The Littlest Hobo

The Littlest Hobo
The Littlest Hobo
The Littlest Hobo The Complete First Season DVD cover.jpg
The First Season DVD cover
Genre Family
Starring London The Dog
(both series)
Toro The Dog
(original series)
Litlon The Dog
(original series)
Thorn The Dog
(original series)
Country of origin Canada
Language(s) English
No. of seasons 6
No. of episodes 114
Camera setup Multiple
Running time 30 minutes (including commercials)
Original channel Syndication
(Original 1963-1965 series)
(1979-1985 series)
Picture format SDTV
Original run October 11, 1979 – March 7, 1985 (second series)

The Littlest Hobo is a Canadian television series based upon a 1958 American film of the same name directed by Charles R. Rondeau. The series first aired from 1963 to 1965 in syndication, and was revived for a popular second run on CTV from October 11, 1979 to March 7, 1985.

All three productions revolved around a stray German Shepherd who wanders from town to town, helping people in need. Although the concept was similar to that of Lassie, the Littlest Hobo did not have an owner, and despite the attempts of the many people whom he helped to adopt him, he appeared to prefer to be on his own, and would head off by himself at the end of each episode.

Never actually named on-screen, the dog is often referred to by the name Hobo (though he was often given names by his many temporary owners). Hobo's background is also unexplained on-screen, his origins, motivation and ultimate destination are never explained.

Although there were recurring actors in both series, the only constant was the dog.


1963-1965 series

Following the 1958 film, the 1960s TV series was aired in syndication around the world, and is best remembered[citation needed] for a scene (later included in the closing credits of most episodes) showing the dog actually riding a parachute. This was before animal treatment regulations discouraged such activity in film productions.[citation needed]

The German shepherd dogs featured in both 1960s and 1980s series were owned and trained by Charles (Chuck) P. Eisenmann. The primary star was London, but several of London's relatives, including Toro, Litlon, and Thorn, also played scenes as the Hobo. Chuck used his own training methods to work with his dogs which involved educating them to think and understand very specific directions, to recognize colors and to understand English, German and French.[1] He promoted his education method by touring with his dogs to offer live demonstrations,[2] appearing on TV and radio shows and by writing books.[3] Eisenmann recounts many stories from the filming of the series in his 1968 dog training book Stop! Sit! and Think. Other books he wrote include The Better Dog: The Educated Dog which contains updated training material and A Dog’s Day in Court which offers a dog's point of view towards training methods.

The dogs are German Shepherds with "reverse mask" markings. After purchasing London, Chuck began to breed his own dogs. Mostly studding out his males, even though he owned some females that he bred to as well. He bred particularly for the reverse mask, that is commonly seen on all of his dogs, and is unpopular with breeders of the German Shepherd dog as it is not in the breed standard. There is no proof of the German Shepherd bloodline for London and so there is speculation that another breed could have been mixed in as that particular brown and white sable with reverse mask coloration is achieved in mixed dog breeds such as the Tamaskan Dog, Northern Inuit and Utonagan.[citation needed]

Shiloh Shepherd dogs are stated to trace their heritage back to London's relatives and are inspired by the intelligence Chuck's dogs were reputed to have.[4]

1979-1985 series

Title card

In 1979 CTV revived the series. The New Littlest Hobo (as it was sometimes called), which ran for six seasons, was shot on videotape rather than film. It has since been syndicated in many countries including the USA and UK. In the course of its run, many Hollywood guest stars appeared such as Al Waxman, John Ireland, Megan Follows, Alan Hale, Jr., August Schellenberg, DeForest Kelley, Ray Walston, Morey Amsterdam, Michael Ironside, Patrick Macnee, Abe Vigoda, Saul Rubinek, John Vernon, Chris Makepeace, Karen Kain, Vic Morrow, Henry Gibson, John Carradine and Leslie Nielsen. In 1979, 16-year-old Mike Myers made an early acting appearance playing a paraplegic boy's friend in the episode "Boy on Wheels".

The series aired on CTV on Thursday nights at 7:30 P.M.

Plots ranged from the simple "dog-helps-person" stories to secret agent-type adventures. The series theme song, "Maybe Tomorrow", was sung by Terry Bush. In 2005, Bush commercially released the song on his debut album, entitled Maybe Tomorrow.[5]

In a surprising development in the show, season 5's THE GENESIS TAPES part one and two revealed that Hobo was indeed the same exact and long lived dog as the dog in the 1960s series and this was explained away as him being the next stage of canine evolution. This also explains his higher intelligence.

Trainer Chuck Eisenmann used several dogs to play the role of "London" as he had selected dogs entirely based on their appearance. He determined which dogs to use for the scenes by making use of their abilities such as if one dog did not mind carrying objects or if one were small enough to safely jump through a car window and maneuver through the seats. In Chuck's book A Dog's Day in Court one of the dogs used in the 1970s series was London's grandson, who was also known as London.

This series, which remains a popular children's program, continues to be shown as reruns on CTV, CTV Two and other national networks.

Season 1

Episode Title First aired Synopsis Guest stars
01 Smoke 11 Oct, 1979 Hobo arrives in a small country town hit by a forest fire, where he helps rescue animals from the blaze and befriends forest ranger Ray Caldwell. The local storekeeper, much to Ray's disgust, has started selling animal traps and poison to ward off the now homeless animals coming near the town. When a child eats poisoned meat left outside the store, and a thunderstorm prevents Ray from bringing the local doctor in by plane, Hobo is parachuted into the town with the antidote needed to save the child's life. Monte Markham (Ray Caldwell)
02 Manhunt (part 1) 18 Oct, 1979 Hobo helps Tom Malone, an innocent man wrongfully accused of murder, escape the clutches of a sheriff and his bloodhounds. First of two parts. Andrew Prine (Tom Malone)
03 Manhunt (part 2) 25 Oct, 1979 Hobo manages to unearth vital evidence to prove Tom Malone's innocence. Andrew Prine (Tom Malone)
04 The Defector 1 Nov, 1979 Hobo helps rescue a Prima Ballerina who wants to defect from her Iron Curtain captors. Paul Burke (Andy McClelland)
05 Double Trouble 8 Nov, 1979 With the help of his new friend, fellow gentleman of the road Ben Smith, Hobo saves two draft horses destined for the fertilizer plant. The horses themselves prove to the local town that they are still useful when, where a tractor fails, they are instrumental in the rescue of a school bus full of children which is stranded in the middle of a fast-flowing river. Barry Morse (Ben Smith)
06 Silent Witness 15 Nov, 1979 When Hobo witnesses a hit-and-run accident, he marshalls evidence against the driver and forces a confession. Vic Morrow (Sam Powers) Michael Ironside (Bill)
07 Target for Terror 29 Nov, 1979 Hobo rescues a politician's son from kidnappers. John Carradine (Chief Justice Hamilton)
08 Heritage 6 Dec, 1979 Hobo protects an elderly prospector from greedy land-grabbers. Leon Aames (Jasper McGilicuty)
09 Little Girl Lost 13 Dec, 1979 Hobo befriends a three-year-old girl who goes missing in a sparsely-populated area. Hobo later uses his friendship with trucker Sam to return the girl to her overjoyed parents. Stephen Young (Scott Phillips)
10 Boy on Wheels 20 Dec, 1979 Hobo encourages a paraplegic boy to enter a Frisbee-throwing contest to the dismay of the youth's overly-protective widowed father, who hates dogs because his driving at excessive speed and swerving to avoid a stray dog led to the car crash which killed his wife and left his son paralyzed. When Hobo saves the boy's life, the father finally sees the light. This episode also featured a young Mike Myers as the paralyzed boy's friend, Tommy. Clarence Williams III (David)
11 Stand In 27 Dec, 1979 Harry, a night watchman at an electronics firm, and his German shepherd Sarge are framed for the theft of top-secret equipment. Alan Hale (Harry)
12 Second Chance 3 Jan, 1980 An ex-convict is framed for drug smuggling. Michael Cole (Phil Jenkins)
13 Big Al and Sam Strawberry 10 Jan, 1980 A struggling artist considers an illegal sale to clear Mafia debts. Sheldon Leonard (Big Al)
14 Give My Regards to Broadway 31 Jan, 1980 Hobo befriends a down and out ex-vaudevillian who has been shoplifting with every intent to pay it back when she becomes a star again. Rosemary Radcliffe (Gladys Gates)
15 The Last Job 7 Feb, 1980 Hobo helps an ex-convict pursue an honest lifestyle. Alan McRae (Nick)
16 Snapshot 28 Feb, 1980 Hobo helps a young boy prove to his mother that you don't have to play a rough sport like hockey to have courage. Mark Polley (Joey)
17 The Million Dollar Fur Heist 6 Mar, 1980 Hobo helps rescue two kidnapped victims and in the process recovers a million dollars' worth of stolen furs. Abe Vigoda (Howard Mattson)
18 Diamonds Are a Dog's Best Friend 13 Mar, 1980 A magician is accused of making an heirloom disappear. Patrick Macnee (Elmer)
19 Romiet and Julio 20 Mar, 1980 Because of their parents' objections, a young couple's marriage plans appear doomed, until Hobo comes to the rescue. Leslie Nielsen (Mayor Chester Montgomery)
20 Escape 27 Mar, 1980 Hobo mans a disco control panel and helps the victim of an underworld frame-up. Saul Rubinek (Tim Reagan)
21 Guardian Angel 3 Apr, 1980 When a distraught East European woman named Ines, who is in Canada illegally, abandons her baby daughter Maria on the steps of a church, Hobo appoints himself guardian of the child – eventually managing to reunite mother and child. Nehemiah Persoff (Lukash)
22 The Pied Piper 10 Apr, 1980 Hobo and Jack Gilford, the janitor of a children's hospital, manage to help an emotionally withdrawn boy. Jack Gilford (Dan Mooney)
23 Willie and Kate 15 May 1980 Hobo travels with Willie, a tramp, and Kate, a runaway little girl, who are hitchhiking across the country to California, where they plan to open up an orange juice stand. Gary Merrill (Willie Brogan)
24 The Further Adventures of Willie and Kate 22 May 1980 Following on from the previous episode, Hobo continues his travels with Willie and Kate. But when the authorities recapture Kate, Willie tries to rescue her with unexpected results. Gary Merrill (Willie Brogan)

Season 2

Episode Title First aired Synopsis Guest stars
01 The Balloonist 18 Sep, 1980 Hobo comes to the rescue of a downed balloonist. Keenan Wynn (Gus Appleton)
02 Duddleman and the Diamond Ring 25 Sep, 1980 Hobo becomes acquainted with a bumbling pawn-broker named Duddleman. Henry Jones (Duddleman)
03 Guinea Pig 2 Oct, 1980 Poisoned water endangers an animal research institute. Melody Ryane (Sarah)
04 Trapper 9 Oct, 1980 Hobo must stop a ruthless trapper who still foolishly uses inhumane steel traps on animals. John Vernon (Sam Burrows)
05 The Pearls 23 Oct, 1980 Hobo aids a captain whose crew mutinied and stole pearls. Scott Brady (Captain Turner)
06 Carnival of Fear 30 Oct, 1980 Hobo stalks an ominous carnival patron. Gale Garnett (Margie/Madame Sybil)
07 Mystery at the Zoo 6 Nov, 1980 Hobo finds himself in the middle of a life-and-death situation when he joins a young newswoman and her camerman in an investigation of "animal-snatching". Carol Lynley (June Wilson)
08 Sailing Away 13 Nov, 1980 Hobo rescues a teen from danger on her father's boat. Martin Milner (Don Porter)
09 The Hunt 20 Nov, 1980 Hobo comes to the aid of a pretty young groom at the Fox Hunt Club who is being framed for theft. Cameron Mitchell (Carl)
10 Fast Freddie 27 Nov, 1980 A con man tries to cheat wealthy small-town residents. Morey Amsterdam (Freddie Tewksbury)
11 Licence to Steal 4 Dec, 1980 The life of a scrapyard foreman's son is saved when Hobo intervenes. Clifton Davis (Phil McLean)
12 Portrait of Danger 11 Dec, 1980 When a young photographer accidentally takes an action picture of a bank robbery, Hobo tries to persuade him to turn it over to the police. When instead he decides to wait and sell the shot to the papers, Hobo has to protect him from his own bad judgement and angry reprisals from the robbers themselves. James Stephens (Kevin Wheeler)
13 Ghost Rig 18 Dec, 1980 Hobo helps find a hijacked truckload of diamonds. Henry Gibson (Jeffrey Farley)
14 Here's Joey Jackson 22 Jan, 1981 When famous television personality Joey Jackson finds himself being blackmailed over a secret he has harboured all his life, Hobo becomes the instrument to foil the blackmail plot and bring Joey to the realization that he must face his past squarely – no matter the consequences. Jack Carter (Joey Jackson)
15 Runaway 12 Feb, 1981 Hobo hops on board a train and befriends an old railroad bum and a runaway boy. DeForest Kelley (Professor Hal Schaffer)
16 East Side Angels 26 Feb, 1981 Hobo befriends a young basketball player who is having problems being accepted by his teammates. Chris Makepeace (Willie)
17 Mystique 5 Mar, 1981 An unethical hypnotist influences a model's behavior. John Evans (Dr. Henshaw)
18 The Trail of No Return 9 Apr, 1981 Hobo turns health inspector when botulism is discovered at a campground. James MacArthur (Jim Haley)

Season 3

Episode Title First aired Synopsis Guest stars
01 Photo Finish 17 Sep, 1981 Hobo helps a jockey whose chances of winning her first big race are threatened by a racing syndicate. Melody Ryane (Sally Peters)
02 The Secret of Red Hill 24 Sep, 1981 Hobo helps a reporter in her quest to track down a sasquatch-like creature sighted near a small town. Susan Hogan (Rachel)
03 Wolf Hunt 1 Oct, 1981 Hobo runs into the path of a father and two sons, out hunting for wolf bounty, and is himself mistaken for a wolf. John Ireland (Arch Mason)
04 The Day of the Fugitive 8 Oct, 1981 A merchant seaman, suspected of having the plague, jumps ship in a large city. Only Hobo knows where the man is and must conduct him to safety despite the fact that the dog's own life is in danger and he is being hunted as a fugitive, too. Gerard Parkes (Dr. Cowper)
05 Suspect 29 Oct, 1981 Hobo comes upon the scene of what appears to be a boating accident at a hunting club, and discovers evidence which indicates foul play. When the police arrive, however, an innocent man is accused and only Hobo can bring the authorities the one essential piece of evidence which forces the real culprit to tip his hand. Stephen Young (Lloyd Wells)
06 War Games 5 Nov, 1981 Hobo sees a teenage girl cutting across a military practice zone and alerts a young recruit to her danger. All three soon find themselves caught in the middle of a realistic exercise and only Hobo knows that the young peoples' hiding place is itself a key target in the manoeuvres. Annette McCaffrey (Linda Garr)
07 The Hero 12 Nov, 1981 Hobo meets Joey, a simple young man who is disregarded and picked on by most of the community. When Joey stumbles on a dognapping scam, only Hobo knows he is telling the truth, and can help Joey grow in self-respect by solving a real crime. Edward Albert (Joey Green)
08 Hidden Room 19 Nov, 1981 Hobo comes across an old farmhouse where a young mute girl and her father are being blackmailed into conducting fake seances. By cleverly investigating and manipulating the mechanics of the ruse, Hobo is able to break the blackmailers' hold, stop the fraud, and free the father and daughter. Neil Dainard (Mr. Kirston)
09 Fussin' and Fightin' 26 Nov, 1981 A rival tries to have a harmonica player fired. Gary Reineke (Herb Price)
10 The Locket 3 Dec, 1981 Hobo goes to great lengths to deliver a locket to an old man's granddaughter. Chris Wiggins (Grandpa)
11 Airport 10 Dec, 1981 Hobo foils sabotage at a courier service. Rosemary Dunsmore (Di Jarrett)
12 Music Box 24 Dec, 1981 Ballerina Karen Kain makes her television acting debut in this touching episode about a little girl who lives more and more in a fantasy world because her mother, an ex-ballerina, refuses to let her dance. Karen Kain (Vivian Barrie)
13 Mail Order Bride 21 Jan, 1982 A farmer and his mail-order bride seem incompatible. Simon Oakland (Tom Beecher)
14 The Clown 28 Jan, 1982 Hobo befriends a lonely clown. Donald O'Connor (Freddie the Clown)
15 Once Upon a Tyme 4 Feb, 1982 Hobo plays Cupid when he joins a travelling troupe of actors and finds out that one of the actors has been jilted by his leading lady. Geraint Wyn Davies (David Barrington)
16 A Special Friend 25 Feb, 1982 On the docks. Hobo meets a very special friend who believes he can understand what animals are thinking. His sensitivity makes him a perfect partner for the dog as the pair matches wits with a warehouse full of gold thieves. Ray Walston (Charlie)
17 Forget Me Not 4 Mar, 1982 When Hobo spots a disoriented woman, with amnesia, aimlessly wandering into a large amusement park (Canada's Wonderland), he finds his own way in and protects her from serious physical danger while alerting the security and bringing her medical help. Joanna Pettet (Cynthia Masters)
18 Rex Badger P.I. 11 Mar, 1982 Hobo joins forces with inept private eye Rex Badger, who perfected his style watching old movies. As Badger plods through a series of comic clues, Hobo keeps several steps ahead of him and enables him to finally put the pieces together and wind up with the credit. Michael Kirby (Rex Badger)

Season 4

Episode Title First aired Synopsis Guest stars
01 Napoleon 16 Sep, 1982 Hobo apprehends cattle rustlers preying on a rancher. Chris Donnan (Dixie Seatle)
02 Home Free 23 Sep, 1982 Hobo aids a detention-home runaway. Jennifer Jewison (Laura Clark)
03 Back to Nature 30 Sep, 1982 Hobo aids a woman in labour and her injured husband. Peter Hanlon (Mick Reid)
04 The Imaginative Invalid 7 Oct, 1982 A hypochondriac tests her relatives' loyalty. Ruth Springford (Gwyn MacGibbon)
05 Finders Keepers 14 Oct, 1982 Two boys compete for Hobo's company. Richard Yearwood (Danny McLean)
06 Happy Birthday, Mom 21 Oct, 1982 Hobo brings together two teenage brothers who are feuding when both enter a bike race hoping to win money to buy their mother a gift. Mark Polley (David)
07 The Spirit of Thunder Rock (part 1) 28 Oct, 1982 A geologist's daughter discovers treasure. Hobo helps the family survive an earthquake. Ted Follows (Tony Kendall)
08 The Spirit of Thunder Rock (part 2) 4 Nov, 1982 Megan Follows (Marti Kendall)
09 The Spirit of Thunder Rock (part 3) 11 Nov, 1982 August Schellenberg (Walter Henig)
x10 Rabies 18 Nov, 1982 Hobo tries to keep a rabid raccoon from coming into contact with anyone while attempting to alert authorities to its whereabouts. Barbara Kyle (Dr. Edmunds)
11 Day for Fright 25 Nov, 1982 Hobo happens upon a real crime on a movie set. David Calderisi (Maurice Driscoll)
12 Trooper 2 Dec, 1982 Hobo finds an abandoned baby in an evacuated town. Jonathan Welsh (Stan)
13 The Loneliest Day of the Week 27 Jan, 1983 Hobo helps spur romance between a widow and a bachelor. Doris Petrie (Lily Harcroft)
14 Double Vision 3 Feb, 1983 A traveling artist who resembles a small town's corrupt mayor (both played by Leslie Yeo) arrives for a visit at the same time Hobo does. Leslie Yeo (Mayor James Cruickshank/Oliver Cruickshank)
15 Winner Take All 10 Feb, 1983 Hobo's friend gets a winning lottery ticket. Jan Filips (Milos)
16 Small Pleasures 3 Mar, 1983 Hobo acts to foil two ex-cons intent on stealing a valuable item secreted in a miniature town unbeknownst to the tiny town's current owner. Daniel Buccos (Gordon Jacks)
17 The Five Labours of Hercules (part 1) 17 Mar, 1983 Hobo helps a young handicapped boy start his own business. Hadley Kay (Nathaniel)
18 The Five Labours of Hercules (part 2) 24 Mar, 1983 Hadley Kay (Nathaniel)

Season 5

Episode Title First aired Synopsis Guest stars
01 Rookie 15 Sep, 1983 Fearing an impending operation, a youth runs away. Charles Kerr (Ted)
02 Scavenger Hunt (part 1) 22 Sep, 1983 Hobo is sought in a fraternity scavenger hunt. Geraint Wyn Davies (Adam Coulter)
03 Scavenger Hunt (part 2) 29 Sep, 1983 Pam Hyatt (Mrs. Coulter)
04 Second Sight 6 Oct, 1983 Hobo helps a blind teen learn his capabilities. Peter Spence (David Leonard)
05 Trucker 13 Oct, 1983 A trucker considers illegal work to keep his rig. Richard Donat (Mac Devlin)
06 Born to Run 20 Oct, 1983 A champion whippet is stolen prior to a big race. Michael Reynolds (Philip)
07 Tempest Probe 27 Oct, 1983 A criminal steals and tries to sell a secret laser. Christopher Britton (Prospero)
08 Lumberjacks 3 Nov, 1983 A gambler plans to sabotage a lumberjack contest. Lawrence Dane (Alistair McLeod)
09 Passage 10 Nov, 1983 Hobo thwarts a hunter stalking peregrine falcons. Al Waxman (Vernie Davis)
10 Sartech (part 1) 17 Nov, 1983 Hobo witnesses a wilderness plane crash and aids the victims. Allan Royal (Sam)
11 Sartech (part 2) 1 Dec, 1983 Allan Royal (Sam)
12 Dragonslayer 19 Jan, 1984 Hobo protects four youths engaged in a deadly game. Simon Craig ("Zim Fahr")
13 The Genesis Tapes (part 1) 26 Jan, 1984 Hobo is declared a new species of dog and flees a man and woman trying to capture him. Alan Scarfe (Dr. Richard Kellerman)
14 The Genesis Tapes (part 2) 2 Feb, 1984 Candace O'Connor (Trish Kellerman)
15 Ghost Station 23 Feb, 1984 Hobo participates in a subway manhunt. Malcolm Stewart (Ken)
16 Indian Summer 1 Mar, 1984 Hobo aids elderly people fleeing a retirement home. Robert Christie (Gordon)
17 Applejack 8 Mar, 1984 Bootleggers threaten a migrant who could expose them. Eric Murphy (Yves Boisvert)
18 Sheep in Wolf's Clothing 15 Mar, 1984 Hobo is mistaken for a sheep-killing wolf. Stephen Markle (Bryce Meyer)

Season 6

Episode Title First aired Synopsis Guest stars
01 Second Best 13 Sep, 1984 Schoolmates bully a country boy. Shane O'Brien (Morgan Emery)
02 Three Monkeys of Bah Roghar (part 1) 20 Sep, 1984 Hobo solves the theft of priceless statues. Graham Batchelor (Thurber Best)
03 Three Monkeys of Bah Roghar (part 2) 27 Sep, 1984 Graham Batchelor (Thurber Best)
04 Rodeo 4 Oct, 1984 A rodeo star fears getting back in the saddle. August Schellenberg (Stoney Hill)
05 One Door Closes 11 Oct, 1984 Hobo helps a man adjust to life in a wheelchair. Al Waxman (Vic Carrano)
06 Lucky 18 Oct, 1984 Hobo helps a stuntman get work and confidence. Michael Hogan (Lucky)
07 Arrivederci Roma 25 Oct, 1984 A young model-airplane pilot competes with adults. Richard Yearwood (Shawn Turner)
08 The Good Shepherd 1 Nov, 1984 Hobo aids a financially troubled church. Harvey Atkin (Neiderhoff)
09 Matchmaker 8 Nov, 1984 Tennis pro Carling Bassett helps Hobo prevent the breakup of a young couple. Carling Basset (Sandy McCann)
10 Firehorse (part 1) 15 Nov, 1984 Hobo rescues people from a burning factory. Neil Dainard (Jack Thornton)
11 Firehorse (part 2) 22 Nov, 1984 Neil Dainard (Jack Thornton)
12 Prodigal Son 29 Nov, 1984 Hobo reveals an imposter in a small religious community. Peter Dvorsky (Sean Armstrong)
13 Torque 31 Jan, 1985 A kart driver seeks a spot on a racing team. One of the on-screen extras is a very young and fresh-faced Paul Tracy (future professional race car driver) Jessica Steen (Torque)
14 Small Change 7 Feb, 1985 A mime and a deaf boy help Hobo prevent a robbery. Edward Leefe (Terry)
15 Voyageurs (part 1) 14 Feb, 1985 A family is trapped on a deserted island. Robin Ward (Ian Farrell)
16 Voyageurs (part 2) 21 Feb, 1985 Susan Hogan (Meg Farrell)
17 Liar, Liar 28 Feb, 1985 Hobo witnesses a boy committing fraud. Todd Woodcroft (Richie McKinley)
18 Pandora 7 Mar, 1985 Hobo finds an undetonated World War II bomb. David Glyn-Jones (Sgt. Jocky White)

DVD release

Mediumrare Entertainment released The Littlest Hobo Season One featuring the theme tune "Maybe Tomorrow" on DVD in Region 2 & 4 on 26 April 2010.

DVD Name Episodes Release dates
Region 1 Region 2 Region 4
Season One 24 N/A April 26, 2010 Sept, 2010
Season Two 18 N/A September 6, 2010 N/A
Season Three 18 N/A N/A N/A
Season Four 18 N/A N/A N/A
Season Five 18 N/A N/A N/A
Season Six 18 N/A N/A N/A


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