List of McLeod's Daughters characters

List of McLeod's Daughters characters

This is a list of cast and characters from McLeod's Daughters


Main characters

Character Actor Occupation Duration Episodes
Claire Louise McLeod Lisa Chappell Drover's Run Owner August 2001 -> October 2003 001 -> 073

Claire was the oldest daughter of Jack McLeod and his wife Prudence Claire McLeod. She has three younger siblings, Adam McLeod, who was stillborn, Tess Silverman McLeod, and Jodi Fountain McLeod, although Claire has never known that Jodi was her sister.

Growing up on the farm, life was difficult for Claire. She missed Tess, who had taken off to the city with her mother when she was five years, and she helped out on the farm as much as she could. She dropped out of school at the age 15 to help her dad fulltime and learn about running a farm on your own. As a teenager, she was best friends with Alex Ryan and Stevie Hall, and was always meant to marry Alex' younger brother Nick so merge Drover's Run with Killarney, the Ryan property.

When Tess returned to Drovers almost 20 years later, Claire found it difficult to bond with her, as she expected Tess to give up on this lifestyle soon and go back to the city. However, Tess decided to permanently stay at Drovers, and the two began to bond and became best friends. Along with Tess, Meg, Jodi and Becky, Claire ran Drover's Run against everyone's expectations, and managed to keep the farm from going bankrupt. One of her plans to expand the farm's finances was to start a breeding program.

In 2001, Claire met Peter Johnston, a man who ran Australian Bloodlines and was in contact with Claire due to her breeding program. Although they didn't like each other at first, there was an instant attraction and it wasn't long before they shared their first kiss. They started dating pretty soon afterwards, and things seemed to be going alright for Claire, even when Tess moved back to the city to run a cafe. However, Claire found out from Becky not much later that Peter was actually married and had two daughters. After confronting him, Peter told her he'd leave his wife, and they tried again, but Claire couldn't live with the thought of ripping apart a family, so she left Peter and told him to go back to his wife and daughters. She ran into him again few months later and had a one-night stand with him, but immediately regretted it. She fell apart after discovering she was pregnant, but lied to Peter and Alex pretended he was the father of Claire's unborn baby.

This was the beginning of a very close relationship between Claire and Alex. Although they had been friends for years, it wasn't until then that they started to feel attracted to each other, and felt connected to the baby, even though Alex wasn't the real father. After Claire gave birth to Charlotte Prudence, Alex was very protective of the little girl and considered himself her father. When Alex, Claire and Charlotte went to Melbourne for business arrangements, they came to the conclusion that they've been in love with each other for a very long time and decided to give a real relationship a try.

After moving with each other, Alex revealed to Nick he planned on proposing to Claire. In the meantime, Claire, Tess and Charlotte went to town to pick up supplies, and on their way back, after trying to avoid a brumby, they hit a pothole and ran into tree with their car and ended up dangling over the edge of a cliff. Desperate to save her daughter, but stuck under the steering wheel herself, Claire asked Tess to get Charlotte out and get her into safety. After doing so, Tess tried to get Claire out of the car but didn't succeed. The car went over the cliff and Tess ran home as soon as she could. However, by the time Alex and Nick arrived, Claire was already dead. Alex was so sad.

After Claire's death, Tess continued to visualise Claire and realised she had to let her go. Claire's funeral was attended by many close friends and her family members. Claire was a favourite on the set of McLeods Daughters, and wanted to pursue her music career.

Teresa Charlotte Silverman McLeod Bridie Carter Drover's Run Owner August 2001 -> March 2006 001 -> 123, 135 - 146

Teresa Charlotte Silverman McLeod was born at Drover's Run in 1976 to John 'Jack' McLeod and his second wife, Ruth Silverman. She had an older half-sister, Claire Louise McLeod, an older half-brother who died not long after birth, Adam John Mcleod, from her father's first marriage to the now-deceased Prudence 'Prue' McLeod and one younger half-sister named Jodi Margaret Fountain McLeod from her father's affair with Meg Rivers-Dodge, that no one knew off at the time. There was much strain in Jack and Ruth's marriage from the beginning, and when Tess was five years old, Ruth left Jack and moved back to the city, taking Tess with her.

Tess never saw her father again, and only returned to Drover's Run twenty years later following his death. She and Claire had a rough start, but slowly started to bond and came to love each other as sisters and best friends again. Tess learned to love living in the country and running a farm and ultimately realized that Drover's Run was where she belonged.

She was attracted to Alex Ryan upon meeting him, but couldn't explain the connection she had with Alex' younger brother Nick. Although they had tried many times, a relationship between them didn't seem to work, sometimes due to Tess' fear of commitment, but mostly because of Liz Ryan, who didn't think Tess was good enough for Nick and sabotaged their relationship many times. When Nick became involved with an old friend, Sally, Tess thought she lost him for good, so she started dating local vet Dave Brewer and even became engaged to him. However, after discovering a lump in her breast, she realised Dave had not gotten over his late wife's death. She broke up with him because he needed to focus on his recovery from grief (that he had delayed for far too long).

She soon discovered she didn't have cancer and was as healthy as possible, but her happiness soon passed after she and Claire had an accident, and Claire died. Trying to live on without her sister, Tess was now full time owen of Drover's Run and hired Claire's old friend Stevie Hall to become the manager, and ultimately part-owner. After Peter Johnston, Claire's ex, returned and filed for custody of their daughter Charlotte, Tess and Alex fought hard to keep her, but in the end, Tess remembered what it was like for her to grow up without a sister, and let Peter get full custody of Charlotte.

After four difficult years, Tess and Nick finally found their way to each other and got married. They moved to Argentina not long after, and Tess gave birth to a daughter named Claire Ruth McLeod, named after both her late sister and late mother.

Jodi Margaret Fountain McLeod Rachael Carpani Drover's Run Owner August 2001 -> April 2007, January 2009 001 -> 178, 224

Jodi Margaret Fountain McLeod was born in Drover's Run 1982 as the daughter of Jack McLeod and Meg Rivers. Kevin Fountain soon left them and took off never to be heard from again and Meg remained on Drover's Run as the housekeeper. Jodi went to boarding school at some point in her life where she became best friends with Kate Manfredi. After the finals, Jodi moved back to Drover's, anxiously waiting for the results so that she could leave again and travel around the world. However, her results were so disappointing that Meg decided Jodi had to prove herself first by working on Drover's for a year. Here, she befriended Becky Howard.

After living on Drover's for a year, Jodi met Alberto Borelli and instantly fell in love with him. Alberto however, had to join the army, but he returned a year later and proposed to Jodi. She accepted and they started planning their wedding. However, only 20 at the time of their wedding, Jodi felt she was too young to get married and have children, and she left Alberto at the altar. She had a small crush on Nick after this, but it soon faded as she realised they were only really good friends. She made plans to leave Drover's in 2004, but discovered she had come to love her home and didn't want to leave.

She soon met and fell in love with mechanic Luke Morgan and they had a passionate relationship, that unfortunately didn't always go well due to Luke's criminal past. After accepting an offer to deliver drugs. Luke was arrested and send to jail for two years. Heartbroken, Jodi swore off men, and thus so, took an instant dislike to Killarney's new overseer Rob Shelton. She was convinced he was gay, but after discovering he wasn't, Jodi was attracted to him.

When Jodi discovered that not Kevin, but Jack McLeod was her real father, she banished Meg out of her life and sought comfort with Rob, who helped her, but also told her family was the most important in your life, and she shouldn't try to pretend they didn't exist. Soon after this, Jodi discovered Rob was in the Witness Protection Program after discovering that his colleagues were dirty, and they killed his wife and son. Hitmen soon found Rob and he had to leave, once again leaving Jodi heartbroken. After finally picking up the pieces and trying to move on, Rob returned, now under his real name Matt Bosnich, and wanted to be with Jodi. After some hesitation, scared to get hurt again. Jodi returned her feelings for him and they started a relationship.

Their car soon got blown up by another hitman and Jodi and Matt were buried at a public cemetery, much against Kate's wishes, who wanted Jodi to be buried on Drover's Run. It was then revealed that Jodi and Matt didn't die, but wanted everyone to think they did, so they could escape and enter the Program once again. After saying goodbye to all her friends and family, Jodi and Matt left Drover's Run.

More than year later, Matt and Jodi returned, married and pregnant, cleared from all the hitmen, and wanted to raise her and Matt's baby at Drover's Run.

Rebecca "Becky" Howard Jessica Napier Drover's lead station hand August 2001 -> October 2003 001 -> 70
Becky is a young blonde who is very strong willed. She is first employed by Claire McLeod when after she is brutally raped by her boss. She easily adjusted to life at Drovers was soon appointed Lead Station Hand. Becky falls in love with Brick(Brett)a station hand at the neighbouring property Killarney. He heads to Queensland to help on his uncle's farm and on the way home falls off a bridge and is killed. Becky is heartbroken when she finds an engagement ring meant for her, in his pocket. After a long road to recovery she falls for another station hand of Killarney, Jake. They become a couple and leave to start a life of their own.
Alexander Marion "Alex" Ryan Aaron Jeffery Killarney Owner August 2001 -> 2008 001 -> 208
Alex is a hardworking bloke. He has had his share of rough times. The love of his life Claire dying in a car accident, Finding out Harry wasn't his biological father, Nick supposedly dying in a plane crash on his way home from Argentina and his failed marriage to Fiona Webb. But he has also had great times. Marrying his longtime friend Stevie Hall and having a baby boy Alexander "Xander" Hall. Alex died while on the way home from the airport. A tree branch fell on Alex while a terrified pregnant Stevie watched on. Whilst Stevie tried to get a tool out of the car, Alex recorded his final words on the video camera.
Nicholas Garry "Nick" Ryan Myles Pollard Killarney Owner August 2001 -> March 2006 001 -> 125, 145 - 146
Nick Ryan the Half Brother of Alex Ryan always held a special spot for Tess McLeod. Although things came in their way they eventually tied the knot and moved to Argentina to raise their daughter (Claire Ruth Ryan McLeod) Nick also has a son, Harrison Nicholas Ryan-Clemments named after Sally's father and Nick, from a previous relationship with an old girlfriend, Sally Clemments. Harrisson was the result from a one night stand after they had broken up. Nick was distraught with Tess and ran off to the city to see Sally.
Margaret "Meg" Rivers Sonia Todd Drover's Housekeeper August 2001 -> April 2007 001 -> 88, 109 - 134, 143 - 149, 177 - 178, 224
Meg (a longtime Housekeeper for Jack McLeod) was the housekeeper of Drover's. After the working hands were fired for stealing fuel Meg took on not only housekeeping but participating in a lot of farm work. She brought up Jodi by herself when her ex-husband (Kevin) took off to live his life. Meg was a motherly figure towards Claire, Claires mother died after the still birth of her second child. Meg always helped Claire and looked after her. Meg had had a fling with Jack McLeod. Kevin was not Jodi's real father. The short love affair lead to Jack being Jodi's real father . Meg married Terry Dodge a long life friend. They set out to explore Australia in the footsteps of Terry's Father.
David "Dave" Enoch Brewer Brett Tucker Local Vet 2003 -> 2006 45 -> 170
Dave Brewer is a responsible and dedicated country vet. Around farm animals he is incredibly professional, caring and sensitive. Around people his style is a little more bizarre. Women are attracted to him, but are often stunned by his unreconstructed take on the female of the species. Things change as they get to know him — behind the jokes Dave is a warm and loyal friend to have, a man who genuinely adores and appreciates women — and is therefore irresistible.

Dave came within an ace of marrying Tess McLeod before all their plans went awry. Dave returned to the area and inadvertently spikes a growing romance between Tess and Nick. It's always going to be a prickly triangle between these three, but despite this Dave grows to be one of Tess's greatest friends and confidantes. He's a friend to all of the Drovers' women, but must tread an especially delicate path with Kate Manfredi, who finds herself in desperate, unrequited love with him throughout the ups and downs of a busy year.

Ever friends to the girls on Drovers, relationships were strained during his initial relationship with Regan, who left him high and dry when she returned to the city. He was forced to look at his life and his personality failings when his vet student Catriona accused him of sexual harassment. His friendship with Kate took a dramatic turn when he discovered her melanoma and encouraged her to seek medical help. His personal demons were brought out into the open when troubled younger brother Patrick visited Drovers, dredging up memories of their father's tragic suicide. He leaves to run a veterinary clinic in Africa.

Stephanie "Stevie" Jane Hall Simmone Jade Mackinnon Drover's Run Part Owner October 2003 -> 2008 71 -> 224

Stevie (former Stephanie), an old friend of Claire McLeod, first met while competing in rodeos and camp drafts. At first Tess couldn't stand Stevie. Tess thought Stevie was ignorant and stubborn. After the sudden death of Claire, Tess began to grow close friends with Stevie. Their friendship grew from Stevie and Tess's shared pain. Tess lost her sister, and Stevie a daughter named Rose, that she didn't get to raise. She had Rose at the age of fifteen with a man named Will, she was then kicked out of her parents house. Rose grew up with Stevie's sister Michelle, leading Rose to believe that Michelle was her mother and Stevie was her aunt. Eventually Rose found out and after a while everything was resolved. Stevie became a part owner of Drovers Run. Tess and asked Stevie to be her Maid of Honour and Nick asked Alex to be Best Man at their wedding. Stevie agreed on the one condition that she be called "The Best Woman". As Nick and Tess decided to move to Argentina, Stevie became the one in charge. She started to fall in love with Alex (a longtime mate), Fiona tricked Alex into a earlier wedding and Stevie was not able to stop it in time. Alex fines out about Fiona's lies. Alex realizes he is in love with Stevie. So Alex and Fiona settle for a divorce. Stevie and Alex have an argument over trust issues, so they decide to be neighbors only. One year later they became married and had a baby boy named Alexander "Xander" Hall(named after Alex).

Kate Maria Due Manfredi Michala Banas Drover's Farm Hand 2004 -> 2008 88 -> 206

Kate Maria Due Manfredi attended a Girls Boarding School along with her best friend Jodi Fountain McLeod. She dropped out of boarding school when she contracted glandular fever, leaving Jodi alone. She is also noted because of her Italian background and her Nonna who visited in 2005.

Kate Manfredi arrived at Drover's Run ready to apply for Jodi's farm hand job and reluctantly got it. After finding some type of string in the sheep wool she has to change her classification until Sandra Kinsella came in (being the one who tied it up) hides the evidence giving Kate no choice but to keep the classification. When Harry finds out he is furious and kicks Kate out of his shed and Kate immediately runs away but Jodi chases her and has proof that Sandra tied the gate up with bailing twine. As the girls prepare to go to the B & S ball Kate Manfredi is charmed by the local vet Dave Brewer and falls in love with him. When Stevie & Alex start a rodeo school Kate meets a guy named Paul. He develops a crush on her it and becomes more serious when he chases her around Drover's but Kate escapes knocking him out with her steering wheel holder. When Dave tells Kate that they are only friends she feels rejected. Then starts going out with local boy and Jodi's ex Craig Woodland although she didn't really like him. During Nick & Tess's joint Bucks & Hens night Kate is the main act as the stripper and impresses not only Craig but also Dave.

In 2005 Kate is torn between being the Farm Manager she always wanted to be at Kinsella's and The Farm Hand at Drover's. While working at Kinsella's she finds that not everybody respects her, especially the men. But not long after she returns to Drover's. Also Kate is shocked when the teacher she slept with (Mr Ponta) arrives and finds out he was just using her. Also she becomes very jealous when Tess's cousin Regan McLeod arrives and begins to go out with Dave and uncovers her plan to dig up Drover's. When Patrick Brewer (Dave's brother) drops in on Drover's Kate begins to fall for him and after getting to know him and a major incident she dumps him.

Kate has a scare when she gets hypothermia after staying outside all night after having no one to stay with. She also fall from a ladder and cracked a couple of ribs but the major problem was that she might have skin cancer. Her and Jodi then leave for Adelaide where Kate sees a specialist and is confirmed that she has skin cancer. After one day it was announced that they had got all of the cancer out and she was fine. When Patrick returns she has trouble getting used to him and is also the same with Regan when she returns. At Alex's & Fiona's wedding Kate & Patrick kissed and after a while they become a couple and her photos taken by Patrick enter a contest. After it is confirmed that Harry Ryan was murdered evidence piles up against Stevie and Kate is forced to dob her in, shocking all of Drover's. After a while Kate realises what she did and regrets everything. Towards the end of 2006 Patrick & Kate split up and Kate runs for Young Farmer Of The Year Award and also Jodi entered but did not make the short list, and Kate ends up winning. Dave also admits he is in love with Kate and as he is about to leave Kate bursts into tears but Dave turns around and Kate leaves with him and although Jodi says she's okay she is really a mess.

Kate is credited in the first 6 episodes although she does not appear. She returns for Jodi's funeral and is a complete mess until she finds out Jodi is not dead and she decides to stay rather than leave. Towards the middle of 2007 Kate & Grace are taken hostage by a man who is in financial debt and he ends up shooting Moira although she survives. Kate then finds love again in Riley's army friend Mitch (Callan Mulvey) and although she knows he is a crook agrees to leave with him but after he tries to shoot Riley he is arrested. During the final episode of 2007 Riley & Kate become a couple but the happiness is turned to unbelievable circumstances as he is involved in a terrible car accident. Kate is also promoted Overseer for Stevie while she goes off to have the baby.

Kate is having a hard time coping with the loss of Riley in the car accident. She is very determined to prove he is alive, but doesn't want any help from anyone. Kate left Drover's on 13 August 2008 to run a youth wayward farm.

Regan McLeod Zoe Naylor Drover's Part Owner 2005 - 2008 119 -> 123, 149 -> 184, 209 -> 210, 223 ->224
Regan McLeod is a trained geologist. She is cousin of Jodi and the middle daughter of Hugh McLeod (Jack McLeod's Brother) She works mainly in mines. In her first appearance in the show. Regan secretly planned to make Drovers a mine. Stevie caught her and the Drover's Girls stopped the process. Dave and Regan are romantically involved but split up when Regan decides to leave.

Regan came back in Season 6. It emerged that two men had died in a mine while she was in charge. Even the court found her to have done nothing wrong but she still blamed herself for the accident. She arrives back at Drovers looking for Tess who is in Argentina with Nick. Jodi comforts her and gives her a room even though Kate doesn't trust her. Tayler Geddes comes looking for Regan. She is a daughter of one of the men that died. She tries to seek revenge on Regan but eventually becomes a working hand. Regan later leaves Drover's to follow her career in geology.

Matt Bosnich Jonny Pasvolsky Kilarney Overseer 2005 - 2007 122 -> 147, 170 -> 178
Rob is a witness to a crime. He is placed on Witness Protection and is sent to Gungellan to seek a job. Rob falls slowly in love with Jodi. To Rob's dismay a hitman finds him. Jodi and Rob are both at risk, they flee through the bush. Rob is shot and Jodi must do her best to save him. After they arrive back at Drover's, Rob is taken to hospital and isn't seen again until he surprises Jodi by returning one season later. Rob is now clear of Witness Protection and reveals his real name is Matt. Matt proposes to Jodi, she accepts, but another hitman is now after them. They are both put on witness protection and can never return to Drover's.

But in the last episode Meg and Jodi (who is very pregnant) comes back and Jodi ask Stevie if she, Matt and the baby can come back.

Patrick Michael Brewer Luke Jacobz Killarney Farm Hand 2005 - 2008 131, 147 -> 224
Patrick Brewer, younger brother of Dave Brewer, is a dare devil. He loves sky diving and parachuting. He never puts roots down and loves the everyday adventure of traveling the world. Patrick came to settle down with his brother Dave in Season 5. Kate and Patrick fell in love and became a couple but split up towards the end of 2006. Patrick has worked at the Truck Stop with Moira and at Killarney. Tayler and Patrick fall in love in Season 8 and become a permanent couple.
Riley Ward Dustin Clare Killarney Farm Hand 2006 - 2008 155 -> 203
Riley is a farrier. He is passionate and is always one for an argument. Stevie discovered him squatting on Drovers. They were quite similar in personality. Riley and Stevie started a brumby training business together and Riley became Overseer of Killarney. Riley was forced to follow the footsteps of his father when growing up. His father was an Army Officer. Riley was forced into the army by family. As he grew up he found was no army soldier. After a fight with an officer Riley was discharged and became a jackaroo. He soon had a crush on Jodi but it didn't last very long because Jodi's former love Rob (aka Matt) returned to Drovers, she left new love for old. During season 7 Kate and Riley fell in love with each other, but Riley died in a car crash on Christmas Eve.
Tayler Jane Geddes Gillian Alexy Drover's Farm Hand 2006 - 2008 170 -> 224
Tayler is daughter of a man that died in a mine accident. Regan was in charge at the time and Tayler holds her accountable for the death of her father. Tayler takes revenge on Regan. She tracks her down and pours petrol all over her items. She is about to set fire to them when Regan catches her. As punishment she has to work off the crime. Tayler stays and becomes a regular Farm Hand. Regan and Tayler grow close. Patrick and Tayler become close friends, which develops into something more serious. Tayler and Patrick become a couple. Tayler faces her demons when her Mother (who took off when she was a child) turns up.
Marcus Turner Matt Passmore Killarney Owner 2007 - 2008 172 -> 224
Marcus first arrived at Killarney under the instruction of his father Bryce Redstaff (Alex's biological Father). Bryce had recently bought a share of Killarney to help Alex settle his debt to Fiona from the divorce. Marcus was sent to read the books and check the finance of the farm. Alex was not pleased with this and took drastic measures to get rid of Marcus. Little did Alex know that Marcus was his Half Brother. Bryce sent Marcus back to stay, he wanted Marcus at Killarney permanently. To settle the disagreement with Alex, Marcus challenged Alex to a few rounds in the boxing ring. As Marcus was being thrashed by Alex he announced that he was his half brother. After Alex initial shock, Marcus and Alex began to grow closer and closer. They often had a brotherly disagreement or fight but always came through. After Alex's death, Marcus was torn. He held strong to comfort Alex's wife Stevie. As Marcus recovered he fell in love with a new local vet Ingrid Marr. A few months into their relationship Ingrid's husband Paul (a crazy police officer that will take any risk to get Ingrid back) turns up. Paul tracked Ingrid down and shot the last person she dated. Marcus puts himself at risk to keep Ingrid safe. Ingrid's car is later found crashed and she goes missing. In the last episode Marcus is dating Grace. When Grace spots Ingrid for the first time since the crash in town. She tells Marcus. Grace gives Marcus up so Ingrid can have him. However, there are hints that he has feelings for Grace, but this is unresolved.
Grace Kingston McLeod Abi Tucker Drover's Run Owner 2007 - 2008 179 - 224
The eldest of Hugh's three daughters. Grace is the camp drafting Champion of the family. She is an old friend of Stevie Hall. They both competed together and both are very competitive. Grace is set to be engaged to Heath Barrett but later finds that he is cheating on her. In the Final few episodes Grace and Marcus are an item, but when Grace spots Ingrid (Marcus's old lover) she tells Marcus and lets Marcus chase her. Marcus and Ingrid get back together.
Jasmine "Jaz" McLeod Anna Torv & Edwina Ritchard Drover's Part Owner 2004, 2008 103 -> 104, 210 -> 224
Jasmine "Jaz" is youngest of Hugh's three daughters. She's the girly girl of the family. She is an Olympic Show Jumping Champion and was rumoured to have given performance-enhancing drugs to her horse. Jaz claimed she was set up but her sponsor won't believe her. In the last episodes Ben & Jaz become a couple.
Ben Hall John Schwartz Killarney Farm Hand 2008 210 -> 224
Ben Hall, Stevie's close cousin, always looked out for Stevie when she was a kid. When he was a teenager he found himself clashing with his father, an alcoholic who would bash his mum after he had a few beers. Ben grew up watching his father as he belted his mum. One day Ben stood up for his mum. He took on his dad and flattened him. That was the day Ben left home.

He had nowhere to go so he hid out in a tree house at Stevie's place. When Helen (Stevie's mum), found out she took Ben in. When Stevie found herself pregnant Ben was the first person she talked to. He stood by her as she was thrown out of home. As Stevie got older Ben was her best mate, supporting her in wild and rough times.

Ingrid Marr Rachael Coopes Local Vet 2007 - 2008 200 - 224
Ingrid Marr is a short but strong willed Vet. She sets out to prove that size doesn't matter. She owns a massive Clydesdale called 'Hercules' and handles him without any problems. Marcus and Ingrid develop feelings for each other and become a couple. Paul (Ingrid's Husband, a crazy police officer who will do anything to get her back) interrupts their peacefulness. Marcus puts himself at risk, but Ingrid goes into hiding without telling Marcus where she is. She stays quiet for a while but is spotted by Grace in town. Grace tells Marcus and Ingrid and Marcus become a couple again.

Recurring cast

Actor Role Status Episodes
Marshall Napier Harry Ryan 2001 - 2006 Episodes 1 - 162
John Jarratt Terry Dodge 2001 - 2006 Episodes 1 - 148
Catherine Wilkin Liz Ryan 2001 - 2003, 2004, 2006 Episodes 1 - 53, 100, 154
Fletcher Humphrys Brett "Brick" Buchanon 2001 - 2003 Episodes 1 - 47
Ben Mortley Alberto Borele 2001 - 2003 Episodes 19 - 50
Rodger Corser Peter Johnson 2001 - 2004 Episodes 15 - 44, 62, 83 - 84
Kathryn Hartman Sally Clemments 2002 - 2005 Episodes 43 - 54, 105 - 114, 136
Charlie Clauson Jake Harrison 2002 - 2003 35 - 70
Inge Hornstra Sandra Kinsella 2002 - 2006 Episodes 42, 58 - 100, 110 - 162
Diarmid Heidenrich Toby Frye 2003 Episodes 63 - 64, 70, 73
Brooke, Kaitlyn & Tahlia Stacey - Clark Charlotte McLeod 2004 - 2006 Episodes 75 - 146, 224
Craig McLachlan Kane Morgan 2004 Episodes 89 - 96, 105 - 106
Basia A'Hern Rose Hall-Smith 2004 - 2008 Episodes 90, 129 - 130, 163 - 166, 185 - 186, 190 - 194, 224
Dean O'Gorman Luke Morgan 2004 - 2005 Episodes 93 - 118
Peter Hardy Phill Rakich 2006 - 2008 Episodes 140 - 224
Michelle Langstone Fiona Webb 2006 Episodes 139 - 170
Daniel Feuerriegel Leo Coombes 2006 Episodes 141, 160 - 166
Sam Healy Ashleigh Redstaff 2007 Episodes 186 - 199
Rachael Coopes Ingrid Marr 2007 - 2008 Episodes 200 - present

Births and Pregnancies

  • In 2003 (Episode 60) Claire gave birth to a girl name Charlotte Prudence McLeod. Claire gave birth Drovers Run in a stable.
  • Sandra was pregnant in 2004, a few weeks after marrying Harry, but suffered a miscarriage.
  • Nicks's ex-girlfriend Sally comes back (Episode 105) 8 months pregnant with his child. She soon gives birth to a son named Harrison Nicholas Ryan.
  • Tess gave birth in 2006 to a baby girl in Argentina, whom she named Claire Ruth McLeod Ryan.
  • Stevie gave birth to a baby boy in 2008 shortly after Alex's death. Stevie was initially unable to bond with her son, so he went by the name of Wombat for a few weeks. Stevie eventually named her son Alexander (Xander) Hall Ryan.
  • Moira fell pregnant in 2008 but tragically miscarried. She was pregnant with Phil Rakich's son.
  • Jodi came back pregnant in the final episode (She and Matt are married, as seen by the wedding band on her finger). It was rumoured to be a baby girl, which they named either Kate Anna McLeod or Kate Emma McLeod after Jodi's ancestor Emma McLeod whose love story with Wyn Rakich Jodi learns about just before leaving. Anna was Matt's first wife's name, the one that was killed by the people that wanted Matt dead. She is called Katie.


Actual Deaths

  • Brett 'Brick' Buchanon (Fletcher Humphrys) was killed when he was on his way to Gungellan. He fell off a bridge and was killed instantly. He was found by Jodi and his love Becky.
  • Claire McLeod (Lisa Chappell) was tragically killed when her ute crashed off a cliff in 2003 after hitting a pothole while trying to avoid hitting a Wild Brumby and almost hitting a tree.
  • Harry Ryan (Marshall Napier) was killed after he suffered a fatal heart attack, caused when his wife Sandra tampered with his medication.
  • Riley Ward (Dustin Clare), along with Patrick, Tayler and Grace, crashed into the river with their car on Christmas Eve 2007. Although never confirmed, Riley is presumed dead after his body was dragged away by the current of the river.
  • Alex Ryan (Aaron Jeffery) died in 2008 when a tree fell on top of him after a car ride with Stevie. Alex had just arrived from Argentina and was awaiting the birth of his son with Stevie.

Fake Deaths

  • Nick Ryan (Myles Pollard) was said to be killed in a tragic plane crash in 2005 but it was revealed in 2006 that he wasn't even on the plane and returned to Australia.
  • Rob Shelton/Matt Bosnich (Jonny Pasvolsky) was said to be killed when his car exploded into flames in early 2007. It was revealed in the next episode that they were about to enter the car but it exploded before they got in.
  • Jodi Fountain McLeod (Rachael Carpani) was said to be killed when her and Matt's car exploded into flames in April 2007 (Episode 177). But in the next episode it was revealed that they weren't in the car, and they departed Drover's together.

Marriages and Engagements

  • Claire McLeod & Peter Johnson were nearly married in 2003, but a brokenhearted Claire broke it off after finding out that Peter was already married, with a wife and kids.
  • Claire McLeod & Alex Ryan were nearly married in 2003, but due to Alex losing the ring, he never got the chance to proposed as the next day Claire died in a tragic car accident
  • Jodi Fountain & Alberto Borelli were almost married in mid 2003. This was Episode 50.
  • Tess McLeod & Dave Brewer were engaged 2003-2004, until they decided to break it off.
  • Harry Ryan & Sandra Kinsella were married in mid 2004. Only the both of them, Nick, Alex and patron Beth Martin were there.
  • Nick Ryan & Tess McLeod married in 2004 (Episode 100) after many years of wanting to be together. They were finally married although Nick's mother tried to keep them apart. Therefore Nick didn't want his mum to be present during the wedding, but Tess changed Liz's and Nick's mind. Nick answers: "Thank you. No wonder I married you, you courageous little being."
  • Meg Fountain and Terry Dodge got married in 2006 and set off for a trip around Australia.
  • Fiona Webb and Alex Ryan were married in 2006, but soon divorced.
  • Jodi Fountain McLeod & Matt Bosnich were engaged in 2007. It is revealed in the final episode that they are married (she is seen wearing a wedding band), and that the bad guys who where after them have been caught. They are expecting a child together, Jodi's first and Matt's second since he had a son named Max with his wife Anna who just like Max are deceased.
  • Stevie Hall & Alex Ryan were Married in 2007. Until Alex Ryan Died and Stevie Hall was left to raise baby Alexander Ryan.

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