BitWise IM

BitWise IM

name = BitWise IM

developer = BitWise Communications, LLC
released = March 2004 
latest_release_version = 1.7.3
latest_release_date = June 25, 2007
programming_language = C++ with wxWidgets
operating_system = Cross-platform
genre = Instant messaging client
license = Proprietary EULA
website = []

BitWise IM (BitWise) is a proprietary, cross-platform instant messaging and presence computer program which allows registered users to communicate in real time. The initial version of BitWise was released by BitWise Communications, LLC. on March 2, 2004.

Three versions of BitWise are available:
* BitWise Personal (previously BitWise Chat), a free version available to home users.
* BitWise Plus, which implements stronger and more customizable encryption settings, enables mass-messaging to groups of contacts, and removes limits on the size of whiteboard images.
* BitWise Professional, a version that provides private IM networks for corporate, non-profit and academic organizations.


Like many instant messaging programs, BitWise users are identified by a screen name. BitWise IM's main features are:

* Text messaging is the original type of instant message; a message comprised solely of text that is typed in one location and pops up instantly on the recipients computer if the user is logged in. BitWise IM will also save message(s) sent to offline users and deliver the them to the recipient upon their next login.

* File sharing allows users to send and receive files from other users.

* Whiteboards provide visual communication by allowing users to draw various shapes and images. Whiteboard contents can be saved and loaded again at a later time.

* Voice chat allows users to use their computer as a telephone with a standard microphone and speakers. BitWise currently supports one-on-one voice chat; voice conferencing is not available.


Although the BitWise Personal service is free, BitWise does require that each user have BitWise IM client installed on their computer. The software is free to download for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.

BitWise IM utilizes free, open source technologies, including wxWidgets for the cross-platform GUI, Crypto++ for encryption, PortAudio, and Speex for voice communication.

Unlike Skype and other P2P applications, BitWise is unable to automatically traverse Symmetric NATs and firewalls. The [ BitWise Routing Server] is provided for users that have multiple computers in their network running BitWise IM that need to accept incoming connections by way of port forwarding.


Both RSA and Blowfish encryption are used to encrypt data exchanged between users. BitWise IM uses 512-bit RSA (up to 2048-bit RSA for Professional users) to negotiate pairwise symmetric Blowfish keys over an authenticated channel. 128-bit Blowfish is used by default; Professional enables Blowfish keys up to 448-bit.

As the BitWise IM code is not public source, the security of the software cannot be readily established. However, there is a white paper on the company's web site describing the encryption process used.

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