Make Controller Kit

Make Controller Kit

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developer = MakingThings, LLC
latest_release_version = Firmware - Heavy 1.5.1
latest_release_date = August 13, 2008
operating_system = Cross-platform
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license = Firmware under Apache 2.0 license
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The MAKE Controller Kit is an open source hardware solution for hobbyists and professionals to create interactive applications. It supports desktop interfaces via a variety of languages such as Max/MSP, Flash, Processing, Java, Python, Ruby, or anything that supports OSC.

As per Makezine, they helped fuel the idea of creation of a MAKE Controller Kit to better modularize the usage of MAKE controller. [cite web|url=|title=Makezine and MAKE Controller|publisher=Makezine|accessdate=2008-09-12]

Possibilities includes the ability to plug in XBee modules for wireless communication capability. Xbee modules add the power of IEEE 802.15.4 network standard and Zigbee protocol to a MAKE Controller.


The brain of the Make Controller is an Atmel AT91SAM 7X256.


The board provides eight analog inputs [cite web|url=|title=MAKE Controller Inputs |publisher=Makezine|accessdate=2008-09-12] for things such as physical sensors etc. The inputs support a voltage from 0 to 3.3 V, converting them to digital numbers from from 0 to 1023. For example, a passive infrared sensor or temperature sensor would result in the Make controller receiving digital input depending on the IR activity or the temperature.


Eight digital outputs [cite web|url=|title=MAKE Controller Outputs|publisher=Makezine|accessdate=2008-09-12] are provided by the board. The values, being either "on" or "off" are suitable to talk to devices such as relays, lights etc. Provision has been provided to switch between 3V, 5V or external V(V+).


MCHelper is the tool provided to upload new firmware to the board. An XBee module(by Maxstream) may be configured by using the X-CTU tool. [cite web|url=|title=X-CTU tool|publisher=Makezine|accessdate=2008-09-12]

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