Trichobilharzia regenti

Trichobilharzia regenti

name = Trichobilharzia regenti
regnum = Animalia
subregnum = Eumetazoa
unranked_phylum = Bilateria
superphylum = Platyzoa
phylum = Platyhelminthes
infraphylum = Trematoda
classis = Trematoda
subclassis = Digenea
ordo = Strigeidida
subordo = Strigeata
superfamilia = Schistosomatoidea
familia = Schistosomatidae
genus = "Trichobilharzia"
species = "T. regenti"
binomial = "Trichobilharzia regenti"
binomial_authority = Horak, Kolarova & Dvorak, 1998

"Trichobilharzia regenti" is the scientific name of a nasal parasite of birds that causes cercarial dermatitis in humans.

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