Dragon Ball Z Complete Song Collection 3: Fly Away! Hero

Dragon Ball Z Complete Song Collection 3: Fly Away! Hero
Dragon Ball Z Complete Song Collection 3: Fly Away! Hero
Box set by Various Artists
Released March 21, 2003 (2003-03-21)
Genre Anime
Length Disc 1 ??:??
Disc 2 ??:??
Disc 3 ??:??
Language Japanese
Label Columbia
Producer Takashi Uchida
Dragon Ball Z Complete Song Collection chronology
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Dragon Ball Z Complete Song Collection 3: Fly Away, Hero! (ドラゴンボールZ コンプリート・ソングコレクション3 ~飛び出せ! ヒーロー~ Doragon Bōru Zetto Konpurīto Songu Korekushon Surī~Tobidase! Hīrō~?) is the third instalment of a four volume three disc Dragon Ball Z Complete Song Collection cd soundtrack set from the anime Dragon Ball Z. It was released by Columbia Records on March 21, 2003 in Japan only.


Album Information

This set spans hits 11-15 of the Hit Song Collection series and includes tracks from hit 18½.

Track listing

Disc One

  2. 催眠バナナ
    Saimin Banana
    Hypnosis Banana
  3. Brain Dance
  4. GIRIGIRI-世界極限-
    GIRI GIRI—Sekai Kyokugen--/At the Brink: The Earth’s Limit
  5. 黄金のコンパス
    Ôgon no Konpasu/Compass of Gold
  6. VOICE
  7. アクアリウムの夜
    Akuariumu no Yoru/Aquarium of Night
  8. KOMA
    A Top
  9. 星の見た夢
    Hoshi no Mita Yume/Dream Upon a Star
    Please: Wish of a Lifetime!
  11. Delight to you…
    Go! Go! Go! on a Red Train
  13. spacepeople DBZ
  14. roller-through 55
  15. Cool Cool ダンディ
    Cool Cool Dandi/Cool Cool Dandy
  16. WILD DANCE NIGHT(夜明けまで突っ走れ)
    WILD DANCE NIGHT (Yoake Made Tsuppashire)/Wild Dance Night (Run at Full Speed Until Dawn)

Disc Two

  1. ハートブレイク・メロディ,みょうに
    Hātobureiku Merodi, Myô ni/Heartbreak Melody, For No Reason
  2. でてこいとびきりZENKAIパワー!(Super House Version)
    Detekoi Tobikiri ZENKAI Pawā! (Super House Version)/Come Out, Incredible ZENKAI Power! (Super House Version)
  3. 運命の日~魂vs魂~
    Unmei no Hi~Tamashii tai Tamashii~/Day of Destiny: Spirit vs. Spirit
  4. I’m a positive girl!!
  5. 夜明けの子供たち
    Yoake no Kodomo-tachi/Children of The Dawn
  6. FOR EVER~
  7. 挑戦状
  8. イジワルしないでね…
    Ijiwaru Shinai De Ne.../Don’t Be Mean...
  9. 青い風のHOPE
    Aoi Kaze no HOPE/Blue Wind of Hope
  10. バーニング・ファイト-熱戦・烈戦・超激戦-
    Bāningu Faito—Nessen - Ressen - Chôgekisen--/Burning Fight: a Close, Intense, Super-Fierce Battle
  11. 水色星人
    Mizu-Iro Seinin/Water-Colored Aliens
  12. 空めぐる冒険
    Sora Meguru Bôken/Adventures Surrounding The Skies
  13. 何かが…(未知の力)
    Nanika ga... (Michi no Chikara)/Something is... (Road of Power)
  14. ラブ・ジェット
    Rabu Jetto
    Love Jet
  15. トリックスターと帰って来た未来
    Torikkusutā to Kaettekita Mirai
    The Future that Came Back With the Trickster
  16. 僕は,まっすぐ 道は,まっすぐ
    Boku wa, Massugu Machi wa, Massugu/I’m Straight, the Road is Straight
  17. マザー・ユニバース
    Mazā Yunibāsu/Mother Universe

Disc Three

  1. 飛び出せ!ヒーロー
    Tobidase! Hīrō/Fly Away! Hero
  2. 私のMagician
    Watashi no Magician/Magician of Mine
  3. 星のトライアングル
    Hoshi no Toraianguru/A Triangle of Stars
  4. 空と雨と…
    Sora to Ame to.../The Sky, and Rain, and...
  5. Jokeぐらい言わせろよ…
    Joke-Gurai Iwasero Yo.../I’m Only Joking!...
  6. My song for you
  7. 銀河を超えてライジング・ハイ
    Ginga o Koete Raijingu Hai/Surpassing the Galaxy, Rising High
  8. 飛び出せ!ヒーロー(reprise)
    Tobidase! Hīrō (reprise)/Fly Away! Hero (reprise)
  9. でてこいとびきりZENKAIパワー!
    Detekoi Tobikiri ZENKAI Pawā!!/Come Out, Incredible ZENKAI Power!!
    GIRIGIRI—Sekai Kyokugen--~EXTREME HARD METAL MIX~/At the Brink: The Earth’s Limit: Extreme Hard Metal Mix
    Please: Wish of a Lifetime!: Acid Club Mix
  15. 銀河を超えてライジング・ハ~GALAXY ADVENTURE MIX~
    Ginga o Koete Raijingu Hai~GALAXY ADVENTURE MIX~/Surpassing the Galaxy, Rising High: Galaxy Adventure Mix
  16. 飛び出せ!ヒーロー~DREAM THEATRE MIX~
    Tobidase! Hīrō (DREAM THEATRE MIX)/Fly Away! Hero (Dream Theatre Mix)

Song Credits

Disc One

  1. Hironobu Kageyama
  2. Yuka
  3. Yuka
  4. Hironobu Kageyama & Yuka
  5. Hironobu Kageyama
  6. Kuko
  7. Shin’ichi Ishihara & Chino
  8. Chino
  9. Kuko
  10. Yuka
  11. Kuko & Tricky Shirai
  12. Kuko
  13. Hironobu Kageyama
  14. Yuka
  15. Shin’ichi Ishihara
  16. Hironobu Kageyama

Disc Two

  1. Kuko
  2. Manna
  3. Hironobu Kageyama
  4. Yuka
  5. Kuko
  6. Hironobu Kageyama
  7. Shin’ichi Ishihara
  8. Kuko
  9. Hironobu Kageyama
  10. Hironobu Kageyama & Yuka
  11. Kuko
  12. Kuko
  13. Hironobu Kageyama & Yuka
  14. Yuka
  15. Yuka
  16. Shin’ichi Ishihara
  17. Kuko

Disc Three

  1. Kuko
  2. Naoko Umino
  3. Hironobu Kageyama
  4. Yuka
  5. Shin’ichi Ishihara
  6. Kuko
  7. Hironobu Kageyama
  8. Monolith
  9. Manna
  10. Hironobu Kageyama
  11. Hironobu Kageyama
  12. Hironobu Kageyama
  13. Yuka
  14. Kuko & Yasumi
  15. Hironobu Kageyama
  16. Kuko

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