Matrix may refer to:

Science and mathematics

  • Matrix (mathematics), a mathematical object generally represented as an array of numbers
    • Matrix calculus, a notation for calculus operations on matrix spaces
    • Identity matrix
    • Similarity matrix, which scores the similarity between two data points
    • A number of bioinformatic related matrices, including:
      • Position-specific scoring matrix, which represents a pattern or motif in biological sequences
      • Substitution matrix, which estimates the rate at which each possible residue in a biological sequence changes to each other residue over time
      • PAM matrix, or Point Accepted Mutation matrix, used in scoring sequence alignments
      • BLOSUM (BLOcks of Amino Acid SUbstitution Matrix), also used in scoring sequence alignments
  • Matrix (biology), with numerous meanings, often referring to a biological material where specialized structures are formed or embedded
  • Matrix (archeology), the soil or sediment surrounding a dig site
    • Harris matrix, an archaeological tool used to describe sediment deposition over time
  • Matrix (chemical analysis), the discarded portion of a sample used for chemical analysis
  • Matrix (geology), the fine grains between larger grains in igneous or sedimentary rocks, or the rock material in which a fossil, gem etc. is embedded
  • Matrix isolation, a continuous solid phase in which particles (precipitates, etc.) are embedded
  • Metal matrix composite, a type of composite material


Arts and entertainment


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  • Array (disambiguation)
  • Grid (disambiguation)

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