Closure EP

Closure EP
Compilation album by Everclear
Released November 2, 2004
Recorded 2004
Genre Rock
Label Capitol
Producer Art Alexakis
Everclear chronology
10 Years Gone
The Best of Everclear

Closure is a compilation of live and acoustic songs recorded by the band Everclear. It was the first release to feature the new five-piece line-up of the band, that included Art Alexakis as the only remaining original band member. The 9-track cd was given out to fans who attended Everclear shows in the fall of 2004, the first of which was in Philadelphia on November 3, 2004.

The cd was never sold, and it is unknown how many copies exist. The title "Closure" refers to the fact that the release of Ten Years Gone: The Best of Everclear 1994-2004 was the band's last release on Capitol Records. All of the songs included on Closure are live or acoustic versions of songs that appeared on the band's previous Capitol releases.

The versions included on the cd were recorded in July 2004 for an XM session.

Track listing

  1. Wonderful (Live)
  2. Learning How to Smile (Acoustic)
  3. I Will Buy You a New Life (Live)
  4. Blackjack (Acoustic)
  5. Heroin Girl (Live)
  6. Blondes (Acoustic)
  7. Father of Mine (Live)
  8. The Swing (Acoustic)
  9. Santa Monica


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