Mizoram Armed Police

Mizoram Armed Police

Mizoram Armed Police (MAP) is a Special Unit in the Police Department of Ministry of Home in the State of Mizoram, India. At present it comprises 3 Battalions with an additional 3 Indian Reserve Battalions. Each Battalion is Commanded by a Commandant (rank of Senior Superintendent of Police) with other officers.


The 1st Battalion Mizoram Armed Police

The first Battalion of Mizoram Armed Police was constituted on August 1, 1973 by drafting personnel from the then District Armed Branch of the erstwhile Lushai Hills District of Assam State. The main purpose was to meet the permanent and regular requirements of the Armed Police of the newly created Mizoram Union Territory (U.T.). This unit covers duties in the district as the Armed Reserve Force, like permanent guards and other permanent duties, escort duty for the Treasury, VIPs, prisoners, etcetera. The 1st Bn. MAP, therefore, performed dual functions as both the District Armed Branch and the State Armed Reserve since its inception. In fact, the 1st Bn. MAP catered to the Armed Police needs of Mizoram single-handedly for fifteen years before other Battalions were raised. That period included the year of turmoil, which Mizoram had undergone due to disturbances.

The 2nd Battalion Mizoram Armed Police

The establishment of 2nd Bn. MAP was started with a strength of two companies in the year 1982 vide letter No. A.12028/1/82-HMP dt. 23.12.1982 from Home Department Government of Mizoram. Four more companies were created and sanctioned vide letter No.A.12028/1/92-HMP dt. 9.10.1987 from Home Department Government of Mizoram and the establishment of a full-fledged 2nd Bn. MAP began on that same date. The two companies of 2nd Bn. MAP were functioning from 1st Bn. Map Headquarters, Aizawl for four years, and following the sanction of full fledged 2nd Bn. MAP, it was shifted to Lunglei on 27.4.1988. The Office of SDPO Lunglei was temporarily utilized as the Main Office of 2nd Bn. MAP, until it was shifted to 2nd Bn. MAP Headquarters, Luangmual on 6.3.1989.

The 3rd Battalion Mizoram Armed Police

The Government of Mizoram notification A.12028/2/88-HMP Dt. 9.1.1991 and A-12028/2/88-HMP dt. 21.11.1991 paved the way for creation of what came to be known as 4Coy Cell, under the leadership of an Asst. Commandant with a handful of staff. It has functioned since 2.2.91 at 1st Bn. MAP Complex under the direct supervision of AIG-II. In the 1st week of December 1991 its Office was shifted to Police Headquarters. On 23.9.92 the Govt. of Mizoram Home Department vide its order No. 12023/4/92-HMA sanctioned a post of Commandant. Pu. L.H. Shanliana, MPS was appointed its 1st Commandant on 9.11.92 as 4Coy Cell transitioned into another full fledged Battalion known as the 3rd Bn. MAP. On 10.11.92, the Office was shifted from PHQ to Mualpui, occupying an area of 286377 sq. m. The Revenue Department vide its letter No. 15016/106/91-DTE(Rev) dt. 15.9.95 accorded a proper pass No. 169 of 1976. Ever since its designation as 3rd Bn. MAP on its Rising Day i.e. 9.11.92, each successive Commandant has worked tirelessly to make this battalion into the pioneering success it has become.

The 1st Indian Reserve Battalion

The 1st Indian Reserve Battalion for Mizoram was approved and sanctioned by the govt. of India, Ministry of Home Affairs, New Delhi vide Memo No.II.27011.3.91-FP.III dated New Delhi, the 11.6.1993 and various posts were subsequently created by the Govt. of Mizoram, vide home Department Memo No.12028/5/92-HMP dated 1.12.1993.

The 2nd Indian Reserve Battalion

The 2nd Indian Reserve Battalion was created on 15.1.2001, with plans for its headquarters at Khawzawl. Because the site was not yet fully developed, the unit was allowed to function temporarily out of Police Headquarters Khatla, Aizawl with the bulk of its forces stationed at 3rd MAP Battalion Complex, Mualpui, Aizawl. In the meantime, construction of about 26 different buildings including living quarters and other support facilities were commenced at Khawzawl. Upon completion of the newest site in early 2005 and with the approval of Police Headquarters Khatla, this Battalion Headquarters was shifted to Khawzawl during the month of April 2005 and an Inaugural Function was held on 28.4.2005.


The Headquarters Khawzawl is perched on a hilltop, on the Eastern side of Mizoram, along the Aizawl-Champhai road, about 157 km away from Aizawl at 93.10 latitude and 23.10 degree longitude in the global positioning. The altimeter reading at the highest point is 1187 meter from the sea level. The town has good communication link i.e. Aizawl-Champhai road passes through the town As per the weatherman’s record, the climate is 30 degree at the maximum (86 degrees Fahrenheit) and 4.5 degree minimum (approx. 40 degrees Fahrenheit) in the Celsius. Approximate annual rainfall is 1751mm.


  • INSAS rifle in 5.56mm NATO in various configurations.
  • M4 Carbine purchased under Police Modernization scheme.
  • Beretta 92 pistol purchased under Police Modernization scheme.
  • Sako TRG limited quantity purchased under Police Modernization scheme.
  • AK 47: mostly Bulgarian.
  • Browning HP: Indian version in 9mm.
  • Type 56: Chinese version of AK 47 misunderstood as AK 56 mostly surrenderd arms of the Mizo National Front.
  • Bren LMG: Indian version chambering 7.62 NATO rounds.
  • Sterling submachine gun: Indian version.
  • SLR: Indian version of FN FAL.
  • Apart from this, Mizoram Armed Police also use a large number of firearms captured from militants including the G3 Rifle, M16 Rifle, Dragunov Sniper Rifle etc.


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