List of comics characters which originated in other media

List of comics characters which originated in other media

This list is for original fictional characters created for adaptations of comic books in other forms of media (television series, films, books, games and advertising).

It includes characters like Firestar and X-23 that were later incorporated into mainstream comics. The category does not include preexisting characters from fiction (books, film, television, etc.) such as Dracula, Conan or Rima that were later incorporated into comics. Characters unique to certain movies and television programs such as Rachel Dawes and Max Schreck are not included on this list due to the fact that they do not have counterparts in any mainstream comic book.

*Nora Fries
*Gleek (Super Friends)
*Mercy Graves
*Gray Ghost
*Inspector William Henderson
*Isis (DC Comics)
*Jessica Priest
*Livewire (DC Comics)
*Lock-Up (comics)
*Lionel Luthor
*Batman (Terry McGinnis)
*Launchpad McQuack
*Renee Montoya
*Más y Menos
*Non (DC Comics)
*Jimmy Olsen
*Harley Quinn
*Roxy Rocket
*Samurai (Super Friends)
*Chloe Sullivan
*Ursa (comics)
*Wendy and Marvin
*Kristin Wells
*Abraham Whistler
*Perry White
*Wonder Twins

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