Mean kinetic temperature

Mean kinetic temperature

Mean kinetic temperature (MKT) is a simplified way of expressing the overall effect of temperature fluctuations during storage or transit of perishable goods. The MKT is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry.

The mean kinetic temperature can be expressed as:

T_K=\cfrac{\frac{\Delta H}{R}}{-\ln \left ( \frac{e^\frac{-\Delta H}{RT_1}+e^\frac{-\Delta H}{RT_2}+\cdots +e^\frac{-\Delta H}{RT_n}}{n} \right )}


T_K\,\! is the mean kinetic temperature in kelvins
\Delta H\,\! is the activation energy (typically within 60–100 kJ·mol-1 for solids or liquids)
R\,\! is the gas constant
T_1\,\! to T_n\,\! are the temperatures at each of the sample points in kelvins
n\,\! is the number of temperature sample points

The above equation is valid only when the temperature readings are taken at the same interval. A more general form for the above equation can be expressed as:

T_K=\cfrac{\frac{\Delta H}{R}}{-\ln \left ( \frac{{t_1}e^\frac{-\Delta H}{RT_1}+{t_2}e^\frac{-\Delta H}{RT_2}+\cdots +{t_n}e^\frac{-\Delta H}{RT_n}}{{t_1}+{t_2}+\cdots+{t_n}} \right )}


t_1\,\! to t_n\,\! are time intervals at each of the sample points

When t_1\,\!=t_2\,\!=\cdots=t_n\,\!, this equation will be reduced to the former equation.

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