Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune

Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune

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developer = NAMCO
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released = flagicon|Japan July 6, 2004 (MT1), April 21, 2005 (MT2), July 18, 2007 (MT3), December 2008 (MT3DX)flagicon|USA 2004 (MT1) 2005 (MT2) 2007 (MT3)
genre = Arcade style racing
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input = Steering wheel, gear shift, pedals
nihongo|"Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune"|湾岸ミッドナイト MAXIMUM TUNE|Wangan Middonaito Makishimamu Chūn is an arcade racing game based on a manga entitled "Wangan Midnight", which follows street racing on Tokyo's Metropolitan highway.

The latest edition is the Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 3, which runs on the System N2. Over the previous generations it has an expanded cars lineup, several new stages and two new game modes.


Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune

The gameplay is split into two modes, namely the story mode and the time attack mode. The player has to go through the story mode in order to earn points to upgrade their car, should they decide to use a magnetic card to store the information.

The entire story mode consists of 20 stages looped for three times, making a total of 60 stages. The maximum power a car can attain is 800HP. The routes featured include the C1 route and the New Belt Line, making a total of 4 tracks as each one is available in the opposite direction.

Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 2

The first upgrade of the original game, entitled "Maximum Tune 2," saw the addition of the 1 track, the 10 outrun game mode, a class system and some more choices on tuning the car. The story mode has been expanded to 80 stages (with stage 41-80 based on the plots in the manga), and a change in awarding the vehicle upgrades.

The car attains a maximum of 800HP when the player completes the first 40 stages of the game, but he may choose to continue the entire 80 stages in the story mode. Should he completes the story mode without a loss, he gains 2 extra tuning pages, and 1 if he had lost during the challenge. A patch is available later on the cabinet, and awards the extra tuning page to the latter one if the car has completed 5000km.

The 10 outrun mode is played such that the player needs to overtake 10 opponents in quick succession. There are 10 levels available in each route, each successive level has an increase on power and difficulty. A player unlocks a special level when completing all other levels in the highest rank on a given track, which involves outrunning the entire list of opponents.

The tracks featured in this game include the C1 route, New Belt Line and Hakone, a narrow and winding mountain road.

Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 3

The latest edition of the series saw a large expanding to the game, which includes several tracks, an expanded lineup of cars, a new game mode, ghost car system and an extensive collection of visual parts. The game is now run on System N2, which the older cabinets can be upgraded to.

The story mode still consists of 80 stages, but are now fully integrated with the story. The tuning system is tweaked as well such that it awards the 3 extra tuning pages to the player when he completes stage 50, 60 and 80 respectively, regardless of being undefeated or not. This means that the car will have 820HP at maximum. As with the previous editions, this is the only game mode that the player will earn points for upgrading the car in terms of performance.

The ghost battle mode is the newly added game mode in this iteration. In this mode the player is pitted against a ghost car recorded earlier in the game. Like the 10 outrun mode, the opponents are separated into 10 classes based on the power level. As a player plays the level, his driving is recorded and becomes the data of a ghost car.

A particular part of the ghost battle mode is to challenge the best ghost, recorded from the drive of the top player. If a player manages to beat the best ghost, he drive becomes the best ghost on the track instead.

The ghost battle mode is the only mode that the player will earn points fonts. The objective of this game mode is similar to the previous one as well.

The tracks featured include the C1, New Belt Line, the Wangan line, the Yokohane line, the Hanshin Expressway in Osaka and Hakone. The Wangan line and the Yokohane line are extended stages based on the Metropolitan highway, and forms the Kanagawa portion of the highway.

A yet newer version of MT3, called Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 3 DX, is under location test. The released features include the Nagoya Expressway and the new Subaru Impreza WRX STI (GRB) and the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X MR. [ [ Location test of Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 3 DX (JP)] , Namco official website]

Magnetic Card System

Like "Initial D Arcade Stage", this game employs magnetic cards which store the data of the player (car type, tuning, story mode progress, time attack, outrun status). Also as in "Initial D", it is not backwards compatible (i.e. a WMMT2 card cannot be used on WMMT1); the user must upgrade his or her card, which is permanent, if he wishes to transfer his/her data from WMMT1 onto WMMT2, and after 50 plays (60 in WMMT2), a player must renew his/her card. However, unlike "Initial D", once a player completes 20 story mode stages in WMMT2, his/her card will be ejected, but retain the game data as a back up. This allows for two clone cards, or "discards," each with up to 20 points of tuning to be made. The discards will be of the same car model and color. Name, rims, and aero/carbon-parts tuning can be chosen again (unless driving a car with only one setting, namely the Corolla and HiAce {But only in Maximum Tune 2; the said vehicles are customizable in MT3}). The player has the option of purchasing a magnetic card or select a car prior to racing, with the basic horsepower value and name "GUEST". While playing the game as a "guest", players cannot use the special cars in the Time Attack mode prior to WMMT3, such as the Devil Z, Reina GT-R, and the Blackbird. In the WMMT series, the magnetic card also allows the user to configure basic settings prior to racing. These include:

*Transmission AT/MT
*Retire YES/NO (If a player drives the wrong way for 3 seconds the race will end if set, when playing VS player mode, this does not apply)
*Volume (There are 4 settings: off, minimum, mild, loud, this only affects the bgm as stated VOLUME)
*Tachometer, which only applies to cars with an undefeated story mode record in MT3. It can also be achieved by transferring an undefeated MT2 magnetic card to MT3.

ecret cars

In "WMMT", there are two secret cars:
*Highlight the Toyota Chaser and use the shifter, enter N-6-4-3, to get the Toyota Celsior (Lexus LS400 in the US) Driven by the comic relief of the game, the basic tuning of the car is more or less a joke. With comments like "You now have 1000hp!", "Chrome tails confuse the enemy!" and even "Aerodynamics is important but looks are more important." The choice ricer (yes, it comes with underglow), and certainly one of the two good ways to get a good reaction from fellow players.
*Highlight the Nissan Fairlady Z (S30) and use the shifter, enter N-6-4-3, to get the Nissan 300ZX (Z31). This car is only known by the fact that it is hidden and that it is quite resistant to being pushed around by other players' cars.

In "WMMT2", there are two more additional secret cars:
*Highlight the Toyota Supra MK3 (JZA70) and enter N-4-1-2-6 to get the Corolla, one of the traffic vehicles. It is known for its unique handling.
*Highlight the Toyota MR2 and enter N-3-2-2-3-2-2-3-2-2-3-2-2 to get the HiAce, another of the traffic vehicles. Out of the four secret cars this can be regarded as the best for, while untuned it is quite slow, it has excellent handling and cornering ability, a higher POV, and once tuned it can match up with most of the faster cars. Another perk of the HiAce is its weight; it is one of the heaviest cars in the game, followed by the Celsior. This allows it to toss around opponents easily, making a great ramming vehicle and blocker.

In "WMMT3", there are yet more secret cars:
*Highlight the Subaru Alcyone (SVX) and enter N-6-4-6-4-6-4-6-4-6-4-6-4 to get the Subaru R2. R2 is the little traffic car that is seen on the freeway with HiAce and Corolla. It is the only Kei car in the game and it bears the characteristics of a Kei Car, such as having a low initial power of 64hp (The maximum power limit of a Kei Car in Japan) and a yellow car plate with black fonts. Not the fastest car and no top speed, The R2 is the lightest and smallest car in the game, so the car can easily overtake an opponent in the tightest courses like Hakone. However, because of weight of the car, opponents can easily move it.
*Highlight the Toyota Aristo and enter N-1-1-1-2-2-2-3-3-3-3-3-3-4-4-4-5-5-5-6-6-6-6-6-6 to get the Toyota Aristo Taxi Version. Toyota Aristo Taxi Version is recognized by its unique circular NAMCO logo on the roof of the vehicle.

Although the Gemballas are only available on Japanese MT2 machines, cards exist that are compatible with the English version machines. The originals were obtained from Japanese discards (see "Magnetic Card System"), and there are a relatively large amount in circulation thanks to the ease with which one can copy a card


The background music for the series is composed by Yuzo Koshiro and has more of a trance music feel than rival Initial D's use of Eurobeat. The soundtrack from the first game is available for download from the the official MT2 website. [ [ official "WMMT2" website (JP)] ] .

Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 3

"Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 3" is the latest game in this series released in Summer 2007 [ [ Official site of Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 3 (JP)] ] . The news of "MT3" was released during a private exhibition. The "MT3" runs on the system N2, which the "Maximum Tune 2" cabinet can be upgraded to run on.

The changes from "MT2" to "MT3" include more cars, new tracks, a Ghost Car System, a new customization system and a new battle mode.

The additional cars include:
*Subaru Impreza WRX STI '05
*Mazda 6
*Toyota Aristo (including a taxi Version)
*Nissan 180SX
*Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution V
*Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX
*Subaru R2 (new secret car for MT3)
*Gemballa 997 Avalanche (Japanese Version Only)

The new tracks in MT3 include:
*The Wangan Line (Wangan Eastbound & Wangan Westbound)
*The Yokohane Line (Yokohane Downward & Yokohane Upward)
*The Tokyo Highway (Wangan Line & Yokohane Line)
*Osaka Area (Hanshin Expressway Loop Line)Also Hakone is more detailed and longer, Outbound is now longer than Inbound : Outbound - 8.4km. Inbound - 8.2km


Major changes also include a Ghost Car System, as the Ghost of the No.1 Time on the Machine will appear on each run. Also, players can customize their vehicle by getting new dress-up parts like aerodynamic kits, bonnets, wheels and such. These parts are gained by beating the ghost cars, set by other players, and setting a new record. Most cars have up to 46 parts to gain, and one is awarded to the player for every advance on the level scale.

A new battle mode has also been implemented, at road junctions, the race leader can decide the next route to take. This made the game much similar to the traditional outrun system used in the Shutokou Battle series and the original Wangan Midnight, where the leading driver can freely pick his preferred route, though the mileage is still limited.

The story mode still holds 80 stages, it is designed such that the entire 80 stages feature manga-based stories. The maximum HP is now higher (from 815 to 820). Instead of awarded the extra tuning page to the undefeated player, they are given to the player in stages, up to 3 if the player manages to clear the entire 80 stages. The player will also receive MT1 and MT2 soundtracks if shaded, and Midnight R if unshaded.

Chapter 50 - 810hp
Chapter 60 - 815hp
Chapter 80 - 820HP

The card is the same to the MT2 system. A WMMT2 card can be imported into the WMMT3 game, but retaining only the story mode status (stages cleared), mileage, car, color, number of battles and number of wins from MT2 and tuning status. Aura that the player has on MT2 (regardless of what position the dot is pointing at on MT2) will be set to Center as default.

When transferring a completed story mode MT2 card (810/815), the MT3 card will automatically be set at 820, however if the card is undefeated in Story Mode, the player will not only have an 820 MT3 card, the player gets a tachometer, bonus soundtracks from MT1, MT2, and Midnight R, and a new color option, but when the player transfers an MT2 card that's been defeated in Story Mode, the player will only have a 820 horsepower MT3 card and as well as soundtracks from MT1 and MT2, and no tachometer. The 10-outrun mode and time attack records are reset. The new cards also display mileage of the car.You can also choose the machine to print out a certain password (e.g. C1 Password, NBL Password, etc), or even no password printing at all.


Many of the cars listed are mostly based on rarer models, this is after the players car is converted to a particular aero kit option

Following conversion to "Aero Kit B"
*Fairlady Z S30 →240Z rally car [] []

Following conversion to "Aero Kit C"
*Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX MR → Mitsubishi Lancer WRC [] []

*Nissan 180SX (1989) → 180SX (1995) [] []

*Nissan Skyline GT-R R34 → GT-R NISMO R-Tune [] []

*Nissan Skyline GT-R R32 → GT-R NISMO [] []

*Nissan Skyline GT-R R33 → NISMO 400R [] / []

*Nissan 350Z → 350Z Type E [] []

*Nissan Fairlady Z S30 → Nissan 240ZG [] []

*Toyota Supra JZA80 → TRD 3000GT [] []

*Toyota Supra JZA80 → Supra Turbo-A [] []

*Toyota MR2 SW20 → TRD 2000GT [] []


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