List of people from Cardiff

List of people from Cardiff

This is a list of famous or notable people born in, or associated with Cardiff, Wales.


*Goscombe John (1860-1952)
*Thomas E. Stephens (1886-1966), painter

Business and finance

*Michael Moritz (born 1954), venture capitalist and former director of Google
*Howard Stringer (born 1942), chairman and CEO of Sony Corporation


*Peter Baynham, screenwriter and comedy writer
*Helen M. Grace (born 1974), film director and screenwriter
*Richard Marquand (1938-1987), director of "Return of the Jedi"
*Tessie O'Shea (1913-1995), stage actress and entertainer
*Stan Stennett (born 1925), comedian, actor, jazz musician
*Toy Mic Trevor, street entertainer
*Clifford Williams (1926-2005), actor

Television and radio

*Michael Aspel (born 1933), television presenter
*Jeremy Bowen (born 1960), journalist and television presenter
*Lynn Bowles (born 1963), radio reporter
*Guto Harri (born 1966), television news correspondant
*Lauren Harries (born 1978), television celebrity
*John Humphrys (born 1943), television and radio presenter, journalist
*Hugh Johns (1922-2007), football commentator
*Jason Mohammad, television and radio presenter
*Terry Nation (1930-1977), television scriptwriter, creator of the Daleks
*Robin Nedwell (1946-1999), film, television and stage actor
*Peter Philp (1920-2006), television presenter, dramatist and antiques expert
*Angharad Rees (born 1949), television actress
*Griff Rhys Jones (born 1953), comedian, writer and actor
*Matthew Rhys (born 1974), film and television actor
*Lisa Rogers (born 1971), television presenter
*Honeysuckle Weeks (born 1979), television actress
*Perdita Weeks (born 1985), television actress
*Peter Wingfield (born 1962), film and television actor, best known for his role as Methos in ""

Historical figures

*Ifor Bach (1158-), lord of Senghennydd
*Henry Morgan (1635-1688), pirate


*Hugh Cudlipp (1913-1998), newspaper journalist, former chairman of Mirror Group Newspapers
*Chris Morgan (1952-2008), television and newspaper journalist
*Jon Ronson (born 1967), journalist, author, filmaker, radio presenter


*Meredydd Hughes, Chief Constable of South Yorkshire Police


*Danny Abse (born 1923), poet and writer
*Stephen Bayley (born 1951), critic and author
*Gillian Clarke (born 1937), poet
*Roald Dahl (1916-1990), author
*Ken Follett (born 1949), author
*Bobi Jones (born 1929), academic and writer
*Rob Lacey (1962-2006), actor and writer
*Gwyneth Lewis (born 1959), poet
*Brian Morris, Baron Morris of Castle Morris (1930-2001), poet, critic and professor of literature
*Robert Morton Nance (1873-1959), Cornish language author
*Pixie O'Harris (1903-1991), poet, author, broadcaster, artist, illustrator and designer
*Bernice Rubens (1928-2004), novelist, Booker Prize winner
*R. S. Thomas (1913-2000), poet
*D. B. Wyndham-Lewis (1891-1969), writer


*Wilfred Abse (1914-2005), psychoanalyst


*Frederick Barter (1891-1952), recipient of the Victoria Cross
*Thomas Mathews (1676-1751), admiral
*Robert Shields (1827-1864), recipient of the Victoria Cross


*Shirley Bassey (born 1937), singer
*Charlotte Church (born 1986), classical and pop singer, television presenter
*Steffan Cravos (born 1975), Welsh-language rapper
*Dave Edmunds (born 1944), singer and record producer
*Dyfed Wyn-Evans (born 1969), opera singer
*Maureen Evans (born 1940), singer
*Green Gartside (born 1955), singer-songwriter, lead singer of Scritti Politti
*Frank Hennessy (born 1947), folk singer and radio presenter
*Paul Carey Jones (born 1974), opera singer
*Katell Keineg (born 1965), singer-songwriter
*Donna Lewis (born 1973), pop singer
*Cerys Matthews (born 1969), singer-songwriter, lead singer of Catatonia
*Clara Novello Davies (1861-1943), singer, teacher and conductor, mother of Ivor Novello
*Ivor Novello (1893-1951), composer, singer and actor
*Pino Palladino (born 1957), bass guitarist
*Shakin' Stevens (born 1948), rock and roll singer and songwriter
*Noel Sullivan (born 1980), pop singer
*Pepsi Tate (1965-2007), bass guitarist and television director
*Blue Weaver (born 1947), keyboard player, songwriter and record producer


*Amen Corner
*Kids In Glass Houses
*Love Sculpture
*Los Campesinos
*Pagan Wanderer Lu
*Super Furry Animals
*The Hennessys
*The Hot Puppies
*The Oppressed


*Anne de Beauchamp, 15th Countess of Warwick (1443-1449)


*Leo Abse (born 1917), former Member of Parliament
*Celia Barlow (born 1955), current Member of Parliament for Hove
*Donald Box (1917-1993), stockbroker and former Member of Parliament for Cardiff North
*Maurice Edelman (1911-1975), novelist and former Member of Parliament
*Paul Flynn (born 1935), current Member of Parliament for Newport West
*Cheryl Gillan (born 1952), current Member of Parliament for Chesham and Amersham
*Jonathan Morgan (born 1974), current Assembly Member for Cardiff North
*Rhodri Morgan (born 1939), current First Minister for Wales
*Edward V. Robertson (1881-1963), former United States Senator for Wyoming
*Alfred Thomas, 1st Baron Pontypridd (1840-1927), former Member of Parliament for East Glamorganshire
*Owen John Thomas (born 1939), former Assembly Member for South Wales Central


*Martyn Lloyd-Jones (born 1899), Protestant Christian minister
*Wesley Harris (born 1928), Salvation Army minister
*Roger Royle (born 1939), vicar, presenter of Sunday Half Hour on BBC Radio 2

cience and technology

*Matthew Bevan, hacker and computer consultant
*Brian David Josephson (born 1940), physicist, professor and Nobel Prize laureate


*Eddie Avoth (born 1945), boxer and actor
*Gareth Baber (born 1972), rugby union player and coach
*Lee Baddeley (born 1974), footballer
*Colin Baker (born 1934), international footballer
*Gareth Bale (born 1989), international footballer
*Phil Bater (born 1955), footballer and manager
*Craig Bellamy (born 1979), international footballer
*Tony Bird (born 1974), footballer
*Nathan Blake (born 1972), international footballer
*Percy Bush (1879-1955), international rugby union player
*David Cotterill (born 1987), international footballer
*Ernie Curtis (1907-1992), international footballer and member of Cardiff City's 1927 FA winning team
*Chris Czekaj (born 1985), international rugby union player
*Len Davies (1899-1945), international footballer
*Jim Driscoll (1880-1925), boxer
*Matthew Elias (born 1979), athlete
*Joe Erskine (1934-1990), boxer
*Paul Esposti (born 1972), cyclist
*Alun Evans (born 1942), chairman of the Welsh Premier League
*Phil Evans (born 1980), international footballer
*Ryan Giggs (born 1973), international footballer
*David Giles (born 1956), international footballer
*Ryan Green (born 1980), international footballer
*Tanni Grey-Thompson (born 1969), Paralympic athlete and television presenter
*Simon Haworth (born 1977), international footballer
*Ken Hollyman (born 1922), footballer
*Colin Jackson (born 1967), athlete
*Joe Jacobson (born 1986), footballer, current captain of Wales national under-21 football team
*Paul James (born 1961), international footballer and coach
*Joe Ledley (born 1987), international footballer
*Arthur Lever (1920-2004), international footballer
*John McFall (born 1981), Paralympic athlete
*Tarki Micallef (born 1961), footballer
*Joseph Myers (born 1987), ice hockey player
*Lee Nogan (born 1969), footballer
*Alun Owen, cyclist
*Jack Petersen (1991-1990), champion boxer
*Chris Pike (born 1961), footballer
*Nicky Piper (born 1966), boxer
*Howard Pritchard (born 1958), footballer
*Huw Pritchard (born 1976), cyclist
*Paul Radmilovic (1886-1968), water polo player and swimmer, won four Olympic gold medals
*Gil Reece (1942-2003), international footballer
*Christian Roberts (born 1979), footballer
*Phil Roberts (born 1950), international footballer
*Nick Robinson, international rugby union player
*Peter Rodrigues (born 1944), international footballer, captain of Southampton's 1976 FA Cup winning team
*Peter Sayer (born 1955), international footballer
*Damon Searle (born 1971), footballer
*Fred Stansfield (born 1917), footballer
*Ron Stitfall (born 1925), international footballer
*Clive Sullivan (1943-1985), international rugby league player
*Geraint Thomas (born 1986), cyclist
*John Toshack (born 1949), international footballer and manager
*Nigel Walker (born 1963), athlete and international rugby union player
*Rhys Williams (born 1980), international rugby union player
*Rhys Williams (born 1984), athlete
*Terry Yorath (born 1950), international footballer and manager

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