopalam Memorian Prize
  16. Sri Vajjahla Linga Murthy Prizes (two)
  17. Smt. Nistala Syamalamba Yajulu Memorial Scholarship
  18. Sri Vijja Narendra Rao Memorial Scholarships (two)
  19. Smt. Ramanamma Memorial Prize
  20. Avasarala Venkata Rayudu Scholarship
  21. Kandarpa Lakshmi Narayana Memorial Scholarship
  22. Himanshu Book Depot Scholarship
  23. Dr. A. L. Narayana Prize
  24. Dr. Rama Iyengar Golkonda Vyapari Scholarship
  25. Oruganti Adilakshmamma Prize
  26. Sri P. Jagannadha Raju Cash Prize
  27. Dr. M. S. K. Sastry Scholarship
  28. Sri A. B. Ramamurthy Memorial Scholarship
  29. Smt. Kandregula Ramalakshmi Narasubayamma Memorial Scholarship
  30. Sri Rudrabhatla Muralidhar Memorial Prize
  31. Sri Karri Satyanarayana Memorial Scholarship
  32. MANSAS Endowment Trust Cash Prize
  33. Sri Kommuru Appadu Dora Memorial Gold Medal
  34. Sri Poosapati Lakshmi Narasimha Raju and Poosapati Buchi Venkayamma Vari Memorial Scholarship
  35. Sri Duvvuri Venkateswara Rao memorial Scholarship
  36. Sri Divakarla Ramakrishna Rao Memorial Scholarship
  37. Sri R. S. Ramachandra Rao Memorial Scholarship
  38. Sri Bulusu Suryanarayana Memorial Scholarship
  39. Students' Union Scholarships
  40. M. R. College Scholarships
  41. Smt. Kotikalapudi Venkata Ratnam Memorial Scholarship
  42. Dr. Kaluri Venkata Rama Rao Scholarship
  43. Bogaraju Narayana Murthy Memorial Scholarships
  44. Sri Kallakuri Janaki Rao Memorial Prize
  45. Smt. Jayanti Annapurna Memorial Scholarship
  46. Jayanthi Bharathi Devi Cash Prize
  47. Pantulu Somanadham Memorial Scholarships
  48. Prof. K. R. Subrahmanyam Memorial Prize
  49. C. Satyanarayana Memorial Scholarship
  50. Goda Siva Rama Krishna Sastry Memorial Scholarship
  51. Smt. Piratla Suryakantam Endowment Scholarship
  52. Sri Tata Viswanadham Scholarship
  53. Sri R. Atchuta Rao Scholarship
  54. Sri Sunkara Satyanarayana Scholarship
  55. Cherukuri Sastry Scholarship
  56. Dr. Bhaskara Ramamurthy Memorial Scholarship
  57. Special Scholarship
  58. Sri B. Mahalingam Scholarship
  59. Sri Athota Pallama Raju Memorial Prize
  60. Sri Athota S. V. S. Sridhar Memorial Prize
  61. Sri Vemulakonda Surya Prakasarao Memorial Prize
  62. Smt. Vemulakonda Janakibai Memorial Prize
  63. Sri Mallimodugula Seetaramayya Memorial Prize
  64. Smt. Mallimodugula Visalakshmi Memorial Prize
  65. Sri Hanumantha Rao Mudgal Scholarship
  66. Dr. N. T. S. Yajulu Memorial Scholarship
  67. Prof. Nemani Krishna Murthy Prize
  68. Sri Kancherla Kanaka Raju and Smt. Kancherla Varalakshmi Memorial Scholarship
  69. Sri Akella Venkata Satya Rama Rao Memorial Prize
  70. Manikyamma Award
  71. Vedula Jagannadha Rao Memorial Cash Prize
  72. Donar's Scholarships
  73. Sri Penumetchavari Scholarships
  74. Smt. Peddibhatla Venkata Subbamma and Janakamma Memorial Prize
  75. Sri Vidya Memorial Scholarship
  76. Sri K. V. Ramana Murthy Memorial Scholarship
  77. Sri D. L. Satyanarayana Memorial Scholarship
  78. Dr. Poruri Rama Rao Cash Prize
  79. MRCOSA Prize
  80. MANSAS Scholarship
  81. Sri Narasimhadas Memorial Scholarship
  82. Sri Gumma Seetaramaswamy Memorial Scholarship
  83. Rev. Kavi Yogi Maharshi Suddhananda Bharathi Memorial Scholarships
  84. Physics Department Scholarship
  85. Sri A. Venkatapathi Raju Scholarship
  86. Seami Jnananda Memorial Prize
  87. Sri Vajjahla Gopalam Memorial Scholarship
  88. Sri P. V. Ramanaiah Memorial Scholarship
  89. Sri Juthada Satyanarayana Memorial Scholarship
  90. Dr. Karedehal Rama Rao Memorial Scholarship
  91. Sri Alapati Narasinga Rao and Smt. Alapati Sugunamani Devi Memorial Scholarship
  92. Smt. Bommireddipalli Bharathlakshmi Memorial Scholarship
  93. Sri V. Lingamurthy Memorial Scholarship
  94. Mr. Chavali Ambika Sankar Memorial Scholarship
  95. Gummuluri Satyanarayana Memorial Scholarship
  96. B. Lalithamba, B. Sarojini Memorial Scholarship
  97. Vadlamani Venkata Rao Memorial Scholarship
  98. C. P. S. Teja Memorial Scholarship
  99. Sri K. S. N. Sarma Memorial Scholarship
  100. Smt. Mallajosyula Suridamma Award
  101. Dr. A. V. D. Sarma Award
  102. Upmaka Narasimha Murthy Memorial Scholarship
  103. Poodipeddi Suryanarayana Memorial Scholarship
  104. Prof. E. S. Murthy and Smt. E. Nagamamba Memorial Scholarship
  105. Prof. E. Venkata Rao Endowment Scholarship
  106. Haji Md. Badshah Saheb Memorial Scholarship
  107. Sri Bh. S. Krishna Murthy Memorial Merit Scholarship
  108. Duvvuri Venkateswara Rao Memorial Scholarship
  109. Duvvuri Sri Rama Lakshmi Narasimha Rao Memorial Scholarship
  110. Duvvuri Atchyuta Anantha Satyanarayana Memorial Scholarship
  111. Vallabhajosyula Madhusudhana Rao Memorial Cash Scholarship
  112. The G. S. Bhargava Award

Old Students's Association

Maharajah's College Old Students's Association (MRCOSA) has been functioning since the inception of College. It has organized the Maharajah Ananda Gajapati Sapada Sata Jayanti, the 125th Anniversary of Maharajah Ananda Gajapati Raju in 1976. It was revived, when the college has become Autonomous in 1987. It was made an integral part of the College in 1993. During the Annual Meet of 1993, General K. V. Krishna Rao and 13 other distinguished alumni were felicitated.

Notable alumni

The Eminent Alumni members of this Institution are listed alphabetically:


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