Fuel cell technologies

Fuel cell technologies

Fuel cell technologies (FCT) is an Canadian fuel cell standard which is based on the IEC Standard 62282 published by the Canadian standards association.

Codes and standards have repeatedly been identified as a major institutional barrier to deploying hydrogen technologies and developing a hydrogen economy. To enable the commercialization of hydrogen in consumer products, new model building codes and equipment and other technical standards are developed and recognized by federal, state, and local governments. [ [http://www.hydrogen.energy.gov/codes_standards.html DOE codes and standards] ]


*CAN/CSA - IEC 62282-2 - Fuel Cell Technologies - Part 2: Fuel Cell Modules [ [http://www.csa-intl.org/onlinestore/GetCatalogItemDetails.asp?mat=2019942 CAN/CSA - IEC 62282-2 Fuel Cell Technologies - Part 2] ] [ [http://www.iec.ch/cgi-bin/procgi.pl/www/iecwww.p?wwwlang=E&wwwprog=cat-det.p&progdb=db1&wartnum=037852 IEC - 62282-2] ]
*CAN/CSA – IEC 62282-3 - Fuel Cell Technologies – Part 3 Fuel Cell Power Systems – Safety [ [http://www.fuelcellstandards.com/2.2.htm CAN/CSA – IEC 62282-3] ]
* CAN/CSA – IEC 62282-5 Fuel Cell Technologies – Part 5 Portable Fuel Cell Appliances

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*Standards Council of Canada
*Canadian hydrogen installation code
*Hydrogen codes and standards
*Hydrogen economy


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* [http://www.csa.ca/ Canadian Standards Association homepage]
* [http://www.hydrogeneconomy.gc.ca/news_e.html Canadian hydrogen economy]

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