Cetus (Chinese astronomy)

Cetus (Chinese astronomy)

The modern constellation Cetus lies across two of the quadrants, symbolized by the Black Tortoise of the North (北方玄武, Běi Fāng Xuán Wǔ) and the White Tiger of the West (西方白虎, Xī Fāng Bái Hǔ), that divide the sky in traditional Chinese uranography.



The map of Chinese constellation in constellation Cetus area consists of:

Four Symbols Mansion (Chinese name) Romanization Translation Asterisms (Chinese name) Romanization Translation Western star name Chinese star name Romanization Translation
Black Tortoise of the North (北方玄武) Shì Encampment 八魁 Bākuí Net for Catching Birds
6 Cet 八魁一 Bākuíyī 1st star
2 Cet 八魁二 Bākuíèr 2nd star
1 Cet 八魁三 Bākuísān 3rd star
3 Cet 八魁四 Bākuísì 4th star
9 Cet 八魁五 Bākuíwu 5th star
7 Cet 八魁六 Bākuíliù 6th star
Wall 鈇鑕 Fūzhì Sickle[1]
48 Cet 鈇鑕一 Fūzhìyī 1st star
υ Cet 鈇鑕四 Fūzhìsì 4th star
56 Cet 鈇鑕五 Fūzhìwu 5th star
White Tiger of the West (西方白虎) Kuí Legs 天溷 Tiānhùn Celestial Pigsty[2]
21 Cet 天溷一 Tiānhùnyī 1st star
18 Cet 天溷三 Tiānhùnsān 3rd star
20 Cet 天溷增三 Tiānhùnzēngsān Extended 3rd star
土司空 Tǔsīkōng Master of Constructions[2]
β Cet
土司空 Tǔsīkōng (One star of)
壁宿南星 Bìsùnánxīng Star in the south of Wall constellation
Lóu Bond 天倉 Tiāncāng Square Celestial Granary[1]
ι Cet 天倉一 Tiāncāngyī 1st star
η Cet 天倉二 Tiāncāngèr 2nd star
θ Cet 天倉三 Tiāncāngsān 3rd star
ζ Cet 天倉四 Tiāncāngsì 4th star
τ Cet 天倉五 Tiāncāngwu 5th star
57 Cet 天倉六 Tiāncāngliù 6th star
Wèi Stomach 天囷 Tiānqūn Circular Celestial Granary[3]
α Cet
天囷一 Tiānqūnyī 1st star
天囷大星 Tiānqūndàxīng Big star
六甲南星 Liùjiánánxīng Star in the south of Six Jia constellation
κ1 Cet / 97 Cet 天囷二 Tiānqūnèr 2nd star
λ Cet 天囷三 Tiānqūnsān 3rd star
μ Cet 天囷四 Tiānqūnsì 4th star
ν Cet 天囷七 Tiānqūnqī 7th star
γ Cet 天囷八 Tiānqūnbā 8th star
δ Cet 天囷九 Tiānqūnjiǔ 9th star
75 Cet 天囷十 Tiānqūnshí 10th star
70 Cet 天囷十一 Tiānqūnshíyī 11th star
63 Cet 天囷十二 Tiānqūnshíèr 12th star
66 Cet 天囷十三 Tiānqūnshísān 13th star
Mǎo Hairy Head 芻蒿 Chúhāo Hay[4]
ρ Cet 芻蒿一 Chúhāoyī 1st star
77 Cet 芻蒿二 Chúhāoèr 2nd star
67 Cet 芻蒿四 Chúhāosì 4th star
ε Cet 芻蒿六 Chúhāoliù 6th star
o Cet 芻蒿增二 Chúhāozēngèr Extended 2nd star
天苑 Tiānyuàn Celestial Meadows[4] π Cet 天苑七 Tiānyuànqī 7th star

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