Sharpened subdominant with diminished seventh

Sharpened subdominant with diminished seventh

The sharpened subdominant with added diminished seventh chord is something of an obscurity in music theory. It is more simply represented with the Roman notation #iv d7. In the key of C, this is F# dim7, which may be used for a strikingly fearful effect, as its root is a tritone (augmented fourth) from the tonic. Alternatively, it is a common chord in jazz and ragtime music. A common traditional jazz or Dixieland progression in Eb may go:

:Ab - A dim - Bb7

which is

:IV - #iv (d7) - V7

Another common usage of #IV dim is often found in Gospel music and jazz progressions such as in the song "I Got Rhythm".

In C:

C C/E | F F#dim7 | C/G A7 | Dmi7 G7

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