(Clockwise from top) Ely Buendia, Marcus Adoro, Buddy Zabala and Raimund Marasigan
Studio album by The Eraserheads
Released October 1994 (1994-10)
Recorded JR Recording Studios (all tracks except 11 & 18) and Cinema Audio (tracks 11 & 18)1993-1994
Genre Alternative rock/Pop
Length 59:55
Label Musiko
Sony BMG Music Entertainment
Producer Robin Rivera
The Eraserheads chronology

CiRcuS is the second studio album released by Filipino alternative rock group The Eraserheads in 1994. Hits from CiRcuS are "Alapaap", "Sembreak", "Kailan" (originally a musical number from the play Manhid by Auraeus Solito), "Magasin", and "With A Smile". It is also the last album of the band to come in vinyl record format.

The album was reissued by Sony-BMG Entertainment in 2006. This is the first album that uses a sidely inverted letter e, a notable trademark of the band. The album cover was created by visual artist Mark Justiniani. The original artwork is now in a private collection of the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas.

"Wating" is the theme song for the 1994 Filipino movie of the same name, starring Richard Gomez and Carmina Villaroel. It does not appear on the original cassette release. The last part of the song features Carmina Villaroel on vocals.

CD tracks listing

Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 2.5/5 stars[1]
Title Composer(s) Length/Notes
Bato Marcus Adoro 4:05
The title is Tagalog for "stone" but in the song's case, it is a slang for methamphetamine.
Sembreak Raimund Marasigan 4:02
Alapaap [Sky] Ely Buendia 4:22
Hey Jay Buendia 4:38
Minsan [Sometimes] Buendia 4:14
Punk Zappa Adoro 0:10
Short comments from Adoro who's credited in the album as "Nito." The title is a parody of Frank Zappa, a late American rock singer.
Insomya [Insomnia] Adoro and Marasigan 2:01
With A Smile Buendia 4:37
The band's first-ever music video.
Alkohol [Alcohol] Marasigan 2:53
Wishing Wells Marasigan 3:32
Kailan [When] Buendia, Adoro, Buddy Zabala, Marasigan 3:14
No Royalty Album Filler No. 9 Adoro 1:02
Second comments from Adoro.
Magasin [Magazine] Buendia 4:08
Once featured in a 7-inch vinyl.
Butterscotch Buendia 4:36
Title not mentioned. Second and final reference about Buendia going flower power, first said in the fourth song of the Eraserheads' debut album.
Sa Wakas [At Last] Buendia 2:35
Prof. Banlaoi's Transcendental Medication After Every Six Months (or Punk Zappa Three) Adoro 1:51
Last set of comments by Adoro.
Wating Buendia 4:13
Not included in the album's initial release. Added years later.
Kailan (Lounge) Buendia, Adoro, Zabala, Marasigan 3:19
Another extra added to the album along with Wating.


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