List of people with surname Jones

List of people with surname Jones

Jones is a surname common in the English-speaking world. This list provides links to biographies of people who share this common surname.

Arts and entertainment


*Inigo Jones (1573-1652), English architect of Welsh descent


*Bruce Jones, an English actor
*Catherine Zeta-Jones, a Welsh actress
*Charlie Jones, an English actor
*Chloe Jones, an American porn actress
*Freddie Jones, an English actor
*Grace Jones, a singer and actress
*Griff Rhys Jones, a Welsh comedian
*James Earl Jones, an American actor
*Ken Jones, an English actor
*Peter Jones, an English actor
*Rupert Penry-Jones, an English actor
*Simon Jones, an English actor
*Terry Jones, Welsh comedian, writer, actor, director, television host
*Toby Jones, an English actor
*Renée Jones, an actress
*Ruth Jones, a Welsh actress and writer
*Tommy Lee Jones, an American actor


*Chuck Jones, American cartoonist


*Chantal Jones, American model & America's Next Top Model Cycle 9 1st runner-up


*Adam Jones, guitarist of the band Tool and special effects artist
*Aled Jones, a Welsh singer, who started out as a choirboy and is now a popular baritone
*Danny Jones, English singer and guitarist, member of pop group McFly
*Darryl Jones, American jazz bassist
*Davy Jones, English actor and member of The Monkees
*Della Jones (b. 1946), Welsh operatic mezzo-soprano
*Donell Jones, American R&B singer-songwriter-producer
*Elvin Jones, Drummer for John Coltrane
*Gloria Jones, an American singer and songwriter
*Gwyneth Jones (b. 1936), Welsh operatic soprano
*Hank Jones, an American jazz pianist.
*Howard Jones, English singer/songwriter
*Jesus Jones, an English rock and roll group
*Jill Jones, American singer
*Jim Jones, American rapper
*John Paul Jones, English multi-instrumentalist musician and Led Zeppelin bassist
*Jo Jones, also known as "Papa Jo Jones", an American jazz drummer.
*Joe Jones, also known as "Philly Joe Jones", an American jazz drummer.
*Mike Jones,American rapper
*Kelly Jones, vocalist/guitarist of Stereophonics
*Kenney Jones, an English rock drummer
*"Me and Mrs. Jones", a song by Billy Paul
*"Mr. Jones", a song by the band Counting Crows
*Nasir Jones, American rap-star better known as Nas
*Nic Jones, English folk singer
*Nicholas Allen Jones Welsh bassist with rock group Manic Street Preachers, more commonly known by stage name Nicky Wire.
*Norah Jones, an American musician
*Paul Carey Jones (b. 1974), Welsh operatic baritone
*Paul Jones, English singer, actor, TV presenter vocalist and harmonica player with Manfred Mann
*Philip Jones (1928–2000), British classical trumpeter
*Quincy Jones, American music impresario, musical arranger, record producer, and film composer
*Richard Jones, English bass player and backing vocalist for The Feeling
*Rickie Lee Jones, an American musician
*Rod Jones, English guitarist, founding member of Indie band Idlewild
*Samantha Jones, English singer and entertainer and member of The Vernons Girls
*Steve Jones, English guitarist, founding member of The Sex Pistols.
*Sugar Jones, a Canadian pop group created on Popstars
*Spike Jones, American musician
*Terry Jones, singer and founding member of Point of Grace
*Thad Jones, jazz trumpeter, composer, and bandleader
*Tom Jones, a Welsh singer


*Aled Jones, Welsh singer and radio host for BBC Radio 2
*Aled Haydn Jones, Welsh radio presenter for BBC Radio 1
*Ben Jones, English radio presenter for Virgin Radio


* Carolyn Sue Jones, Morticia Frump Addams, Addams Family (TV series)
*Donyelle Jones, Top four finalist on the television show "So You Think You Can Dance"
*Gethin Jones, Blue Peter presenter

Visual arts

* Terry Jones, British arts and graphics


*Duncan Jones, American advertising executive, son of the musician David Bowie


*Arnold Hugh Martin Jones (1904–1970), a British classical scholar
*George Jones, an American history teacher who skipped the Civil War
*Owen Glynne Jones, a pioneering British rock climber and mountaineer
*Mr. L. Jones, a Religious Studies-Teacher at St Anselm's College, Birkenhead


*Casey Jones, famous U.S. locomotive engineer, subject of an eponymous song

Law and politics


*Edith Jones, Chief Judge of the United States Court of Appeals for the fifth circuit.

American politics

*Anson Jones (1798-1858), the last president of the Republic of Texas
*Brereton Jones, Democratic Governor of Kentucky from 1991 to 1995
*Evan John Jones, Republican member of the U.S. House of Representatives from Pennsylvania
*Wesley Livsey Jones (1863-1932), American Congressman and Senator from Washington (state)
*Paula Jones (1966-), former Arkansas state employee who sued President Bill Clinton for sexual harassment.
* Jamie Leigh Jones , founder of the Jamie Leigh Foundation
* Spencer Cone Jones, President of the Maryland State Senate from 1901-1905

United Kingdom politics

*David Brynmor Jones (1851-1921), Welsh barrister and politician
*Ernest Charles Jones (1819-68), British orator, poet, and politician
*Ieuan Wyn Jones (1949-), leader of Plaid Cymru & Deputy First Minister in the Welsh Assembly Government
*Leifchild Stratten "Leif" Jones (1862-1939) Welsh Liberal Party politician and Privy Councillor
*Nigel Jones, Baron Jones of Cheltenham (1948-), English Liberal Democrat
*Robert Brannock Jones, (1950-2007), English Conservative politician

Other politics

*H. James Jones, Canadian politician



*Cleolinda Jones, American writer and blogger
*Dennis Feltham Jones, British writer
*Ebenezer Jones (1820-60), English poet
*Edgar Dewitt Jones, American clergyman and author
*Emily Elizabeth Constance Jones (b. circa 1857), English educator and writer on logic and ethics
*Gail Jones (b. 1955), Australian novelist and academic
*Gayl Jones (b. 1949), African American poet and novelist
*J. V. Jones, a fantasy author
*Liz Jones, English journalist and writer
*Rod Jones, Australian writer
*Pamela Jones, the founder of Groklaw

Armed forces

* Elias Henry Jones (d. 1942), British Prisoner of War
* Herbert Jones (1940–1982), posthumous British recipient of the Victoria Cross (VC)
*Hilary P. Jones (1863-1938), American naval officer
*Jacob Jones (1768-1850), American naval officer
* John Jones (c.1597-1660), English Civil War Parliamentary military officer executed for regicide
*John Paul Jones (1747-1792), American naval captain
* Michael Jones (16?? – 1649), Irish Confederate War and English Civil War Parliamentary military officer
* Philip Jones (1618-1674), English Civil War Parliamentary military officer and comptroller of Cromwell's household
*Arnold Elzey (Jones) (186-1871), Confederate general during the American Civil War

Mathematics and science


*Albert F. A. L. Jones, a New Zealand astronomer


* Vendyl Jones, an American scholar


*Steve Jones (1944-), Welsh geneticist, biologist and writer
*Monty Jones (1951-), African biologist and plant breeder


*Alan A. Jones (1944-2006), American chemistry professor
*David E. H. Jones scientist and writer (pseudonym Daedalus of DREADCO)
*Humphrey Owen Jones (1878-1912), Welsh chemist and mountaineer

Computer Science

*Clifford "Cliff" Jones (1944-), British computer scientist
*Karen Spärck Jones (1935–2007), British computer scientist
*Paul Jones, computer technologist


*Thomas Rupert Jones (1819-1911) British geologist and palaeontologist


*John Viriamu Jones (1856-1901), mathematician and physicist
*Vaughan Frederick Randal Jones (1952-), New Zealand mathematician


*Henry Bence Jones (1813-1873), British physician and chemist
*Philip Sydney Jones (1836–1918), Australian surgeon


*Reginald Victor Jones(1911–1997), English physicist and scientific military intelligence expert, head of British Scientific Intelligence during World War II and later Professor of Natural Philosophy at the University of Aberdeen


*Esther Jones, English missionary to India
*Martyn Lloyd-Jones (1899–1981), Welsh Protestant preacher and author
*Paul Jones (1880-1941), Protestant Episcopal Bishop of Utah, USA and pacifist
*Robert Elijah Jones (1872-1960), Protestant Episcopal Bishop and civil rights advocate
*Daniel Morgan Jones (1986-Present), Co-founder of the Church of Jediism on anglesey


American football

*Adam "Pacman" Jones, cornerback for the Dallas Cowboys
*Rod Jones (football player), American football cornerback in the National Football League
*Rod Jones (offensive lineman), American football player in the National Football League
* Terry Jones, former NFL tight end
* Terry Jones, former NFL defensive tackle


*Adam Jones (baseball), outfielder for the Baltimore Orioles
*Andruw Jones, center fielder for the Los Angeles Dodgers
*Chipper Jones, third baseman for the Atlanta Braves
*Gordon Jones (baseball), former Major League pitcher
*Jacque Jones, outfielder for the Florida Marlins
* Terry Jones, former professional baseball player
*Tex Jones, former Chicago White Sox player
*Tracy Jones, former outfielder and current cohost on WLW radio in Cincinnati


* L. Tucker Jones, American college basketball coach


*Roy Jones Jr. (born 1969), American boxing champion
*Reggie Jones (born 1951), American boxer


*Ernie Jones, former Australian bowler
*Geraint Jones, English current player
*Simon Jones, English current player

Football (soccer)

*Barrie Jones, English footballer
*Bryn Jones, Welsh footballer
*Cliff Jones, Welsh footballer
*Cobi Jones, American footballer
*Dave Jones, English football manager currently in charge of Cardiff City FC
*Joey Jones, Welsh footballer
*Owain Tudor Jones, Welsh Footballer with Swansea City FC
*Kenwyne Jones, Trinidad and Tobago footballer,currently playing for Sunderland A.F.C.
*Leslie Jones, Welsh footballer
*Linden Jones, Welsh footballer
*Miguel Jones, Spanish footballer
*Paul Jones, Welsh goalkeeper
*Ritchie Jones, English footballer
*Rob Jones, English footballer
*T. G. Jones, English footballer
*Vinnie Jones, Welsh footballer and actor

Motor Racing

*Adam Jones, racer in the British Touring Car Championship

Rugby League

*Stacey Jones, New Zealand rugby league player
*Lewis Jones, Leeds RLFC 1950s & 1960s

Rugby Union

*Adam Rhys Jones, Wales international rugby union prop forward
*Adam M Jones, Wales rugby union international lock forward
*Gwyn Jones, Wales rugby union player
*Ivor Jones, Wales rugby union player
*Lewis Jones, Wales rugby union player
*Robert Jones, Wales rugby union player
*Ryan Jones, Wales rugby union player
*Stephen Jones, Wales rugby union player

Track and field (athletics)

*Earl Jones (athlete), American track and field athlete
*LoLo Jones, American track and field athlete
*Marion Jones, American track and field star

Other sports

* Alun Jones (born 1980), Australian professional tennis player not a computer programmer from Bridgend
*Alyson Jones, English swimmer
*Heather Jones, a Canadian field hockey player
*Keith Jones, a Canadian hockey player
*Lupita Jones, the first Mexican woman to win the Miss Universe title
*Smarty Jones, thoroughbred racehorse
*Cullen Jones, a professional swimmer
*Trevor Jones, a Canadian unicyclist
*Julia Jones Pugliese, fencer

ports Executives

*Whip Jones, Founder of Aspen Highlands

Fictional characters

*Jones, a cat in 1979 film "Alien" by Ridley Scott and its sequel "Aliens"
*Jones, a character in George Orwell's novel "Nineteen Eighty-Four"
*Mr. Jones, the overthrown farmer in George Orwell's novel "Animal Farm"
*Mr. Jones, character in the Bob Dylan song "Ballad of a Thin Man"
*Mr. Jones (James Bond), character in the 1962 James Bond film "Dr. No"
*Bridget Jones, fictional novel and movie character
*Bustopher Jones, character from the Andrew Lloyd Webber Cats (musical)
*Christmas Jones, Bond girl in "The World Is Not Enough"
*Captain Davy Jones, Main Villain in the latter two installments of the Pirates of the Caribbean Trilogy
*Cyrano Jones, a minor Star Trek character dealing in tribbles
*Desmond and Molly Jones, fictional characters from the Beatles song, "Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da"
*Edwin Jones aka "Jones the Steam", train driver in Ivor The Engine
*Harriet Jones, British Prime Minister in the BBC's "Doctor Who"
*Hestia Jones, a member of the Order of the Phoenix in the Harry Potter Series
*Ianto Jones & Eugene Jones in the BBC Three television series "Torchwood".
*Indiana Jones, main character of "Raiders of the Lost Ark" and its sequels
*Jessica Jones, Marvel Comics comic book character
*Jimbo Jones, fictional bully from "The Simpsons"
*Junie B. Jones, the main character of the eponymous children's book seres by Barbara Park.
*Martha Jones, a companion in the sci-fi series "Doctor Who".
* Sam Jones, a Doctor Who character from the Eighth Doctor Adventures.
* Samantha Jones, a character in the television series "Sex and the City"

ee also

*Alan Jones (disambiguation)
*Alfred Jones (disambiguation)
*Allan Jones (disambiguation)
*Allen Jones (disambiguation)
*Alex Jones (disambiguation)
*Arthur Jones (disambiguation)
*Bill Jones (disambiguation)
*Billy Jones (disambiguation)
*Bob Jones (disambiguation)
*Bobby Jones (disambiguation)
*Brian Jones (disambiguation)
*Bryn Jones (disambiguation)
*Charles Jones (disambiguation)
*Christopher Jones (disambiguation)
*Cliff Jones (disambiguation)
*Diana Jones (disambiguation)
*Daniel Jones (disambiguation)
*David Jones (disambiguation)
*Davy Jones (disambiguation)
*Dean Jones (disambiguation)
*Doug Jones (disambiguation)
*Edward Jones (disambiguation)
*George Jones (disambiguation)
*Henry Jones (disambiguation)
*Howard Jones (disambiguation)
*Jack Jones (disambiguation)
*Jeff Jones (disambiguation)
*Jeffrey Jones (disambiguation)
*Jenny Jones (disambiguation)
*James Jones (disambiguation)
*Jim Jones (disambiguation)
*Jimmy Jones (disambiguation)
*John Jones (disambiguation)
*Kevin Jones (disambiguation)
*Lewis Jones (disambiguation)
*Mick Jones (disambiguation)
*Michael Jones (disambiguation)
*Mr. Jones (disambiguation)
*Oliver Jones (disambiguation)
*Owen Jones (disambiguation)
*Paul Jones (disambiguation)
*Peter Jones (disambiguation)
*Robert Jones (disambiguation)
*Ron Jones (disambiguation)
*Rick Jones (disambiguation)
*Sam Jones (disambiguation)
*Samantha Jones (disambiguation)
*Simon Jones (disambiguation)
*Stephen Jones (disambiguation)
*Steve Jones (disambiguation)
*Ted Jones (disambiguation)
*Thomas Jones (disambiguation)
*Todd Jones (disambiguation)
*Tom Jones (disambiguation)
*Tony Jones (disambiguation)
*Trevor Jones (disambiguation)
*William Jones (disambiguation)
*Will Jones (disambiguation)
*Willie Jones (disambiguation)

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