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Epitaph Records is a Hollywood, California based record label owned by Bad Religion guitarist Brett Gurewitz. The label was originally "just a logo and a P.O. box" created in the 1980s for the purpose of selling Bad Religion records, but has evolved into a large independent record label. Gurewitz took the name from a King Crimson song of the same name. Throughout the 80s and 90s most of the bands on Epitaph were punk rock groups, while it is now primarily made up of alternative rock bands. Several sister-labels also exist, such as ANTI-, Burning Heart Records and Hellcat Records that have signed other types of bands.


In 1987, Epitaph released its first record as a proper label. It was the band L7's self-titled album, and it was distributed by Chameleon. The first album that was both released and distributed by Epitaph was Suffer by Bad Religion.

In 1994 Epitaph received widespread fame, both within and outside the punk community, when NOFX, Rancid and The Offspring all released hit records. This was a big year for punk in the mainstream; Rancid appeared on "Saturday Night Live" the following year, playing "Ruby Soho" and "Roots Radicals". The Offspring soon left for Columbia Records in a contract dispute, but their "Smash" lived up to its name and quickly became Epitaph's all time best selling album, with more than 11 million units sold worldwide to date. [ [http://www.offspring.com/cgi-bin/WebObjects/Offspring.woa/wa/bio Bio: The Offspring ] ]

Although Bad Religion was the founding band of Epitaph, releasing their early records through the label, they switched over to Atlantic in 1993, with "Recipe For Hate" being their first record outside of the label. Brett Gurewitz is thought to have left Bad Religion as a result of internal disputes, but actually left the band in 1994 so he could run Epitaph full time. This came after lead singer Greg Graffin said he wanted to tour more and quit school to do so. The band responded by filling Gurewitz's place with Brian Baker. In 2001, Brett returned to the band and Bad Religion once again signed to Epitaph Records, releasing "The Process of Belief" in 2002 and "The Empire Strikes First" (2004). A new record entitled "New Maps of Hell" was released in July 2007.

In January 2002 Brett Gurewitz was quoted saying that "I had multiple offers for $50- and $100 million for half of my business".Fact|date=February 2007 He never took any of them.

In 2003, Epitaph sparked some controversy among its fans by signing alternative hip hop artists such as Atmosphere and Sage Francis and grindcore band The Locust, leading to debates about what constitutes the true nature of "punk" music, but so far the new groups seem to feel at home on the label. The label also signed Canadian rapper Cadence Weapon in 2007.

In mid-2005 Epitaph was added to the official list of RIAA members [ [http://www.riaa.com/aboutus.php?content_selector=aboutus_members RIAA Member List] ] along with several other high-profile independent labels. The reason for the listing is not clear, but one source points to an agreement for internet P2P distribution. [ [http://www.grammy.com/news/newswatch/2005/0317.aspx Independent Labels Sign Deal With Snocap] ] Another source claims label management joined RIAA in order to get certified sales awards (i.e., official "Gold" or "Platinum" record status) for releases. This sparked some controversy as some feel they should no longer be labeled independent if they are a member of the RIAA. [ [http://www.mammothpress.com/index.php?area=readmore&pid=3954 Mammoth Press: "17+ indie labels go to RIAA"] ]

However, the only source that has actually been used for these claims of membership is the official RIAA membership list, which has been disputed. [ [http://www.riaa.com/aboutus.php?content_selector=aboutus_members RIAA Member List] ] As of this writing, not only is Epitaph listed as an official member, but Lookout! Records is once again listed, after being falsely listed before. In addition, Fat Wreck Chords has released statements denying their own involvement in the RIAA, condemning the organization. [ [http://www.fatwreck.com/community/faq Fat Wreck Chords FAQ] ]

Current artists

* Bad Religion
* The Bouncing Souls
* Bring Me the Horizon
* Busdriver
* Cadence Weapon
* The Color of Violence
* Converge
* The Coup
* Danger Doom
* The Draft
* Escape the Fate
* Farewell
* Gallows (North America only)
* Heavens
* The Higher
* The Hot Melts
* I Am Ghost
* I Set My Friends On Fire
* The Locust
* The Matches
* Millencolin (North America only)
* Motion City Soundtrack
* New Found Glory
* Our Last Night
* Parkway Drive (North America only)
* Parody
* Pennywise (Europe only, Final Destination)
* The Robocop Kraus
* Sage Francis
* Settle
* Sing It Loud
* SoliLLaquists of Sound
* Story of the Year
* The Sound of Animals Fighting
* Thursday
* Vanna
* Water Street
* The Weakerthans

Former artists

* 1208
* 98 Mute
* 59 Times The Pain
* Agnostic Front
* Atmosphere
* Beatsteaks
* The Black Keys
* Bombshell Rocks
* Bob Log III
* The Business
* Choking Victim
* Claw Hammer
* Coffin Break
* The Cramps
* Dag Nasty
* Daredevils
* Day Of Contempt
* Dead Fucking Last
* Death By Stereo
* The Descendents
* Deviates
* The Dillinger Escape Plan
* The Distillers
* Division Of Laura Lee
* Down By Law
* Downset
* The Dwarves
* Error
* From First To Last
* Gas Huffer
* Green Day (strictly re-releasing old material in Europe)
* Guttermouth
* H2O
* Heideroosjes
* Hell Is for Heroes
* The Hives
* Hot Water Music
* Humpers
* I Against I
* Ikara Colt
* Insted
* The (International) Noise Conspiracy
* The Joykiller
* Wayne Kramer
* L7
* Little Kings
* Madball
* Matchbook Romance
* Midget Handjob
* New Bomb Turks
* The Offspring
* Osker
* Pete Philly and Perquisite
* The Pietasters
* Poison Idea
* Pulley
* Raised Fist
* Rancid (now on Epitaphs sub-label Hellcat)
* Randy
* Red Aunts
* Refused
* Rich Kids On LSD
* Rontastic
* Ruth Ruth
* Satanic Surfers
* Scatter The Ashes
* The Seeing Eye Gods
* Social Distortion (re-releasing their "Greatest Hits" album in Europe)
* Some Girls
* The Special Goodness
* Straightfaced
* Ten Foot Pole
* Terrorgruppe
* Thelonious Monster
* Thursday
* Tom Waits (now on Epitaphs sub-label ANTI-)
* Total Chaos
* Turbonegro
* Union 13
* U.S. Bombs
* The Vandals
* Vision
* Voice Of A Generation
* Vonland
* Voodoo Glow Skulls
* Youth Group (now on Epitaphs sub-label ANTI-)
* Zeke


* Punk-O-Rama "series"
* Unsound "series"
* How We Rock
* Spirit of the Streets
* Epitaph / Union skate/surf DVD series
** Football Schmootball (1st)
** DC Video (3rd)
** Cirle One (5th)
* Out of Print Compilations
** Bored Generation skate/surf enhanced CD-ROM (1996)
** More Songs About Anger, Fear, Sex & Death (1992)

See also

* Epitaph Records discography
* List of record labels
* Punk-O-Rama


External links

* [http://www.epitaph.com/ Official site]

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