Blackadder (disambiguation)

Blackadder (disambiguation)

Blackadder may refer to:__NOTOC__


*"Blackadder", British television show starring Rowan Atkinson
**Edmund Blackadder, the central character of the show
**Ebenezer Blackadder, one of the many Blackadder ancestors
**Blackadder Hall, the residence of Edmund Blackadder
*Special Agent Viv Blackadder, one of the original "NCIS" team members in an episode of the TV show "JAG"
*Professor (?) Blackadder, supporting character in A. S. Byatt's 1990 novel ""


*Charles Blackadder, British general in the First World War
*Elizabeth Blackadder (born 1931), Scottish painter
*Robert Blackadder, medieval Scottish cleric, diplomat and politician
*Todd Blackadder (born 1971), New Zealand rugby player


*Blackadder, Scottish Borders, Scottish village
*Blackadder Water, a river in the Scottish Borders


*"Blackadder" (clipper), clipper ship built 1870


*Blackadder (integrated development environment) a Python integrated development environment, by The Kompany.

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*Black adder

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