Party for the Integral Advancement of the Haitian People

Party for the Integral Advancement of the Haitian People

The Party for the Integral Advancement of the Haitian People (Parti Pour l'Avancement Integral du Peuple Haitien, or PAIPH) is a political party in Haiti founded by Colette Jacques[1] the first woman to have a political party registered and recognized in the country, in 1990. PAIPH whose platform is based on education, The PAIPH logo is a green heart on white canvas meaning the heart of hope for the innocent Haitien, the founder of PAIPH, Colette Jacques detested the way Haiti look to the world. she decided to enter the race for presidency to change Haiti's image.

Background of Colette Jacques

Jacques was born in Port-au-Prince. As a child she was very active in her school, as the first child she took care of her 4 brothers and supervised her parent's business. In her teens age she attended College Bird same school with JN Claude Duvalier fear that she would get involved in politics her parents transferred to the SDA college in Diquini and later she attended Lycee Toussaint Louverture College where she created the first drill team for her school. Colette Jacques was chosen by the department of education to sing for the inauguration of President Jn Claude Duvalier "Baby Doc" only girl among 5 chosen students. she was hoping to be seen by the President but she did not have long hair she felt that perhaps if her hair was long and if she was a little bit lighter she probably would have a chance. All she wanted was to obtain a scholarship to sturdy Medicine. Later her drill team conducted Francois Duvalier "Papa Doc" to the cemetery in 1971. Terminated her Baccalaureate she worked as the private secretary to the Director of the Main post Office. as she spoke English then she was assigned to the tourist window to sell stamps collections to the U.S Navy who visited Haiti. She was fascinated by the white clothing they wear.

Colette Jacques worked two Jobs in the morning at the post office and in the afternoon as Assistant accountant to the president of the of the SDA Franco Haitien Union in the Adventist College and once a month was a volunteer to help cure TB at the SDA Clinic in Diquini Haiti. In 1975 Recommended by her Boss Mrs Elstroom she was sent to do canvasing In Canada before her permit of work ended she was granted a student visa where she studied Legal Secretaria in Montreal. Graduated in 1977 School of legal Secretaria few months after she entered the U.S in Charlotte NC. Colette Jacques studied Nursing and graduated at the Adventist University in Tennessee. Later joined the U.S Navy stationed in San Diego, California. on the Naval Ship USS Samuel Gumpers after her Honorable discharge, Colette Jacques worked for Kaiser Permanente as the Quality Assurance Administration. In 1987 she founded SOAP Support Organization for AIDS Prevention Inc. SOAP awarded by the City of Los Angeles the First Black Woman in the world to educate the Caribbean on AIDS as she founded the first Education program. Later Colette Jacques worked as the National project Director for the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) representing [California, New York State, Florida and Connecticut. In April 1990 Colette Jacques Organized the March against the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) became upset with the discrimination against Haitiens as she helped in fighting for them in Miami. California. NewYork for the defense of Refugees and in AIDS Education.

Colette Jacques first woman ever to demonstrate how to proper use a condom on national TV in Haiti(Television Nationale). Her nickname "Mme Kapot" meaning "Mrs Condom" had everyone using that word for it was such a taboo with that she became very liked and popular until today!. Colette Jacques's presentation in front of the FDA panel of judges April 20, 1990 influenced the judges decision to remove the Haitien's name of the list of AIDS carrier. Later that year August 1990.

She decided to get involved in politic to help uplift the Haitien to a better image of themselves around the world. Colette Jacques went to Haiti, founded PAIPH, Parti pour l'Advancement Integral du peuple Haitien registered and recognized in Haiti September 1990. First female to ever have a political parti registered and recognized in Haiti. She was the only female among 26 candidates in the 1990 election in Haiti with the slogan "I am the heart of Hope for all Haitien".[[2]]. Everyone had the same right under PAIPH platform" and still do. Ordered to be arrested by Ertha Pascale Trouillot the woman supervising the election then, Colette jacques coming from Radio Haiti the station where she had a contract to do AIDS Education advertising, whento pay her due and while living the station she noticed the facial expression of Michel Montas and Jean Dominique were different than usual a smile that was fake a wave like almost saying good bye Colette Jacques did not think anything of it. From the radio station she stopped at her mother's restaurant and in the corner of Delmas 33 she was stopped by some guard whom she always give some tokens to help them out and was told she was going to a meeting with her. The president went with ease and instead she was brought to jail. Arriving to jail she called Mirlande Manigat to ask her to denounced the injustice but Mirlande never done anything about that until now. Unfortunately Colette Jacques was too clean and was against any kind of corruption she was too quickly appreciated by almost everyone. She was not appreciated and was dropped in the race under false notions. Haiti was not ready for an honest educated Woman for president. Although the female judge Ertha Pascale nominated to supervise the 1990 election in charge as the Temporary president at that time, agreed to eliminate Colette Jacques even when the chief of C.E.P. Mr Sabala requested she campaigned thinking that Colette Jacques may not going to make it, but after realizing the Haitien people really like her. On the street, all day long traffic was blocked for her Green Jeep and was full of cheese, carnation milk, condom and candy. The children of La fanmi se la vie running after her and calling her "Mom" because she provided them with Milk, V-8, Cheese condum and candy to the orphans at her political office in Port-au-Prince and on the street of Delmas 11. On 3 occasions gang members came to murder her but they confess and told her they could not because she was too nice to them she never report them and she was protected by God she felt. Fear of Colette Jacques winning the Electoral race she was eliminated. Colette Jacques contested the results but no attention was paid to her request. on Dec 4th while at the Haiti airport Colette Jacques was not among the people boarding she was told that the flight was full. She and few others were to come back the next day. In her way to sign the last Resolution to remove the Haitien off the list of AIDS carrier, she left Haiti on Dec 5th in the AA flight the morning with U.S. Ambassador of Haiti Mr. Adams in the same flight. Arriving Miami recorded her track for her song about the presidential course rejection, return to California she read, approved and signed the FDA resolution to remove Haitien off the list of AIDS carrier. Colette Jacques did not participate in the 2006 Haiti elections. Colette Jacques has 17 licenses in construction helped build 68 construction projects In Long Island. she was discriminated against many time at her work because she was haitien, since she refuse to volunteer for Hillary Clinton for her NY senatorial race since her life in school became very hard and at last on March 28 at 12 midnight she almost got killed as she was push by a drunk worker and the pain she is endure until today.

Colette Jacques has a degree in Digital film Making and one fashion Design beside Nursing for her dream is to bring more stable entrepreneur to Haiti to embellish the dirt they always seemed to spread over it. Since the earthquake Colette Jacques home has been affected. the walls went down in one and the other is cracked. She lost many of her colleagues during the jan 2010 earthquake, family and friends in one house 11 people died aged from 5 months old to 87 years. Colette Jacques' mother who was also arrested for 30 days under the Aristide government at the age of 65 because they wanted the deed of her her land is now 85 and is with her. the women side of Colette Jacques lives very long up to 98 years of age so Colette Jacques hopes one day she will retire home in peace and hope for a better Haiti soon. Colette Jacques is very sad to see Haiti as bad as it is because for more than 30 years she always wanted to see Haiti the pearl that it was.

PAIPH was founded in 1990 by Colette Jacques Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

PAIPH Goals: Better Schools, Agriculture, Better Construction of Building/Roads Better Health System


Logo: Green Heart on white, Political Platform: Education for all. Slogan: The Heart of Hope for the Innocent Haitian

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