Music of French Guiana

Music of French Guiana
Music of France
Styles classical - folk - popular: hip hop - jazz - rock
Awards NRJ Music Awards - Victoires de la Musique
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Festivals Printemps de Bourges - Eurockéennes de Belfort
National anthem "La Marseillaise"
Regional music
Auvergne - Aquitaine - Pays Basque - Brittany - Burgundy - Corsica - Gascony - Limousin
Overseas music
French Guiana - French Polynesia - Martinique and Guadeloupe - Mayotte - New Caledonia - Réunion - Tahiti - Wallis and Futuna

The music of French Guiana includes aléké,[1] bigi pokoe, and bushee negro music. Surinamese music, especially kaseko, is also very popular in French Guiana.



Aléké is a style of drum-based music that arose in the 1950s. It is sort of like salsa music and merenge. The first major group was Salka, followed by major bands like Bigi Ting and Fondering. Modern performers include Bigi Monie (Saint-Laurent), Bigi Libi and Young Clémencia (Grand Santi), Wan Ton Melody and Big Control (Papaïchton), Slave and Bigi Laï (Maripasoula). Historical groups include Pokina and Lagadisssa (from Paramaribo), Clémencia and Alkowa (from Grand Santi), Rasta (from Papaïchton), Tranga Oousel (from Maripasoula), Mabouya (from Apatou), Switi Lobi (from Albina), Sapatia, Lespeki and Africa (from Saint-Laurent du Maroni).

Bigi Pokoe

The bigi pokoe is a style of dance music in the west of French Guiana and Suriname. It is traditionally played with drums and maracas, although today guitars, keyboards and percussion instruments are used.

Intermix, Tchoutcha, Inter Spoity (Apatou), Multi System and Compress 220v (Saint Laurent) , who toured in Europe in 1999, are the main representatives of this style.

Bushee Negro music

Awassa, mato and soussa are important kinds of Bushee Negro music. Other rhythms and styles include kawina.