Initial D Arcade Stage

Initial D Arcade Stage

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"Initial D Arcade Stage" is a racing game series developed by Sega Rosso, a division of Sega, based on the anime and manga "Initial D". In the U.S., the games, which keep their version names in later entries, are otherwise known as simply "Initial D" without the "Arcade Stage" subtitle.


In "Initial D Arcade Stage", players race against different opponents in various mountain passes featured in the manga. Using the optional magnetic card system, players can save a customized car and their progress for future sessions; otherwise, game progress is lost. Players can continue progress with their cards on another "Initial D" cabinet of the same version. However, the card must be renewed every 50 plays.

Note that resuming from another version is subject to following conditions:
*It is not backwards compatible (i.e. a version 2 card cannot be used on version 1 machine).
*Upgrading the card to a more recent machine is permanent.
*When upgrading from one version to another, remaining plays will be carried over and 50 plays will be credited to the card.

There are six games released so far.

* "Initial D Arcade Stage" (Arcade)
* "Initial D Arcade Stage Version 2" (Arcade)
* "Initial D Arcade Stage Version 3" (Arcade)
* "Initial D Arcade Stage 4" (Arcade)
* "Initial D Special Stage" (PlayStation 2)
* "Initial D Street Stage" (PSP)

Game modes

;Legend of the streets:In the main story mode, players race with different opponents from the original manga in the game.

;Time attack:Players race against time to rank against other players at the current machine or across the internet.

;Bunta Challenge:First started in Version 2, the player races against Bunta Fujiwara, the legendary street racer. Each time Bunta is defeated, the player will gain a level. Each subsequent level is harder. Bunta's car differs across levels. Level 1-6: AE86 Trueno, Level 7-11: AE86 Trueno w/TRD 20-Valve 4AGE Racing Engine, Level 12-15: GC8V Subaru Impreza WRX STi Version V.

Initial D Arcade Stage

Japanese version: late 2001 / English version late 2002


*Legend of the Streets
*Time attack
*Battle Mode


*Myogi (Easy):Length: 100,204m (per cycle):Rule: 3 Laps:Route: Counter-clockwise/Clockwise

*Usui (Normal):Length: 94,242m (per cycle):Rule: 2 Laps:Route: Counter-clockwise/Clockwise

*Akina (Hard):Length: 77,552m:Rule: one way:Route: Downhill/Uphill

*Happogahara (Expert):Length: 15,754m:Rule: one way:Route: Inbound/Outbound

There is a four course mode in which the user makes a timed run of all four courses. This costs 60,000 points, and rewards double that if the run is completed in the time allotted.

Initial D Arcade Stage Ver.2

Japanese version: late 2002 / English version Mid-late 2003

Game modes

*Legend of the Streets
*Time Attack
*Bunta Challenge
*Battle Mode:*Courses added:::Akagi (Hard)::Irohazaka (Expert):*Models added:::Toyota LEVIN SR(AE85)::Toyota Altezza RS-200 (SXE10)::Toyota Celica GT-Four (ST205)::Nissan SILVIA Q's(S14)::Mazda RX-7 Spirit R Type A (FD3SVI)::Subaru Impreza WRX Type R STi Version V (GC8V)::Suzuki Cappuccino(EA11R)


*Myogi (Easy):Length: 3,204m (per cycle):Rule: 3 Laps:Route: Counter-clockwise/Clockwise
*Usui (Normal):Length: 4,242m (per cycle):Rule: 2 Laps:Route: Counter-clockwise/Clockwise
*Akagi (Hard 1):Length: 5,804m:Rule: One way:Route: Downhill/Uphill
*Akina (Hard 2):Length: 7,552m:Rule: One way:Route: Downhill/Uphill
*Happogahara (Expert 1):Length: 5,754m:Rule: One way:Route: Inbound/Outbound
*Irohazaka (Expert 2):Length: 5,130m:Rule: One way:Route: Downhill/Reverse

This version also supports the four courses mode and still costs the player 60,000 points.

Note: Irohazaka can only be played downhill in Legend of the Streets mode, because the track is a one-way street. Only after finishing Legend of the Streets once, Irohazaka Reverse is unlocked. However, in Battle Mode, Reverse mode is always unlocked.

Initial D Arcade Stage Ver.3

Japanese version: early 2003 / English version Mid 2004

Game modes

*Legend of the Streets
*Time attack
*Bunta's Challenge
*Battle Mode:*Courses added:::Shomaru (Expert)::Tsuchisaka (Expert):: [Snow Condition] Akina (Expert):*Model added:::Mazda RX-8 Type S (SE3P)::Mitsubishi Lancer RS Evolution V (CP9A)::Mitsubishi Lancer GSR Evolution VI T.M.Edition (CP9A):::In addition, Evolution V steps on with original and Fourth Stage, and there is the difference that rear trunk is different in. In fact, GSR not RS in Fourth Stage.::Nissan Skyline 25GT Turbo (ER34)

Courses: Myogi (Easy), Usui (Normal), Akagi (Hard), Akina (Hard), Irohazaka (Expert), Happogahara (Expert), [Snow Condition] Akina (Expert), Shomaru (Expert), Tsuchisaka (Expert)

Snow Condition Akina is identical in layout to Akina, only it is snowing, and only playable under the nighttime setting. This makes it a generally more difficult course, since the car's tires have much less grip, and visibility is much lower. Naturally there is no choice for wet or dry either.

Initial D Arcade Stage 4

"Initial D: Arcade Stage 4" is the newest release in the "Initial D: Arcade Stage" series. Unlike the first three versions of the game, "Initial D: Arcade Stage 4" runs on the Sega Lindbergh hardware, uses a new card system, and features a new physics system.

Initial D Special Stage

"Initial D Special Stage" was released on June 26, 2003 for the PlayStation 2, and re-released on February 26, 2004 under the "PlayStation 2 the Best" label. "Initial D Special Stage" is based on "Initial D Arcade Stage Ver.2", and contains many features exclusive to this game.

"Initial D Special Stage" contains a story mode that allows the player to reenact racing scenes from the "Initial D" manga series, as well as several new courses then not seen in the arcade versions of the game. Two of these courses, Shomaru and Shin Myogi, went on to appear in "Initial D Arcade Stage Ver.3" and "Initial D Arcade Stage 4", respectively.

Initial D Street Stage

"Initial D: Street Stage" is a PSP-exclusive game based on "Initial D: Arcade Stage ver.3".

Initial D Extreme Stage


The soundtracks are mostly made up of Eurobeat soundtracks, often shared with the anime series.

Car List

These are the selection of cars that appeared in some or all of the Initial D Arcade Stage series (as well as Special Stage and Street Stage).




* Only available in the International Edition of AS4

** Cannot be driven by player

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