List of people with surname Wilson

List of people with surname Wilson

Wilson is a common surname of English and Scottish origin. Some notable individuals with the surname Wilson include:


* A. N. Wilson (1950-), English author
* Alex Wilson (1905–1994), Canadian track and field athlete
* Alexander Wilson (1776-1813), American ornithologist
* Allan Wilson (Major) (1856-1893), British soldier
* Andrew Wilson, including:
** Andrew Wilson (actor) (1964-), American actor, brother of Luke and Owen Wilson
** Andrew Wilson (footballer) (1880-1945), Scottish footballer
** Andrew Nesbit Wilson (1896-1973), Scottish footballer
** Andrew Wilson (historian) (1961-), British historian
** Andrew Wilson (musician), frontman for New Zealand punk trio Die!Die!Die!
** Andrew Wilson (politician) (1970-), Scottish politician
** Andrew Wilson (RAF officer), Royal Air Force commander
** Andrew Wilson (theologian), Unificationist theologian
* Angus Wilson, British author
* Ann Wilson, American singer
* Anthony Wilson, record-label owner, nicknamed "Mr Manchester"
* Anne Wilson, Australian poet
* Art Wilson, American baseball player
* Arthur H. Wilson Philippine-American War Medal of Honor recipient
* August Wilson, American playwright


* Bartley Wilson, see Walter Bartley Wilson
* Benjamin Wilson (disambiguation), several
* Bernard E. Wilson, American college basketball coach
* Brent Wilson, American musician
* Brian Wilson, American pop musician (The Beach Boys)
* Brittney Wilson, Canadian actress


* Carl Wilson, American rock and roll musician (The Beach Boys)
* Charles Wilson, one of several people including
** Charles Wilson (politician) (1933-), U.S. Representative from Texas
** Charles Wilson (physicist) (1869–1959)
** Charles Wilson (journalist), Scottish-born editor of "The Times", 1985–1990
** Charles Wilson (sailor) (1836-????), U.S. Navy sailor in the American Civil War
** Charlie Wilson (Ohio politician) (1943-), Ohio state senator
** Charles Wilson (Canadian politician) (1808–1877) Quebec politician
** Charles Wilson (train robber), member of the gang that executed the 1963 "Great Train Robbery"
** Charlie Wilson (musician), African-American musician, Gap Band
** Charles Erwin Wilson (1890–1961), CEO of General Motors, U.S. Secretary of Defense, 1953–1957
** Charles E. Wilson (General Electric), CEO of General Electric, head of the U.S. Office of Defense Mobilization
* Chris Wilson (disambiguation)
** Chris Wilson, Australian blues musician
** Chris Wilson (drummer), American drummer
** Chris Wilson (defensive end)
** Chris Wilson (pollster)
* Clement Wilson, journalist and author
* Colin Wilson (disambiguation)


* David Clive Wilson, Baron Wilson of Tillyorn, Governor of Hong Kong
* Dennis Wilson, American rock and roll musician (The Beach Boys)


* Edith Wilson, wife of Woodrow Wilson
* Edmund Wilson, American writer
* Edward Adrian Wilson, English polar explorer
* Edward Osborne Wilson, American scientist
* Ellen Wilson, wife of Woodrow Wilson
* Ellen Wilson, American judoka
* Eric Wilson, American bass player
* Ernest Henry Wilson, American botanist and explorer


* Frances C. Wilson, American general
* Frank Wilson (musician), American musician
* Frank Wilson (politician), Australian politician


* Gahan Wilson, American author and cartoonist
* Geoff Wilson (professor), Australian nuclear physicist
* George Wilson (mayor), Mayor of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
* Genarlow Wilson, plaintiff in Wilson v. State of Georgia
* Graham Wilson, Australian rugby league footballer
* Grant Wilson, co-star/co-producer of the TV show "Ghost Hunters"
* Gretchen Wilson (1973-), American country music singer


* Harold Wilson, British Prime Minister
* Harriette Wilson, courtesan
* Henry Wilson, American politician
* Henry Maitland Wilson, 1st Baron Wilson, British soldier
* Horace Hayman Wilson (1786-1860), English orientalist


* Ian Wilson (disambiguation), several people


* Jackie Wilson, American singer
* Jacqueline Wilson, English author
* James Wilson
**James Wilson, signatory of the United States Declaration of Independence
**James Wilson (Scottish Revolutionary), a leader of the "Radical War" of 1820
**James Wilson (footballer), a Welsh football player
* James Q. Wilson, American academic
* Colonel J. S. Wilson, early Scouting notable
* Jeff Wilson, New Zealand athlete
* John Wilson, Australian journalist
* John Wilson (mathematician), English mathematician
* John Appleton Wilson, American architect
* John Burgess Wilson, the British author known as Anthony Burgess
* John Leonard Wilson, Anglican Bishop
* John Tuzo Wilson, Canadian geologist
* Joseph C. Wilson, American diplomat
* Justin Wilson
** Justin Wilson, English motor-racing driver
** Justin Wilson (chef) (1914-2001), American chef and humorist


* Kenneth G. Wilson, American physicist
* Kris Wilson (baseball player), American baseball player
* Kris Wilson (football player), American football player


* Landon Wilson, American ice hockey player
* Lanford Wilson, American playwright
* Les Wilson, New Zealand field hockey goalkeeper
* Luke Wilson, American actor, brother of Andrew and Owen Wilson


* Mara Wilson (1987-), American actress
* Margaret Wilson
** Margaret Bush Wilson (1919 - ), former American activist
** Margaret Wilson (1947-), New Zealand politician
** Margaret Wilson (Scottish martyr) (died c. 1684), Scottish religious martyr
* Mari Wilson (1957-), English singer
* Mark Wilson (1984 - ), Scottish footballer currently playing for Celtic F.C.
* Mary Wilson
** Mary Wilson (poet) (1918-), an English poet; wife of former British prime minister, Harold Wilson
** Mary Wilson (singer) (1944-), American singer
* Meri Wilson (1949–2002), American pop music singer
* Mike Wilson (hockey player) (1975-), Canadian ice hockey player
* Murry Wilson (1917–1973), father of Brian, Dennis and Carl Wilson of The Beach Boys


* Owen Wilson, American actor, brother of Andrew and Luke Wilson


* Patrick Wilson American actor
* Peta Wilson, Australian actress
* Pete Wilson, American politician
* Pete Wilson (wrestler), professional wrestler
* Pete Wilson (broadcaster), San Francisco Bay Area TV and radio personality
* Peter Wilson, one of several people including
** Peter Wilson (Sotheby's) (1913–1984), Chairman of Sotheby's, 1957–1980
** Peter Wilson (Australian rules footballer) (1963-), Australian rules football player
** Frederick Peter Wilson, Australian footballer
** Peter Lamborn Wilson, political writer, essayist, and poet
** Peter Wilson (curler), Scottish-Irish curler


* Quentin Wilson, British TV presenter


* Rainn Wilson, American actor
* Ray Wilson MBE (1934-), English footballer
* Rex Wilson, New Zealand long-distance runner
* Richard Wilson, one of several people
** see list
* Robert Anton Wilson, American writer
* Robert Charles Wilson, American-Canadian science fiction writer
* Robert R. Wilson, American physicist, director of Fermilab
* Robert Woodrow Wilson, American physicist, winner of 1978 Nobel Prize
* Robin Wilson, British mathematician and son of Harold Wilson
* Ron Wilson, NHL coach
* Ronald Wilson, Justice of the High Court of Australia
* Ruth Wilson, English actress
* Ryan Wilson, American professional wrestler

* Sandy Wilson, English composer
* Sarah Wilson, English imposter
* Sean Wilson, English actor
* Sean Wilson (speedway rider), speedway rider
* Serena Wilson, belly dancer
* Shadow Wilson (1919-1959) - American jazz drummer
* Stacy Wilson, Canadian women's ice hockey player
* Steven Wilson, English musician (Porcupine Tree)


* Thomas Wilson, one of several people including
** Thomas Wilson (Virginia) (1765–1826), U.S. Representative from Virginia
** Thomas Wilson (Minnesota) (1827–1910), U.S. Representative from Minnesota
** Thomas Wilson (Pennsylvania) (1772–1824), U.S. Representative from Pennsylvania
** Thomas Webber Wilson (1893–1948), U.S. Representative from Mississippi
** Thomas Woodrow Wilson (1856–1924), 28th President of the United States (used the name Thomas Wilson until he was a student at Princeton)
** Thomas Wilson (MP) (1770–1827), sometime MP for Stafford
** Thomas Wilson (composer) (1927–2001), Scottish composer
** Thomas F. Wilson (1959-), American actor
* Tom Wilson, 1960s music producer
* Tom Wilson (cartoonist) (1931-), American cartoonist
* Tom Wilson (actor) (1880–1965), American actor
* Torrie Wilson, female professional wrestler


* Valerie Plame Wilson, CIA operative and figure in political scandal


* Walter Bartley Wilson (1870 - 1954), founder of Cardiff City Football Club
* Major Walter Gordon Wilson, co-inventor of the tank
* William Wilson, one of several people including
** Bill Wilson, Alabama man wrongly convicted of two murders
** William Wilson, U.S. Representative from Pennsylvania
** William Wilson (1773-1827), U.S. Representative from Ohio
** William Wilson (1809-1862), first locomotive engineer in Germany
** Sir William James Erasmus Wilson (1809-1884), a physician and surgeon
** William Barbour Wilson (1819-1897), first mayor of Christchurch, New Zealand
** William Wilson (Donegal MP) (1836–1879), sometime MP for Donegal
** William Lyne Wilson (1843-1900), U.S. Postmaster General
** William Wilson (aquatics) (1844-?), writer on swimming, and the inventor of water polo
** William Bauchop Wilson (1862-1934), first U.S. Secretary of Labor
** William Warfield Wilson (1868-1942), U.S. Representative from Illinois
** William Edward Wilson (1870-1948), U.S. Representative from Indiana
** William Henry Wilson (1877-1937), U.S. Representative from Pennsylvania
** William Wilber Wilfred Wilson (1885-1964), Canadian politician
** William Griffith "Bill W." Wilson (1895-1971), co-founder of Alcoholics Anonymous
** William Wilson (Labour politician) (1913- ), a British Labour MP before 1983
** William A. Wilson (1914- ), American diplomat
** William Julius Wilson (1935- ), American sociologist
** Willie F. Wilson, Baptist minister and candidate for mayor of Washington, D.C
** Willie James Wilson, American baseball player
** William Hayward "Mookie" Wilson, American baseball player
** Bill Wilson (Scottish politician) (1963- as William L. Wilson), Scottish nationalist politician
** William Griffith Wilson, American founder of Alcoholics Anonymous
* Woodrow Wilson, President of the United States

Fictional characters

* Dr. James Wilson is a fictional character, portrayed by Robert Sean Leonard, in the television drama "House, M.D."
*"William Wilson", title character in a short story by Edgar Allan Poe
*Admiral William Wilson, fictional character in the 1999 film "Wing Commander"
* Wilson W. Wilson Jr. is a fictional character, played by Earl Hindman, in the television situation comedy "Home Improvement"

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