Deeper (Arthur Loves Plastic album)

Deeper (Arthur Loves Plastic album)
Studio album by Arthur Loves Plastic
Released 15 November 2010
Genre Electronica
Length 48.01
Label Machine Heart Music
Producer Bev Stanton
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Dead Earnest (favorable) [1]

Deeper is the nineteenth album from Arthur Loves Plastic and was released in 2010.[2]


Release notes

"DC based electronica artist Arthur Loves Plastic delves the depths of electro and dizzying dance. Features remixes of Japanese-based artist Orangey and a remix by Jason Bazinet and Chris DeMarcus (Front Line Assembly, Chemlab)."

Album cover

The cover is a depiction of a high-mass X-ray binary star system similar to Cygnus X-1, comprising a blue supergiant star and a black hole. The black hole is surrounded by a gaseous accretion disk that is being fed by the star, while matter is being ejected by plasma jets on its polar axis.

Audio previews

With the exception of the track "Bold Interlude", the album can be previewed in its entirety on the Arthur Loves Plastic - Music page.[3]

Track listing

All songs written and composed by Bev Stanton, except where noted. 

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "I Was Made for You"     3:16
2. "Free Your Mind"     3:25
3. "Walking Away"     2:52
4. "Only for the Bold"     3:47
5. "Surrender"     3:08
6. "Kiss Me"     3:11
7. "Really Need"     3:12
8. "Sacrifice"     3:04
9. "Invisible"     4:20
10. "Bold Interlude"     1:35
11. "Deeper"     2:18
12. "Sexy"     3:06
13. "The Way You Move"     3:14
14. "Honey On (La Cucaracha Mix)" (Orangey remixed by ALP) Steve Deg/Decuir/Bev Stanton/Atsushi Asano 3:10
15. "Only for the Bold (Deathproof Mix)" (Remixed by Jason Bazinet and Chris DeMarcus)   4:21
Total length:


Additional musicians



  • NASA/Honeywell Max-Q Digital Group/Dana Berry - Cover image


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