List of Fung Wan characters

List of Fung Wan characters

The following is a list of characters from Ma Wing-shing's wuxia manhua (Chinese comic) series Fung Wan.




Wind (simplified Chinese: 聂风; traditional Chinese: 聶風; Mandarin Pinyin: Niè Fēng; Jyutping: Nip6 Fung1) is one of the two protagonists. He specialises in kicking styles of martial arts and his weapon of choice is the saber. His hinggung is also the best of all the pugilists in the kong-woo and he is nicknamed "God Among the Winds" (風中之神).

In contrast with Cloud, Wind adopts a diplomatic approach in handling relations and he is more empathetic towards people around him. Wind also appears attractive towards women and has several admirers. This is attributed towards his gentlemanly behavior, kindness and handsome good looks. However, he may turn into a monstrous raging beast in human form when he is provoked to the limit. This is because of the "Berserk Blood Syndrome" (瘋血) lineage which runs in his family.


Cloud (simplified Chinese: 步惊云; traditional Chinese: 步驚雲; Mandarin Pinyin: Bù Jīngyún; Jyutping: Bou6 Ging1 Wan4) is one of the two protagonists. He specialises in palm styles of martial arts and his weapon of choice is the sword.

In contrast with Wind, Cloud appears cold and unsympathetic towards everyone except a select few whom he cares for and respects. He appears brutal and ruthless for his practice of not sparing a single one of a group of foes. He is also nicknamed "The God of Death Who Does Not Cry" (不哭死神) as he evokes a feeling of death and strikes fear in the hearts of many. He does not even shed a single tear when his family and loved ones die.

However, Cloud is actually a passionate person who does not know how to express his emotions well. He cherishes his loved ones dearly and shows great respect for his peers and elders. He hardly speaks and creates a wrong perception of himself as a cruel and cold-hearted person, even in the eyes of fellow pugilists. He is one of the most powerful pugilists in the kong-woo with few being able to match him in martial arts.


Lord Conqueror

Lord Conqueror (Chinese: 雄霸; Mandarin Pinyin: Xíong Bà; Jyutping: Hung4 Baa3) is the first arch villain. He is the leader of the Under Heaven Society (天下會). He is also the martial arts teacher of Wind and Cloud.

Lord Godless

Lord Godless (simplified Chinese: 绝无神; traditional Chinese: 絕無神; Mandarin Pinyin: jué wúshén; Jyutping: Zyut6 Mou4 San4) is the most powerful pugilist in Japan. He sets foot on Chinese soil and attempts to dominate the Kong-woo and the entire China. Wind and Cloud are unable to defeat him initially for his formidable prowess in martial arts. Wind resorts to mastering the "Demonic Saber" skill to deal with him and enters a demonic trance in the process as well. He is betrayed by his son, Heartless, who kills him and takes over his place.

Dai Seik-tin

Dai Seik-tin (simplified Chinese: 帝释天; traditional Chinese: 帝釋天; Mandarin Pinyin: Dì Shìtīan; Jyutping: Dai3 Sik1 Tin1) is one of the arch villains. He is one of the most powerful villains that the two protagonists (Wind and Cloud) have ever faced. He is revealed to be actually the alter ego of the immortal Chui Fook. He is killed by Duen Long, who replaces him as the new and more powerful villain that the heroes must face.

Duen Long

Duen Long (simplified Chinese: 断浪; traditional Chinese: 斷浪; Mandarin Pinyin: Duàn Láng; Jyutping: Dyun3 Long4 aka Wave) is the son of Duen Sui. He is formerly a close friend of Wind when both of them served Lord Conqueror in Under Heaven Society. He is portrayed as the ultimate betrayer and advantage seeker. He consumes two of the seven pieces of fragments from the broken Dragon Orb, which increases his inner energy drastically to a superhuman level. His new powers combine together with his evil personality to transform him into the most powerful villain that Wind and Cloud have ever faced.

Recurring characters


Nameless (simplified Chinese: ; traditional Chinese: 無名; Mandarin Pinyin: Wúmíng; Jyutping: Mou4 Ming4) is a mentor and ally to Wind and Cloud. He is regarded as a mou-lam legend for his supremacy in martial arts, especially swordplay. He attains the level of "Heavenly Sword" (天劍), the highest level of prowess in swordplay any swordsman can even achieve. Such is his sheer power that he can even perform swordplay without the physical existence of a sword, by using his fingers as swords or emitting energy from his body equivalent to the sharp blades of swords. He used to carry the Hero Sword (英雄劍) as his weapon but he passes it to his oldest disciple Kim San after that.

Mou Ying-hung

Mou Ying-hung (Chinese: 慕應雄; Mandarin Pinyin: Mù Yīngxíong; Jyutping: Mou6 Jing1 Hung4) is the foster brother of Nameless. He is one of the most powerful swordsmen in the entire series, but he receives less glory than his foster brother.

Po Kuan

Po Kuan (Chinese: 破軍; pinyin: Pò Jūn) is a fellow student of Nameless when they were studying swordplay at Kim Chung (劍宗). Po Kuan's father, Kim Wai, mentored both of them. In contrast with Nameless, Po Kuan is spoilt, arrogant and rowdy. He swore adversity towards Nameless ever since Nameless saved a woman from being sexually harassed by him. That woman became Nameless' wife later.

Nameless and Po Kuan have a duel to decide who will inherit the manual of Kim Chung's most powerful swordplay skill, "The Origin of All Swords" (萬劍歸宗). Nameless is on the verge of winning when Kim Wai freezes the entire school to prevent his son from losing. The contest ends without a victor Po Kuan and Nameless leave the frozen school. During the duel, Nameless inflicts Po Kuan with a red scar on his left forehead. Po Kuan flees to Japan after that and continues practicing martial arts there. He acquires a pair of powerful weapons, known as Heavenly Blade (天刃) and Greedy Wolf (貪狼). He is the only character in the entire comic series to use a pair of weapons in combat.

Kim San

Kim San (simplified Chinese: 剑晨; traditional Chinese: 劍晨; Mandarin Pinyin: Jiàn Chén; Jyutping: Gim3 San4) is the first student of Nameless. He is innately kind-hearted and behaves like a true gentleman. Po Kuan exploits his weakness and manipulates him into turning towards the evil side. He is tricked into consuming drugs that makes him commit a series of atrocities, including poisoning his teacher and raping Yu Chor-chor. He is named by his teacher Nameless, who wants him to shine like the morning sun and yet not be unbearable. His name literally means "Sword Dawn".

Yu Chor-chor

Yu Chor-chor (Chinese: 于楚楚; Mandarin Pinyin: Yú Chǔ Chǔ; Jyutping: Yu1 Cho2 Cho2) is the daughter of Yu Ngok. She falls in love with Cloud on first sight and her father entrusts her to Cloud's care before leaving to settle an old debt. She marries Cloud and bears him a son, Bou Wan. Cloud is not with them most of them as he is busy with the affairs of the Kong-woo. They are separated for 12 years after Cloud's disappearance and become the ultimate sacrifice. Duen Long murders Yu Chor-chor and Bou Wan later in his bid to force Cloud to fight him.

Second Dream

Second Dream (simplified Chinese: 第二梦; traditional Chinese: 第二夢; Mandarin Pinyin: Dìèr Mèng; Jyutping: Dai6 Ji6 Mung6) is the daughter of Second Saber Emperor. Her father wants her to learn the "Emotionless Saber" (無情刀) skill by forcing her to live in seclusion and become unsympathetic towards worldly affairs. She meets Wind by chance and falls in love with him after they become pen pals for some time. She marries Wind and conceives a son, Yi Fung, with him.

Invincible Mou

Invincible Mou (simplified Chinese: 武无敌; traditional Chinese: 武無敵; Mandarin Pinyin: Wǔ Wúdí; Jyutping: Mou5 Mou4 Dik6) is a mou-lam legend. He masters the "Ten Invincible Styles" (十強武道) and has even defeated Dai Seik-tin before. His location is unpredictable as he usually wanders around the Kong-woo as a carefree soul. He plays a larger role in the latest story arc.

Nip Yan-wong

Nip Yan-wong (simplified Chinese: 聂人王; traditional Chinese: 聶人王; Mandarin Pinyin: Niè Rénwáng; Jyutping: Nip6 Yan4 Wong4) is nicknamed "Wild Saber of the North" (北飲狂刀). He is the father of Wind. He is married to Ngan Ying but she leaves him for Po Kuan. Nip goes berserk after that and wanders around the Kong-woo aimlessly with Wind accompanying him. He engages Duen Sui in a duel but the duel is interrupted by the appearance of the Fire Kirin. Nip and Duen are apparently killed by the monster but they reappear again several years later during the hunt for the Dragon Bones. He is reunited with his family and they lead a peaceful life for another 12 years. He is killed by Duen Long.

Duen Sui

Duen Sui (simplified Chinese: 断帅; traditional Chinese: 斷帥; Mandarin Pinyin: Duàn Shuài; Jyutping: Dyun6 Seui3) is nicknamed "Kirin Sword of the South" (南麟劍首). He is the father of Duen Long. He engages Nip Yan-wong in a duel but the duel is interrupted by the appearance of the Fire Kirin. Duen and Nip are apparently killed by the monster but they reappear again several years later during the hunt for the Dragon Bones. He is unable to control his evil son who has morphed into the Kirin Demon and disappears after Duen Long's death. He is killed by his evil grandson Lam Mou eventually.


Long-yee (simplified Chinese: 龙儿; traditional Chinese: 龍兒; Mandarin Pinyin: Lóng ér; Jyutping: Lung4 ji4), is the successor to Sword Saint, and is also known as "Sword Saint II" or "New Sword Saint" (simplified Chinese: 新剑圣; traditional Chinese: 新劍聖; Mandarin Pinyin: Xīnjiànshèng; Jyutping: San1 Gim3 Sing3). He is adopted by Wind and Second Dream as their son when he was still a child. As he grows older, he displays great talent for swordplay. Nameless notices that the boy shares the characteristics of the late Sword Saint.


Heartless (simplified Chinese: 绝心; traditional Chinese: 絕心; Mandarin Pinyin: Jué Xīn; Jyutping: Zyut3 Sam1) is the ruthless son of Lord Godless. He betrays and kills his father for power after being instigated by Heavenly Emperor. He keeps a low profile and constantly seeks opportunities to make his name in the Kong-woo. He becomes one of the most powerful enemies of Wind and Cloud several years later, after finding and consuming one of the seven Dragon Pills, as well as mastering some advanced skills.

Supporting characters


Yau-yeuk (幽若) is Lord Conqueror's daughter. Her father is very protective of her and makes her stay in a secluded area inside Under Heaven Society, far away from his disciples. She is attracted to Wind and maintains a strong crush on him. She is killed by Cloud along with her father eventually.


Charity (Chinese: 孔慈; Mandarin Pinyin: Kǒng Cí; Jyutping: Hung2 Ci4) is a servant girl in Under Heaven Society. She is used by Lord Conqueror as a pawn in his scheme to sow discord between Wind and Cloud. She is married to Frost, when Conqueror is aware that Cloud is actually in love with her. Cloud is unwilling to give up and has several intimate moments with her behind Frost's back. Wind discovers their affair and Cloud challenges Wind to a fight to the death. Charity is killed by Cloud while shielding Wind from Cloud's attack with her body. Before her death, she reveals that the one she actually loves is Wind. Cloud is unable to accept the truth and flees with her dead body. He buries her in an imperial mausoleum later.


Frost (Chinese: 秦霜; Mandarin Pinyin: Qín Shuāng; Jyutping: Ceon4 Soeng1) - the eldest disciple of Lord Conqueror. He is very caring towards his juniors, Wind and Cloud, and shows understanding when Cloud has secret meetings with his wife, as he is willing to let Cloud and Charity be together. He discovers Conqueror's secret plan to turn Wind and Cloud against each other and informs his juniors. He joins their side to fight Conqueror and loses both of his arms during a battle.

Sword Saint

Sword Saint (simplified Chinese: 剑圣; traditional Chinese: 劍聖; Mandarin Pinyin: Jiàn Shèng; Jyutping: Gim3 Sing3) is a highly revered swordsman. His younger brother Tuk-ku Yat-fong is killed by Lord Conqueror's men and he goes to Under Heaven Society to seek revenge. His soul leaves his body to fight with Conqueror. Cloud attacks his body by accident and causes his death by disintegrating his soul.

Mud Buddha

Mud Buddha (泥菩薩) is a reclusive Buddhist prophet. He reveals the first half of the prophecy to Lord Conqueror about the latter's rise to power. Conqueror kills him and his granddaughter after he finds out the second half of the prophecy.

Fok Bou-tin

Fok Bou-tin (霍步天) is the adoptive father of Cloud. He offends Lord Conqueror and is killed along with his family by Conqueror's lackeys.

Ngan Ying

Ngan Ying (顏盈) is the wife of Nip Yan-wong and mother of Wind. She leaves her husband and her son to follow her new lover Po Kuan. Po Kuan offers her to Lord Godless later in exchange for learning a powerful skill. She becomes Godless' slave.

Yuk Nung

Yuk-nung (玉濃) is the mother of Cloud.

Yu Ngok

Yu Ngok (于嶽) is the father of Yu Chor-chor. In his younger days, he encounters the Fire Kirin and fights with the monster. The beast's blood spills onto his arm and infuses supernatural properties into his arm, turning it into the famous Kirin Arm. He amputates the arm and offers it to Cloud, who had just lost an arm. He entrusts his daughter to Cloud's care and leaves to settle an old debt.

Bou Wan

Bou Wan (步雲) is the son of Kim San and Yu Chor-chor. He is killed along with his mother by Duen Long.

Twelve Killers of the Heavenly Pool

Twelve Killers of the Heavenly Pool (天池十二煞) are Lord Conqueror's followers. They turn against him when he is wounded and take over Under Heaven Society.

Man Chau-chau

Man Chau-chau (文丑丑) is a jester who serves as Lord Conqueror's personal attendant. He is killed by Conqueror's followers after discovering his master's secret plan.

Ngou Tin

Ngou Tin (傲天) is the young master of Sword-Worshipping Villa.

Ghostly Tiger

Ghostly Tiger (鬼虎) is Nameless' loyal servant.

Tuk-ku Yat-fong

Tuk-ku Yat-fong (獨孤一方) is the master of Matchless City.

Wai Hung

Wai Hung (懷空) is the younger brother of Wai Mit. He is forced to join Heaven's Gate and do Dai Seik-tin's bidding.

Royal Shadow

Royal Shadow (皇影) is a renowned saber master from Japan. He serves as Wind and Cloud's ally in the fight against Dai Seik-tin. He mistakes San-fung for Wind's son and saves his life. He brings San-fung back to Japan and acts as a fatherly mentor figure to the boy.


Muse (紫凝) is the second wife of Cloud. She saves him when he loses his memory after falling off a cliff. Cloud lived with her for some time and they have a family.

Bou Tin

Bou Tin (Chinese: 步天; Mandarin Pinyin: Bù Tiān; Jyutping: Bou6 Tin1) is the younger son of Cloud, one of the two protagonists. Bou Tin is one of the Ten Demons of the kong-woo in the latest installment in the series.

Bou Ting

Bou Ting (步婷) is the daughter of Cloud and Muse.

Wai Mit

Wai Mit (懷滅) is the elder brother of Wai Hung. He serves Dai Seik-tin.

Laugh Three Laughters

Laugh Three Laughters (笑三笑) is a mysterious physician who saves Wind and Cloud after they are frozen.

Mou Tin-ha

Mou Tin-ha (Chinese: 武天下; Mandarin Pinyin: Wǔ Tiānxià; Jyutping: Mou5 Tin1 Haa6) is the nephew of Invincible Mou and older cousin of Siu-mou. He has been deaf and mute for most of his life. Upon receiving the Destiny Sword from his dying father, he recovers from these disabilities.

Divine General

Divine General (神將) is one of Dai Seik-tin's followers.

King of Saints

King of Saints (聖王) is a powerful pugilist is skillful at music, chess, literature and Confucian ideologies, apart from martial arts. He sets out to break a family curse that causes each heir of his line to die at the age of 45 if he refuses to live a secluded life.

Holy Maiden

Holy Maiden (神母) is one of Dai Seik-tin's followers.

First Evil Emperor

First Evil Emperor (第一邪皇) is a powerful saber master who creates the "Demonic Saber" skill. He enters a demonic trance and recovers after amputating his arms. He teaches Wind the skill to deal with Lord Godless.

Second Saber Emperor

Second Saber Emperor (第二刀皇) is the father of Second Dream.

Third Pig Emperor

Third Pig Emperor (第三豬皇) is a pugilist who befriends Wind and Cloud and leads them to First Evil Emperor.

Heavenly Emperor

Heavenly Emperor (天皇) is a warlord from Japan who aims to steal the Dragon Bones and use them to dominate China. He is forced to commit suicide after being defeated by Cloud and Nameless.

Yi Fung

Yi Fung (simplified Chinese: 易风; traditional Chinese: 易風; Mandarin Pinyin: Yì Fēng; Jyutping: Jik6 Fung1) is the son of Wind, one of the two protagonists of the series. He wields the Evil King Blade (大邪王), the most evil weapon in kong-woo legends.

As a child, Yi Fung is cunning, highly intelligent and opportunistic. He has a much more complicated personality than his morally upright and heroic father. He commits a fair share of evil deeds as well apart from behaving in a virtuous and chivalrous manner sometimes. Yi Fung has the "Berserk Blood Syndrome" (瘋血症) in him just like his father, which allows him to enter a superhuman state of fury and increase his powers dramatically.


San-fung (simplified Chinese: 神锋; traditional Chinese: 神鋒; Mandarin Pinyin: Shén Fēng; Jyutping: San4 Fung1) is the son of Duen Long and the current owner of the Lonely Sword (驚寂). He has a twin brother called Lam Mou who is consumed by evil, in contrast to him.

Lam Mou

Lam Mou (蓝武) is the evil twin brother of San-fung.


  • Sword Demon (劍魔)
  • God of Constables (捕神)
  • Sword Pauper (劍貧)
  • Suet Ngam-tin (雪暗天)
  • Tuk-ku Ming (獨孤鳴)
  • Seik Mou-chun (釋武尊)
  • Siu-mou (小武)
  • Iron Demon (鐵鬼)
  • Iron Butcher (鐵狂屠)
  • Sword Prison (劍獄)
  • Chun-yan Tin-yan (隼人天隱)
  • Skyless (絕天)
  • Secondless (無二)

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