Dicer: The Unheard Funk Tracks

Dicer: The Unheard Funk Tracks
Dicer: The Unheard Funk Tracks
Compilation album by Grand Buffet
Released 2004 (2004)
Recorded Various locations
Genre Alternative hip hop
Length 53:39
Label none
Producer Jarrod Brandon Weeks, Jackson O'Connell-Barlow
Grand Buffet chronology
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Dicer: The Unheard Funk Tracks
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Dicer: The Unheard Funk Tracks is a compilation of unreleased studio tracks, rarities, and live performances by Pittsburgh-based alternative hip hop group, Grand Buffet.

Track list

All music composed by Jarrod Brandon Weeks and Jackson O'Connell-Barlow unless otherwise noted..

No. Title Length
1. "Things That Go Hump In The Night - Ultimate Remix" (Previously unreleased studio track. Remixed by Weeks with additional vocals by Ultimate Donnie of Gil Mantera's Party Dream. The original version was released on Undercover Angels; 2004) 2:55
2. "Radio Medley" (Live performance of two unreleased songs (titles unknown) and "Wheels" from Scrooge McRock on WPTS; 1999) 3:19
3. "Murphy" (Studio track, originally intended to be released on the scrapped Peter Weller album. Previously released only on the Circuits of Steel compilation; 2002) 2:09
4. "Swiss Torture" (Live recording in Zurich, Switzerland; 2003) 2:16
5. "The Truth Is A Nightmare" (Previously unreleased studio track. Guest vocals by Sole; 2002) 2:33
6. "1000% & Oh My God You're Weird!" (Recording of a live performance in Baltimore, Maryland. "1000%" originally appeared on Sparkle Classic, "Oh My God You're Weird!" on Cigarette Beach; 2002) 4:33
7. "Roadtrip" (Another studio track intended for the scrapped Peter Weller album. An alternate version was briefly available as an MP3 download from the band's website[1]; 1999) 2:22
8. "Interview Part 1" (Recording of an interview on a WPTS radio broadcast. From the same show as "Radio Medley"; 1999) 3:04
9. "Candy Bars - Rob Dener Mix" (Previously unreleased remix of "Candy Bars" by Rob Dener. The original version was released on Sparkle Classic; 2001) 3:00
10. "Real Cool" (Recording of a live performance in Pittsburgh. "Real Cool" originally appeared on Sparkle Classic; 2001) 2:35
11. "Interview Part 2" (Another excerpt from the WPTS interview; 1999) 1:54
12. "Big Bastard" (Previously unreleased studio track; 1998) 1:50
13. "Deviated Septum" (Another performance on WPTS; 1999) 2:49
14. "Grape Salad" (Previously unreleased studio track; 1999) 2:38
15. "Funk Medley & Candy Bars" (A very long excerpt from a live performance on WRCT with Jason Kirker from Modey Lemon on guitar and Greg Cislon from Vale And Year on drums; 2003) 14:11
16. "Heedler" (Previously unreleased studio track; 2004) 1:36


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