DJ Abilities

DJ Abilities

DJ Abilities (born Gregory Keltgen[1]) is a Minnesota-based hip-hop DJ affiliated with Rhymesayers Entertainment. With his emcee partner, the late Eyedea, he formed the group known as Eyedea & Abilities, also known as E&A. He also serves as the DJ for Semi.Official with Minneapolis rapper I Self Devine.

DJ Abilities is well known in the Midwest for being one of the best battle DJs in the local scene, having won both the 1999 and 2001 DMC Regional championships. He is also recognized as a talented producer. He and Eyedea were noted, above all, for their ability to interact in live on stage performances, as well as on record.[2]

DJ Abilities served for some time as Atmosphere's backup/tour DJ, but chose to work more with the Eyedea-Abilities duo.


  • Finally (1997, Rhymesayers)
  • For Persons With DJ Abilities (2000, Rhymesayers)[3]
  • First Born (October 1, 2001, Rhymesayers)
  • Fantastic Damage (May 14, 2002, Def Jux)
  • E&A (2004, Rhymesayers)
  • The Anti-Album (2004, Rhymesayers)
  • By the Throat (2009, Rhymesayers)


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