Business Transaction Management

Business Transaction Management

Business Transaction Management, or BTM, refers to the discipline within systems management that focuses on monitoring and managing the performance and service availability of software applications from the application’s perspective (as opposed to traditional systems management tools that focus on monitoring the health of individual components; e.g. servers, services and resources). This is done by monitoring and managing the transactions (see Transaction processing) and events that in turn trigger actions on the supporting infrastructure.

BTM utilizes business transactions (in conjunction with an application dependency map) as the focal point for managing an application’s performance by providing the granular visibility of each transaction. This in turn enables pinpointing the root causes of latencies and problems in the network in a more efficient way than simply monitoring the component level health of the network would.

A number of factors have lead to the demand for the development of BTM software:
* Modern Applications have become more complex, modular, distributed, interdependent and sensitive to environmental conditions.
* IT infrastructure has become a complex multi tier (see Multitier architecture) environment.
* The rise of Service Oriented Architecture in systems development.
* The proliferation of Service Level Agreements.


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