Harrison (name)

Harrison (name)

Harrison (or Harrisson or Harryson or Harrysson) (ha-rri-son) is a common patronymic surname with both English and Celtic origins. It can mean both "son of Harry" and "Golden Strength".Fact|date=August 2008 Early records suggest that the surnames Harrison and Harris were used interchangeably by some families. It is likely that to this day there are some Harrisons and Harrises that are related. DNA Surname projects exist for both Harrison [cite web |url=http://www.worldfamilies.net/surnames/h/harrison/ |title=Harrison |publisher=worldfamilies.net] and Harris [cite web |url=http://www.harrisdna.org/ |title=Harris |publisher=harrisdna.org]

Harrison is also a popular masculine given name of Old English origin. [cite web |url=http://www.thinkbabynames.com/search.php?s=Harrison&g=1&t=1 |title=Harrison - name meaning & origin |publisher=thinkbabynames.com |accessdate=2008-03-30]

People with the name Harrison or its variants include:


Family name
name =Harrison

pronunciation= "HARE-ee-sun"
meaning ="son of Harris", "son of Harry"
region = Britain
origin =English, Celtic
related names =Harris
footnotes =

*Alvin Harrison, U.S. athlete
*Anna Harrison, wife of U.S. President William Henry Harrison
*Arthur Leyland Harrison, Victoria Cross recipient
*Ashley Harrison, Australian rugby league footballer
*Audley Harrison, professional boxer
*Benjamin Harrison, U.S. President
*Benjamin Harrison V, U.S. planter and revolutionary
*Caroline Harrison, wife of U.S. President Benjamin Harrison
*Charles Custis Harrison, American university provost
*David Harrison (basketball), basketball player
*David H. Harrison, Canadian premier
*Dhani Harrison, musician, son of former Beatle George Harrison
*Douglas Patrick Harrison, chemical engineer
*Elizabeth Harrison, daughter of U.S. President Benjamin Harrison
*Francis Burton Harrison, politician
*Gavin Harrison, drummer
*George Harrison, musician and member of the Beatles
*Gregory Harrison, American television actor
*Harry Harrison, author
*Henry Baldwin Harrison (b.1821), Connecticut governor
*Henry C. Harrison (1836-1929), Australian rules football pioneer
*Henry Thomas Harrison (a.k.a. "Harrison"), a spy for the Confederacy during the American Civil War
*Hubert H. Harrison (1883-1927), African-American socialist and activist described as "the father of Harlem radicalism"
*James Harrison, several people, British, Canadian and Australian
*Jane Ellen Harrison (1850-1928), classical scholar
*Jerry Harrison, musician with the Talking Heads
*John Harrison, clock-maker
*John Harrison (VC 1857), Victoria Cross recipient India
*John Harrison (VC 1917), Victoria Cross recipient WWI
* Kenny Harrison
*Linda Harrison, actress
*Lou Harrison, composer
*Marvin Harrison, NFL wide receiver
*Mary Dimmick Harrison, wife of U.S. President Benjamin Harrison
*M. John Harrison, writer
*Harrison Michael, Composer and Pianist
*Nigel Harrison, British bass guitarist
*Nigel Harrison (actor), British actor
*Pat Harrison, American politician
*Peter Harryson, Swedish actor, singer and entertainer
*Randy Harrison, American actor
*Rex Harrison, actor
*Richard Harrison (several)
*Rodney Harrison, NFL football player
*Steve Harrison, Democratic candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives in 2006
*Thomas Harrison (1610–1666), English political figure
*Thomas Harrison (1744–1829), English architect
*Tom Harrisson, British adventurer, naturalist, ethnographer, and museum curator
*Wallace Harrison, architect
*Wilbert Harrison, singer
*William Harrison (clergyman), clergyman
*William B. Harrison, Jr., CEO JPMorgan Chase
*William Henry Harrison, U.S. president

Given name

Infobox Given name 2
name = Harrison
gender = male
origin = Old English
meaning = "son of Harry", "son of Harris"
pronunciation = "HARE-ee-sun"
related names = Harry

*Harrison Birtwistle (born 1934), British composer
*Harrison C. Davies (born 1990), U.S. actor
*Harrison Ford (born 1942), U.S. actor
*Harrison Gray Otis, U.S. publisher
*Harrison Marks (1926 - 1997), British photographer
*Harrison McCain (1927 – 2004), Canadian businessman
*Harrison Reed (1813 - 1899), U.S. Governor of Florida
*Harrison Schmitt (born 1935), American astronaut, U.S. senator

Fictional characters

* Harrison from Pokèmon
* Steve Harrison (Robert E. Howard), fictional detective created by Robert E. Howard


External links

* [http://www.worldfamilies.net/surnames/h/harrison/ Harrison DNA surname project]
* [http://www.harrisdna.org/ Harris DNA surname project]

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