Diep River Fynbos Corridor

Diep River Fynbos Corridor
Diep River Fynbos Corridor
Parklands Fynbos Corridor
Map showing the location of Diep River Fynbos Corridor
Map showing the location of Diep River Fynbos Corridor
Location of Diep River Fynbos Corridor
Location Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa
Coordinates 33°48′50″S 18°31′22″E / 33.81389°S 18.52287°E / -33.81389; 18.52287Coordinates: 33°48′50″S 18°31′22″E / 33.81389°S 18.52287°E / -33.81389; 18.52287
Governing body City of Cape Town
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The Diep River Fynbos Corridor is a proposed nature reserve[1] located in Cape Town, South Africa. It is partly owned by the City of Cape Town and partly under private ownership. The Diep River runs south into the Rietvlei Wetland Reserve and the corridor is planned to extend nort-west towards the Blaauwberg Conservation Area (BCA). The corridor will run through the Parklands and Sunningdale developments that are managed by ASKA Property.[2]



It is envisaged that the Fynbos Corridor will extend from the Diep River in the south to the Blaauwberg Conservation Area to the north, approximately 7 km in length, and will only be interrupted by five east-west and two south-north routes. The approximate total extent of the Corridor, including the satellite patches to the east and west will take up large portions of privately owned land (Garden Cities and The Milnerton Estates). It is the intention of these landowners to cede the necessary land portions to the local authority as development proceeds.[3] The City of Cape Town owns the Potsdam Outspan land immediately adjacent to the Diep River, which is the envisaged origin of the Corridor, as well as the Blaauwberg Conservation Area where the Corridor will end.[3]


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