Beer (disambiguation)

Beer (disambiguation)

Beer may refer to:

* Beer, an alcoholic beverage
* Beer, Devon, a coastal town in Devon, England
* Beer, Somerset, a hamlet in the parish of Cannington
* Beer, NWFP, a Union Council in NWFP, Pakistan.
* Beer-Lambert law (named for August Beer), an equation describing the absorption of light
* Beer (lunar crater) (named for Wilhelm Beer), lunar crater
* Beer (Martian crater) (also named for Wilhelm Beer), Martian Crater
* "Beer" (Blackadder), an episode of the British sitcom "Blackadder II"
* Beer (film), a 1985 film starring Loretta Swit and Rip Torn
* Beer, is a song by the third wave ska band Reel Big Fish
* "Beer!!!", a song by metal band Psychostick.


Beer is also the surname of the following people:

* Alexander Beer (1873-1944), architect
* Alice Beer (born 1 May 1965) a British television presenter
* Angelika Beer (born 1957), German politician (Alliance '90/The Greens)
* Anthony Stafford Beer (1926-2002), British theorist in operational research, founder of management cybernetics
* August Beer (1825-1863), German mathematician, chemist and physicist
* Charles Beer (born 1941), Canadian politician
* Carol Beer, fictional character from British comedy show, Little Britain, portrayed by David Walliams
* Sir Gavin Rylands de Beer (1899-1972) English evolutionary embryologist
* Georg Joseph Beer (1763-1821), Austrian physician, founder of the research center of ophthalmology
* Giacomo Meyerbeer (born Yaakov Liebmann Beer), German composer, brother of Wilhelm Beer and writer Michael Beer (writer)
* Gillian Beer, British literary critic
* Jannie de Beer, South Africa rugby player
* Klaus Beer, German track & field athlete
* Richard Beer-Hofmann (1866–1945), Austrian writer
* Randall Beer, computer scientist
* Wilhelm Beer (1797-1850), German banker and astronomer
* William Beer English cricketer

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* Beers, Bear (disambiguation)

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