caption=A close up of Brother Royal, leader of the Badoon (art by Brent Anderson)
publisher=Marvel Comics
debut="Silver Surfer" v1 #2, October 1968
creators=Stan Lee and John Buscema
homeworld=Moord (males)
Lotiara (females)
notable members=Brother Royal, Tolaria
subcat=Marvel Comics
The Badoon are a reptillian alien species in the fictional Marvel Comics universe. They are notable for having a gender schism, resulting in two separate societies; the Brotherhood of Badoon (ruled by a 'Brother Royal') and the Sisterhood of Badoon (ruled by a Queen).

The Brotherhood live on the planet Moord ["Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe" #2, 1983] , while the Sisterhood reside on the Badoon homeworld of Lotiara ["Defenders" v1 #28, by Steve Gerber, Oct 1975] (Capella II ["Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe" #2] , also known as 'Swampworld'), 42.2 light years from Earth.

Fictional history

The Badoon are older than the Kree and the Skrulls. There was a natural hatred between the two genders, and they fought each other in long gender wars. Eventually, the males won, placing the females in captivity. In time, the males developed technology and abandoned Lotiara, returning only when their mating drive made it necessary. The males became conquerors of worlds, while the females became pacifists, content to remain in peace on their homeworld and ignorant of the males' star-spanning empire ["Defenders" v1 #28, by Steve Gerber, Oct 1975] .Among the Brotherhood's conquest attempts are the Zen Whoberi, and the extra-dimensional world of Polemachus ["Uncanny X-Men Annual" #5, 1981] . They have been known to form alliances with the Brood ["Contest of Champions" v2 #1-5, Sep-Nov 1999] and the Kree ["Silver Surfer" v3 #27, by Steve Englehart, Sep 1989] .


The Brotherhood are capable of faster-than-light space travel and also possess personal cloaking technology. They employ a hand-held particle gun called the 'basic weapon'. There is also a large, muscular cyborg-like being sometimes used in personal combat called the 'Monster of Badoon' ["Silver Surfer" v1 #2, by Stan Lee, Oct 1968] . Although males typically wear minimal clothing, some soldiers wear an explosive 'frag-thong' ["Silver Surfer" v3 #27, by Steve Englehart, Sep 1989] that destroys approximately ten surrounding enemies once a Badoon is shot down.

Other timelines

The Brotherhood are most closely associated with the Guardians of the Galaxy's timeline of Earth-691. In this reality, Earth fought a war with them in the 2900s until both Earth and its solar system colonies were conquered in the year 3007. They were liberated by the intervention of the Sisterhood in 3014 ["Marvel Presents" #3, by Steve Gerber, Feb 1976] . Almost all information about the Sisterhood comes from the Guardians of the Galaxy's encounters with them in this timeline. It isn't entirely clear if this origin story applies to the present day Sisterhood.

In the Earth-93112 timeline, the Badoon Ecclaw was one of the last survivors of the Intergalactic Alliance destroyed by the Magus. He is best known as the mentor of the superhero Maxam ["Warlock and the Infinity Watch" #41] .

In another timeline, the Badoon were conquered by Kang ["Avengers Forever"] .


Further reading

* [ Brother Royal] at the Marvel Appendix

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