Fantasy 5

Fantasy 5

Fantasy 5, Cash 5, Pick 5, etc. are names of lottery games in the United States where five regular numbers are drawn from one set of numbers; in a few cases, a sixth number is picked from the same number pool, but it does not apply to the jackpot/top prize. The following is a list of US pick-5 games, and the number field for each. All pick-5 games in the US are drawn multiple times per week; some lotteries now draw their five-number game twice daily.

With very few exceptions, all US games where five regular numbers are drawn from a single set of numbers have had an all-cash jackpot/grand prize. Also, since poker is traditionally played with five cards, there have been several US pick-5 lottery games that used playing cards and their suits, rather than all numbers (Wild Card 2, played in the northern US, is not a true "pick-5" game; however, its all-cash jackpot is won by matching five numbers from 1-31 and one of 16 playing cards (Jack through Ace of each suit.)

The Pennsylvania numbers game Quinto does not truly fit this category, as it is a five-digit (0-9) game with "straight" and "box" wagers. The former Washington's Lottery game "Quinto" did, even though it used playing cards instead of numbers

Current US pick-5 games

* Arizona Lottery Pick 5 (39 numbers)
* California Lottery Fantasy 5 (39 numbers)
* Colorado Lottery Cash 5 (32 numbers)
* Connecticut Lottery Cash 5 (35 numbers; has a $1.50² option known as "Kicker")
** Also: Mix & Match† (20 numbers); future game; no known starting date
* D.C. Lottery Rolling Cash 5 (35 numbers)
* Florida Lottery Fantasy 5 (36 numbers; top prize rolls into 2d prize if no winner; 2d prize is capped at $555, with excess money added to 3d prize)
* Georgia Lottery Fantasy 5 (39 numbers)
* Illinois Lottery Little Lotto (39 numbers)
* Hoosier Lottery (Indiana) Lucky 5 (36 numbers; 2 plays/$1);
** Also: Mix & Match (50 numbers; 3 lines/$2, players win per line "and/or" the numbers matched on "all three" lines)
* Iowa Lottery $100,000 Cash Game (35 numbers)
* Louisiana Lottery Easy 5 (37 numbers; its original "Easy 5" was a 5/26 game)
* Maine Lottery Paycheck³ (39 numbers)
* Maryland Lottery Bonus Match 5 (39 numbers; $1 for 1 game or $2 for 3 games)
* Michigan Lottery Fantasy 5 (39 numbers)
* Minnesota Lottery Gopher 5 (47 numbers) drawn on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays
**Also: Northstar Cash (31 numbers)
* Missouri Lottery Show Me Cash (39 numbers; replaced "Show Me 5 Paydown" on September 8, 2008)
* Montana Lottery Montana Cash (37 numbers; 2 plays/$1)
* Nevada Nevada Numbers (80 numbers§)
* New Hampshire Lottery Paycheck³ (39 numbers)
* New Jersey Lottery Jersey Cash 5 (40 numbers; originally 38 with a "rolldown" feature instead of a jackpot)
* New Mexico Lottery Roadrunner Cash (34 numbers)
* North Carolina Education Lottery Carolina Cash 5 (39 numbers)
* Ohio Lottery Rolling Cash 5 (39 numbers)
* Oklahoma Lottery Cash 5 (36 numbers; top prize is $25,000 "after" withholdings; "taxes paid")
* Pennsylvania Lottery Cash 5 (43 numbers)
**Also: Treasure Hunt (30 numbers; midday drawings)
**Also: Mix & Match¹ (19 numbers)
* Rhode Island Lottery Wild Money (35 numbers)
* South Carolina Education Lottery Palmetto Cash 5 (38 numbers; has a multiplier feature called "Power-Up")
* South Dakota Lottery Dakota Cash (35 numbers)
* Tennessee Lottery Pick 5 (39 numbers)
* Texas Lottery Cash Five (37 numbers)
* Virginia State Lottery Cash 5 (34 numbers; minimum total play $1; individual games can be played for 25c and/or 50c)
* Washington's Lottery Hit 5 (39 numbers)
* Wisconsin Lottery Badger 5 (31 numbers)

The list above does not include "4+1" games, such as Florida's Mega Money or Texas Two-Step, where all five numbers are needed for the "grand prize", but are drawn from two number fields. (Mega Millions and Powerball are each "5+1" games.)

§ Nevada Numbers is a casino-run game, as Nevada does not have a state lottery. Tickets cost $2 each; a player wins half their stake by matching only one number.

* ¹ Certain prize categories in "Pennsylvania" Mix & Match, including the jackpot, are won by matching number(s) in the order they are drawn. Tickets, and the winning combinations, therefore usually do not show the numbers in ascending order. The future Connecticut game will be played in the same fashion.
* ² The Kicker, if activated, adds 50 cents to a $1 play; players can win up to $4,650 if it is matched. The Kicker is a sixth number selected by the player, or as a quick-pick (the game always draws exactly five balls).
* ³ Paycheck winners have three options: $235,000 cash; or, 10 years of either: yearly payments ($30,000 each), or $2500 monthly. Tickets cost $2 each. (Paycheck is scheduled to be replaced on February 1, 2009 with a numbers game to be called "Weekly Grand"; it will be a "4+1" game, instead of another with a true "pick-5" format.) []

ome examples of retired pick-5 games

* Kentucky Cash 5 (1990s); one play was $1, three plays $2, and eight plays $5.
*Hot Lotto (Idaho)-1990s game unrelated to the current MUSL Hot Lotto, which Idaho joined in 2007.
*Banko Doubler (Idaho)-a pick-5 game with a bingo element. (Idaho has offered several pick-5 games, but none currently; another former Idaho Lottery game was Fantastic 5.)
*Hot Five (D.C.)
*5 Card Lotto (New Jersey) (poker themed)
*Quinto (Washington's Lottery) (poker-themed); briefly included an add-on called Beat the State. Quinto ended in 2007; Pennsylvania's Quinto is a five-digit game.
*Winning Hand (Delaware) (poker-themed)-quick pick only, two-part game; players could win instantly if a poker hand was made, then could win again by matching the cards drawn by the lottery
*Hearts & Diamonds (Pennsylvania) (poker-themed, but only two of the four playing card suits were used; therefore a 5/26 game)-no bet slips; "quick-pick" only
*Lot-O-Bucks (Rhode Island)-began as a pick-4; $1 minimum play but $2 wager needed to win lower-tier prizes; cash jackpot became annuitized when rollovers reached or exceeded a certain threshhold
*Rolldown (MUSL, various jurisdictions also offering Powerball) 5/55 game; if top prize not won, players matching at least two numbers benefitted from "jackpot roll-down"
*Money Roll (Wisconsin)-almost identical to MUSL Rolldown; game created rather than Wisconsin joining the larger game offered about the same time. It also had a 5/55 matrix.

Also, some pick-5 games have had their name changed while the game itself changed little, if at all. These include Connecticut's "Cash Lotto" (now Cash 5) and Texas' "Cash 5" (now Cash Five-the number spelled out).

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