Korean name
Hangul 멸치젓
Hanja none
Revised Romanization myeolchi jeot
McCune–Reischauer myŏlch'i chŏt

Myeolchijeot or myeolchi jeot is a variety of jeotgal, a salted fermented dish made with anchovies in Korean cuisine. It is the most frequently consumed variety of jeotgal, along with saeujeot (salted shrimp jeot) in South Korea. The name consists of the two Korean words, myeolchi (멸치 anchovy) and jeot. Myeolchijeot is mostly used as an ingredient in kimchi.[1] Anchovies are harvested in the southern shores of South Korea. Salt weighing 15 to 20% of the anchovies is added to washed fresh anchovies in a jangdok (장독, large glazed earthenware jar). and the fermentation takes usually 2 to 3 months at 15-20 degrees. If the myeolchijeot is fermented for 6 months, it becomes an extract, called myeolchi jeotguk (멸치젓국). After the extract is filtered, it is mixed and heated to make clean liquid and used to make kimchi.[2]

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