Head (disambiguation)

Head (disambiguation)

In anatomy, the head of an animal is the rostral part (from anatomical position) that usually comprises the brain, eyes, ears, nose, and mouth.

Metaphorically,"Head" may refer to a person who is a leader, supervisor or the like, such as the head of a department in a company, or in a school, college or university, the head of an institution or organization, or the head of state of a country or other sovereign entity.

Head may also refer to:

Science and technology
* Head (botany), a structure composed of numerous individual flowers
* Head stock, a musical instrument part
* An amplifier head, a form of guitar amplifier
* Head (linguistics), the main part of a phrase or compound
* Head (geological), recent near surface deposits of uncertain and often heterogeneous origin
* head (Unix), a Unix command that provides the first few lines of a file
* Head (vessel), the end caps on a pressure vessel
* Hydraulic head, the difference in elevation between two points in a column of fluid, and the resulting pressure at the lower point:By analogy, other forms of energy can be expressed in terms of 'head' units, "e.g"::*velocity head:*pressure head
* Cylinder head, the part of an engine over the pistons and cylinders
* Disk read-and-write head, the mechanism responsible for reading and writing magnetic media
* Recording head, the electromagnetic mechanism that translates magnetic and electrical signals to tape
* High Energy Astrophysics Division (HEAD), a division under the American Astronomical Society

* Head (sailing), a sail's uppermost corner or edge
* Head (watercraft), a toilet or latrine of a marine vessel
* Head sail, a jib, spinnaker, or any other sail set forward of the foremost mast

Music, film, television
* Head (music), the repeated, non-improvised section of a jazz composition that bookends individual solo passages
* Head (The Cooper Temple Clause song), a song by The Cooper Temple Clause
* Head (The Jesus Lizard album), the first full album by The Jesus Lizard
* Head (British band), an English rock band of the 1980s
* Head (US band), the solo project of former Korn guitarist, Brian Welch
* "Head" (Blackadder), an episode of the British sitcom "Blackadder II"
* "Head" (film), a comic film starring The Monkees
* Head (The Monkees album), the soundtrack to the film by The Monkees
* Head, a song by Static-X from "Beneath, Between, Beyond"
* Head (Prince song), a song by Prince from "Dirty Mind"
* A song by Mark Lanegan from "Bubblegum"
* "Heads", a song by Hawkwind from "The Xenon Codex"
* Drumhead, a membrane on a drum that is hit to create percussive sounds
* Brian Welch, known by the pseudonym "Head", former guitarist of Grammy-award winning band Korn
* The Head, an animated television series on MTV.

* Head (beer), the frothy emulsion of liquid and carbon dioxide at the top of beer
* Head, a member of the drug subculture.
* Head (company), a manufacturer and marketer of sports equipment
* Fellatio and cunnilingus are also known as "giving head"
* Concurrent Versions System HEAD
* Slang for restroom. i.e. "I'm gonna hit the head."
* Head (wrestling), Al Snow's mannequin head character
* Heads, the obverse side of a coin
* HEAD, an HTTP request method
* Head Shampoo, an all-natural shampoo first made popular in the early 1970s
* Head teacher (headmaster or headmistress), sometimes called "the head"
* Glans penis, a part of the penis that is colloquially called the "head" in humans

People with the surname Head

* Anthony Head (born 1954), English actor and musician
* Antony Head, 1st Viscount Head (1906–1983), British Member of Parliament, peer and statesman.
* Edith Head, Hollywood costumer of the mid-20th century
* Frederick Waldegrave Head (1874–1941), Anglican archbishop of Melbourne, Australia
* Henry Head (1861-1940), English neurologist
* Murray Head (born 1946), British actor and singer
* Luther Head, NBA basketball player
* James W. Head III, notable American biologist and consultant for "Newton's Apple"

ee also

* [http://www.worldfamilies.net/surnames/h/head/ Head Surname DNA Project]
* tête, head in French, disambiguation page

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