Nerf N-Strike
Type Toy gun
Company Hasbro
Country United States
Availability 2004–Present
Materials Plastic (blasters)
Foam and rubber (darts)
Slogan "It's Nerf or Nothin'!"
Official website

N-Strike is the main line of Hasbro's Nerf Blasters toy series. This line consists of toy guns that fire rubber-tipped foam darts. While the blasters have been offered in several different colors, the N-Strike's main colors are yellow and orange, despite some models being offered mainly in blue.

In 2011, the Stampede ECS (pictured) was awarded "Boy Toy of the Year" at the 11th Annual Toy of the Year Awards, which is held at the American International Toy Fair in New York City.[1]



External Single Shot (EX)

Element EX-6

The Element EX-6 is a Toys "R" Us exclusive single-shot, muzzle-loading handgun with similar loading and shooting style to the Nite Finder EX-3. It comes with a tactical rail on top and a barrel fitted to carry five extra darts. The Element EX-6 is sold with a red light beam unit which doubles as a red dot pointer, a tactical scope, and 6 darts. As the blaster, beam unit and scope are each designed with the Tactical Rail System, all three items can combine together and the latter two are compatible with other N-Strike blasters. Some criticism with the blaster is that the rail is poorly designed and cannot hold any accessories properly as the recessed center is too deep. The barrel also does not hold the dart completely, leaving roughly one centimeter exposed (this may have been intentional). This pistol seems to be based on the USP.

Jolt EX-1

The Jolt EX-1 is a single-shot micro pistol that resembles the FP-45 Liberator and is roughly the same size as the Secret Strike AS-1. The blaster comes with two Whistler darts. Unlike other blasters, the cocking mechanism is located in the handle. Despite its compact size, the Jolt can fire darts up to 35 feet. For the moment, it is only available in most Kmart and Toys "R" Us stores in the U.S.

Nite Finder EX-3

The Nite Finder EX-3 is a single-shot, muzzle-loading handgun. It comes fitted with a red light, which is modeled on a laser sight, and a rail underneath the barrel for carrying two extra darts. Newer variations of this blaster are designed with the Tactical Rail System, which allows accessories from other blasters to mount on top of the unit. The Nite Finder is one of Nerf's most successful guns, surpassed in this only by the Maverick REV-6. The blaster has received high praise for its simple but effective design. This design simplicity makes it a prime choice for prospective modders, with adjustments ranging from the removal of air restrictors to the addition/replacement of every functional element within the blaster. Design-wise, the Nite Finder resembles a combination of several earlier Nerf designs of the 1990s, offering the red-dot of the older Eagle Eye on a simple and lightweight blaster. This pistol seems to be based on the Luger P08.

Switch Shot EX-3

The Switch Shot EX-3 is a small handgun that fires one dart at a time up to 20–25 feet, with storage under the barrel for two extra darts; though modified streamline darts have ranges of about 35 feet in the gun. It is unique in the fact that by pressing a button near the muzzle, the firing chamber can be removed. A Wii Remote can then slide in, creating a gun-like controller for the Wii games Nerf N-Strike and Nerf N-Strike Elite. With the N-Strike Elite release, the blaster comes with a "Red Reveal" sight attachment that enables players to see hidden targets within the game. The Switch Shot can be either sold with the games, or by itself in some GameStop stores.

Internal Single Shot (IX)

Barrel Break IX-2

The Barrel Break IX-2 is a Toys "R" Us exclusive double barrel shotgun-type blaster, resembling a Lupara. It is designed with the Tactical Rail System and comes with an accessory that can hold eight extra darts. The blaster possesses two ways to fire: The user can pull the trigger halfway back to fire the two darts separately, or pull it all the way back to fire both darts simultaneously. This is the same firing style as the Buzz Bee Double Shot and the Air Zone Shotgun.

Reflex IX-1

The Reflex IX-1 (sold in Japan as Handgat IX-1) is a tiny, single shot, muzzle loading pistol. This gun seems to be modeled after a Glock pistol and the ASP, and is the smallest blaster to have a tactical rail. It is popular due to its high ranges as 35–40 feet. The Reflex can be sold individually, with a tech target or in a pack of 6 called the N-Strike Attack Unit, which is available exclusively at Toys "R" Us.

Scout IX-3

The Scout IX-3 is a small blaster similar to the Nite Finder and Switch Shot. It bears more resemblance to a real life handgun than any other Nerf blaster. When combined with the Unity Power System, the blaster has a small button on the top to make it possible to shoot while attached to the Titan AS-V.I using a small button on the left side of the Titan. While it is included in the Unity Power System, it is not part of the similarly packaged Hulk Abomination Blaster. The Scout is also included in the Tech Target set and a 2-pack gift set (sold as a Kmart exclusive in the U.S. and a Sainsbury's exclusive in the U.K.).

Revolver (REV)

Firefly REV-8

The Firefly REV-8 is a Nerf blaster that resembles an FN P90 submachine gun and uses an 8-dart rotating turret and also carries eight additional darts for spare ammo. The blaster is notable, though it can shoot any kind of Nerf dart, for having a specialized, glow-in-the-dark dart made specially for it; each dart is charged by a bright light out of the muzzle before being shot. The blaster has a tactical rail at the top, but the iron sight just in front will make it difficult to mount on scopes correctly. It was also released in a yellow/red/orange color scheme as the Stark Industries N.R.F. 425 blaster to tie in with the first Iron Man movie for international markets (U.S. markets got a repainted Magstrike AS-10), but lacked the glow darts and flash circuitry.

Maverick REV-6

The Maverick REV-6 is a revolver-type blaster and is currently Nerf's most successful and most popular gun to date. Receiving very high praise, the Maverick is one of the most popular for its ability to be modified and for its low price. The Maverick REV-6 is capable of firing darts up to 25 feet and at an average firing rate of 60 shots per minute. The slip clutch in the Maverick's revolving barrel is known to cause jams; if this becomes a problem to the user it is possible to modify the clutch to no longer slip. Other popular modifications include the "Barrel Drop" mod, which enables the revolving barrel to drop out far enough to grant access to 4 barrels, instead of the 2 allowed in stock form.

Spectre REV-5

The Spectre REV-5 is a Walmart exclusive revolver-type blaster with a folding stock and faux silencer barrel attachment. Seen as a fusion of the Recon CS-6 and Maverick REV-6, the Spectre is labeled as a "customizable stealth blaster". The stock and barrel can also attach to other N-Strike blasters such as the Longstrike CS-6, Barricade RV-10 and Raider Rapid Fire CS-35, while the blaster's Tactical Rail System allows the attachment of other accessories such as a tactical scope or targeting sight. It is presumably the real life release of the Vengeance REV-8 from the Wii video game Nerf N-Strike, but holds only five darts instead of eight. In Japan, the blaster is sold as the Bone Revolve REV-5. Also, this blaster somewhat resembles a MG-42 (with the stock and silencer attached).

Electronic Revolver (RV)

Barricade RV-10

The Barricade RV-10 (Auto Barricade RV-10 in Japan)[2] is a 10-dart revolver-type pistol that uses an electric flywheel mechanism similar to Buzz Bee Toys' Tommy 20 or Ultimate Rapid Blast and the Air Zone Power Strike Quick Fire 48. It is designed with a stock attachment point and the Tactical Rail System so it can be equipped with accessories found in other N-Strike blasters. The blaster requires 3 AA batteries to run the motor, which can be turned on and off by a switch near the handle. Pulling the trigger with the gun turned on fires a dart through the use of a pair of flywheels. The blaster can be fired as quickly as the user can pull the trigger, but doing so decreases ranges to 25 feet, because the flywheels slow down a little bit due to the dart making contact with the flywheels. If the user wants the gun to fire at its maximum range, a half-second pause must be given between shots to allow the flywheels to get back to full speed. Though this shouldn't really be much of a concern, while the real downside to this blaster is the noise generated by the flywheel motors, rendering it useless in stealth missions. In addition, the darts cannot be fired without activating the motors. The gun also cannot be switched to off and then turned on quickly, as the flywheels take too long to charge up. This requires having to leave the gun on all the time (even when not firing), not to mention the added power drain on the batteries. While the blaster can use Whistler or Suction darts, it is not compatible with Clip System darts, as the diameter of their tips are too small to make contact with the flywheels. A popular mod for this blaster is to make the flywheels activate when the trigger is pulled by means of a pressure switch; with enough voltage, the flywheels can spin up and fire almost instantaneously, hence longer range and faster response time when the flywheels are first turned on. This makes this mod rather useful. It is seen in the design that Hasbro possibly originally intended for the blaster to function like this, as there is an unconnected pressure switch already in the gun below the normal switch. The other popular mod is to put layers of tape on the flywheels until they are big enough to make contact with Clip System darts. It is sometimes known as the Clavering Ø for unknown reasons, though possibly as an odd sort of exclamation referring to the 'personal-defense' use of the weapon in Nerf games.

In March 2011, Walmart released a special Barricade set bundled with the Raider CS-35's stock repainted yellow. In July, a special Transformers edition was released as a San Diego Comic-Con International exclusive. The blaster is painted blue and red with images of Optimus Prime decorating it. In September, a yellow Bumblebee edition was released for the New York Comic-Con.

Air System (AS)

Hornet AS-6

The Hornet AS-6 is a six-barrel blaster which fires darts either one after another or at the same time using a button on the side of the gun. Like the Titan AS V.1, it is commonly sold as part of the 3-in-1 N-Strike Unity Power System; but unlike the Titan or the Scout IX-3, it is available by itself. The blaster has also been re-released as part of the Hulk Abomination Blaster set.

Magstrike AS-10

The Magstrike AS-10 is a 10-shot, fully auto blaster that resembles a paintball marker. It can be fired full-auto or in a firing method similar to the slam-firing on the Raider CS-35 and Alpha Trooper CS-18. The blaster has a longer range but smaller dart capacity then the AS-20. Normally, it is common to see the Magstrike in Target department stores, but it was re-released to many department stores when it was re-named the "Stark Industries N.R.F. 425 Blaster" in conjunction to the first Iron Man film. However, since the blaster has several problems, such as leaking air over time as it is used and its lengthy reload time, the Dart Tag Magstrikes have been discontinued and are no longer in production. However, a new model to tie into the N-Strike line was released as a Target exclusive, and has improved the air tank. Although the gun features a tactical rail, it is poorly placed behind where the clip is inserted. As the gun fires, the clip raises out the top of the gun, blocking the way of whatever sight is mounted on. However, since this blaster is fully automatic, and can empty its entire clip in about a second, the user would only need to pinpoint temporarily, unleashing the entire clip onto the target.

Rapid Fire AS-20

The Rapid Fire AS-20 is a revolving fully automatic blaster, loosely modeled after either a gatling gun, or a minigun. Originally introduced in 2001, the Rapid Fire was later re-released in the N-Strike line as a Target exclusive. It is capable of firing in either full-auto or semi-auto, depending on the position of the switch on the side. It has a shorter range but greater dart capacity than the Magstrike. This gun has a high rate-of-fire of 480-600 rounds per minute. As one of the oldest Nerf blaster models, the Rapid Fire lacks the tactical rails that newer models carry.

Secret Strike AS-1

The Secret Strike AS-1 (formerly known as the Secret Target Strike) is Nerf's smallest blaster. It is primed by pumping the handle underneath the barrel 7-10 times. The blaster is fired using the button on the top. It is also the first dart gun to come with a belt clip. Despite its size, it is advertised as having a range of 30 feet. Since its release, the Secret Strike has been molded in several different color schemes; the most commonly available is the current N-Strike yellow/orange scheme. Most package variants come with a cut-out target.

Air System Vessel (AS-V)

Titan AS-V.1

The Titan AS-V.I, also known as the Big Bad Titan, is a single-shot, muzzle loading rocket launcher, with a slight resemblance to an RPG-7. The Titan is Nerf's most powerful gun, and can shoot over a very long distance. Although it says on the box it can shoot 60 feet, it has been said to be able to shoot over 80 feet by angling the gun upwards. Due to the possibility of potential injury, it is quite rare to see it on sale by itself at any other store than Target (US) or Zellers (Canada). It is common to see it though as part of the N-Strike Unity Power System at Toys "R" Us. For safety concerns, a plastic bead inside the gun rolls down a plastic track and blocks the trigger from being pulled if the gun is aimed above a 45 degree angle. It was also re-released as part of the Hulk Abomination Blaster set which was released in conjunction with The Incredible Hulk movie.

Clip System (CS)

Alpha Trooper CS-18

The Alpha Trooper CS-18 is a Target (U.S., Australia), Zellers (Canada) and Argos (UK) exclusive slam-fire blaster similar to the Raider CS-35, but in a size close to the Recon CS-6. It is racked by a handle at the bottom of the barrel. The blaster has a stock attachment point that is compatible with the stocks of the Recon and Spectre REV-5, as well as a Tactical Rail System that can accommodate accessories such as a sight or tactical light on top of the unit. Like the Recon, the Alpha Trooper's pistol grip has a hidden compartment that can hold one extra dart. The Alpha Trooper also can function in "slam-fire" mode like the Raider. The blaster is praised for being a small and lightweight, yet high-capacity blaster. However, it is quite easy to clear the entire 18 round drum quickly in slam fire (a feature it shares with the Raider) and is prone to misfire when firing quickly. The gun shoots surprisingly far with brand new darts. The iron bar sight works pretty well and better than other sights(i.e. scope). it is also quite common for the clip release and pump to lock up if the drum is not firmly in place.

Deploy CS-6

The Deploy CS-6 (Flash Break CS-6 in Japan) gets its name because it can transform from a flashlight to a pump-action blaster at the press of a button and is modeled after a Heckler & Koch G11. The gun bears its own faux scope inside the carry handle and a built-in flashlight that requires 3 AAA batteries to function. The Tactical Rail System allows the attachment of accessories such as a pinpoint sight, scope or tactical sight to the top of the unit. In addition, the barrel allows the attachment of extensions used by the Spectre REV-5, Recon CS-6 or Longstrike CS-6. It uses the popular clip system, but frequently jams. In addition, there have been instances of the gun being sold without any darts.

Longshot CS-6

The Longshot CS-6 is meant to resemble a sniper rifle, fitted with a scope and a barrel extension that acts as a single blaster. Its stock can also hold an extra clip. The blaster measures 38.5 inches, making the second longest on the line. It is fed by a clip system and is primed by a charging bolt. The barrel extension doubles as a single shot, muzzle-loading pistol. The gun itself resembles a DSR-50 anti-material rifle (even though its bolt system is a pull-back like that of semiautomatic rifles such as the Barrett M82). This gun is arguably the most popular to mod, some of the many modifications that can be done to this blaster are removing the air restrictor, plugging the air release in the barrel, an aluminum bolt sled, a brass breach, adding a stronger spring, a cushioned plunger, front gun integration, and many others. With these mods, a Longshot can easily achieve ranges in excess of 70–90 feet. As of 2010, the Longshot is no longer in production and is now a rarity in stores, following the release of its replacement, the Longstrike CS-6.

Longstrike CS-6

The Longstrike CS-6 (sold in Japan as the Sniper Shot CS-6) is meant to resemble a sniper rifle and a variant of the Recon CS-6, fitted with a sight and long barrel. At over three feet, the Longstrike is currently Nerf's longest gun. It utilizes an ambidextrous straight-pull bolt action. Two magazines can be stored in the thumbhole stock. The Longstrike looks most like the Dragunov SVD, but also appears to take cues from the Accuracy International Arctic Warfare. The barrel can be detached to convert the Longstrike into a pistol (similar to the "Obrez" variant of the Mosin-Nagant) for close-range attacks. Once the stock is attached, then it cannot be detached without opening the gun. In addition, the blaster is compatible with the barrel attachments of the Recon, Longshot CS-6 and Spectre REV-5. The blaster is very popular, currently more so than the Longshot, but almost entirely because of its looks, despite having far inferior ranges compared to the Longshot due the reverse-plunger firing system. Though the range problem can be addressed by sealing holes in the tube behind the jam door at the top of the gun, removal of the air restrictor, a spring addition/replacement the final max range hovers around 40'. The holes reduce firepower because air from the plunger escapes through them.

Raider (Rapid Fire) CS-35

The Raider Rapid Fire CS-35 is a pump-action blaster, which is cocked by the front handle at the bottom of the barrel. The Raider also introduces a new feature: slam fire. With slam fire, the trigger is held down and each pump fires a dart. The maximum darts fired per second is about 2 1/2. The Raider also features a detachable collapsible stock that can also fit the Recon CS-6, Spectre REV-5, Barricade RV-10 and Alpha Trooper CS-18. It also has a unique drum magazine with a 35 dart capacity that is not sold separately, and can fit in any other Clip System blaster. The primary downside of the gun is its unpredictable ranges of about 10 to a maximum of 30 feet. Like the Recon CS-6 and the Alpha Trooper CS-18, it also contains a hidden dart holder in the blaster grip. Also, it has a slight resemblance to a MP35, while the pump handle is similar to the one seen in some Ithaca Stakeout shotguns which use a forearm grip (including the one commonly used by Philip Michael Thomas in Miami Vice).

Rayven CS-18

The Rayven CS-18 is an upcoming semi-automatic blaster that resembles the FN P90. Like the Barricade RV-10, it uses a dual flywheel mechanism (which requires four AA batteries) to fire the darts; however, unlike the Barricade, the flywheel motor and ammunition chamber are located behind the trigger. Instead of an on/off switch, the Rayven has a priming trigger under the main trigger to power the flywheel, similar to the Vortex Nitron. Being the Clip System version of the Firefly REV-8, the Rayven uses a special battery-operated magazine clip (which runs on three AA batteries) that lights up the glow-in-the-dark Streamline darts before firing. The Rayven differentiates itself from other Nerf blasters with its electric lime color. The blaster is designed with a barrel tip that can accommodate attachments from the Longstrike CS-6, Recon CS-6 or Spectre REV-5. In addition, it has two tactical rails for further customization.

Recon CS-6

The Recon CS-6 is a Nerf blaster that can be used as a rifle or pistol that shoots 6 rounds of streamline darts. It is one of the most popular blasters in the market - surpassed only by the Maverick REV-6 and Nite Finder EX-3. The Recon is cocked by a slide mechanism. Included with the Recon are a detachable stock, a barrel attachment (allows two-handed operations) with tactical rails on the top and bottom, back-up iron sights and a rail-mounted tactical light that doubles as a laser pointer. The Recon can swap barrel attachments with the Longstrike CS-6 and Spectre REV-5 (these barrel attachments are also compatible with the Deploy CS-6 and Rayven CS-18), and the Recon's wire stock works with blasters designed with stock attachments such as the Alpha Trooper CS-18 and Barricade RV-10. The stock can hold one extra magazine (which is not included), and there is a hidden dart holder in the pistol grip. As part of the Clip System (CS) series, the blaster is compatible with all types of magazines used by other CS blasters. The Recon has encountered criticism for jamming problems, but received praise for its convertible and innovative design. It was recalled in 2009 because the blaster's plunger was exposed, and could catch on to skin as the gun was fired, causing bruises, welts and occasionally cuts.[3] The new Recon blasters now have a cover over the plunger. This gun bears much resemblance to an M16 rifle (With stock and barrel).

Electronic Clip System (ECS)

Stampede ECS

The Stampede ECS (sold in Japan as the Blazing Burst ECS) is Nerf's first fully auto clip system blaster, requiring six 1.5 Volt "D" batteries to operate. It introduced a new model of clip, holding 18 streamline darts instead of six. The blaster includes a tactical blast shield, tactical foregrip with pop-out bipod, three 18-dart clips, one 6-dart clip, and sixty streamline darts, but some bonus packages includes 4 18-dart magazines and 2 6-dart magazine, or 40 bonus darts. The gun also has 6 Tactical Rails, which allows the attachment of accessories from other N-Strike blasters such as a pinpoint sight, scope, or tactical light. It is easy to hold and not as heavy as the Vulcan. It is also the real release of the "Spartan" from the video games, as the two guns have striking resemblances, though it bears the name of a different blaster also from the game. It was to originally supposed to include a 50-dart drum, as the pre-order name was "Stampede ECS-50", and an early concept image showed the blaster with a dual drum magazine, similar to the Beta C-Mag.

Electronically Belt Fed (EBF)

Vulcan EBF-25

The Vulcan EBF-25 (sold in the UK as the Havok Fire EBF-25) is a fully automatic machine gun, fitted with a removable tripod. This blaster resembles the M249 SAW (as it does not bear a stock like most machine guns). It was the first N-Strike blaster to be belt fed (earlier Nerf products had experimented with belt operation in the 1990s, including the RotoTrak, Chainblazer, and Razorbeast) and is currently the only one to use it. It can be fired in bolt action single-shot mode or full-auto mode with 6 D batteries. The blaster has three tactical rails that can be used to mount additional accessories such as a targeting sight. A single belt, which holds 25 darts, will fit into the ammo box on the side of the gun, and additional belts can be purchased separately. Sometimes it is known to jam (almost the same as the Mech Tommy 20) due to its unreliable feed system, even though it fires faster than the Stampede. The Vulcan has also been heavily panned for its 7-pound weight, thus hindering mobility. Though it sports a carry handle, and a strap can be hooked onto the blaster, which will make up for the movement problem. Though the carry handle has had its own criticism, as it gets in the way of the top tactical rail, making it difficult to mount on/remove some accessories (typically the Longshot scope). But despite this criticism, the Vulcan still remains in high popularity among almost all Nerf fans. Also it is popular gun to mod, including larger ammo belts, increasing firing speed, and fully automated sentry turret (which can be controlled by a computer).

Value Packs

Unity Power System

The 3-in-1 Unity Power System is a Toys "R" Us exclusive combination of the Titan AS-V.1, the Hornet AS-6 and the Scout IX-3 - all of which are repainted in red. Once combined, all three blasters can be fired through the Titan.

Disk Shot

The Disk Shot is a set that comes with the Element EX-6 with six suction darts, an electric-powered disk launcher with six foam disks and a wireless remote control that can be attached to the tactical rail of any Nerf blaster. Much like clay pigeon shooting machines, the launcher fires the disks in the air at different angles for moving target practice.

Element Action Kit

The Element EX-6 Action Kit is a Toys "R" Us exclusive gift set that includes the Element blaster with suction darts, a tactical scope and a tactical light.

Tech Target

The Tech Target is a set that comes with two Reflex IX-1 blasters and an electronic target board. It is also sold in sets of one blaster. The board has pressure-sensitive panels that register hits from darts and an LED counter to indicate game modes and scores.

Attack Unit

The N-Strike Attack Unit is a Toys "R" Us exclusive gift set that includes six Reflex IX-1 blasters (three yellow, three blue) and 12 whistler darts.

Quick Blast Game

The N-Strike Quick Blast Game includes two Reflex IX-1 blasters (one yellow, one blue), four whistler darts, a deck of robot playing cards and nine target stands, along with instructions on how to play any of the four card games.


Numerous accessories for Nerf blasters are available separately or supplied with selected blasters. These consist of ammunition holders or attachments that enhance the functional and/or aesthetic elements of Nerf blasters, as well as some Super Soaker blasters.

Tactical Rail Accessories

Mission kits

  • Tactical Light - A small light accessory that emits a green-blue beam that simulates a laser sight, powered by three 1.5V AAA batteries. Comes with 10 micro darts.
  • Tactical Scope - A non-functional telescopic sight with a removable orange lens for improved vision under light. The scope also has a tactical rail to mount other accessories. Sold individually with 10 Suction darts or bundled with the Element EX-6 Action Kit. A different version of this scope is bundled with the Longshot CS-6.
  • Pinpoint Sight - A sight using a red dot. The red dot sight is better with short-ranged weapons. Comes with 10 suction darts.

Blaster-included accessories

  • Dual-Mode Light - The version of the Tactical Light sold with the Recon CS-6 and Element EX-6 Action Kit emits a red light and runs on two AAA batteries, and features a lever that adjusts the diameter of the beam. In addition, this version has a tactical rail to mount other accessories on top of it.
  • Flip-Up Sight - An iron sight provided with the Recon CS-6 or Longstrike CS-6.
  • 8-Dart Ammunition Holder - Included with the Barrel Break IX-2.
  • Stampede Shield - A shield used for blocking incoming darts.
  • Stampede Bipod/Vertical Grip - A grip handle that mounts on the bottom or side rails of the Stampede. A button on the rear deploys the bipod legs to mount the blaster on a flat surface for increased accuracy.
  • Longshot Scope - A scope that comes with the Longshot CS-6. It is another version of the tactical scope. It can be good with high power shot nerf guns.

Ammunition accessories

  • Flip Clip - A plastic coupler that connects two Clip System magazines together for faster reloading. Comes with two magazines and 30 Streamline darts.
  • Bandolier - A bandolier strap that holds individual darts and Clip System magazines. Comes with two magazines and 24 Streamline darts.
  • Tactical Vest - A black vest that holds up to 12 darts, four Clip System magazines and two N-Force swords. Comes with two translucent magazines and 12 streamline darts.
  • Ammo Bag - A forest camouflage colored bag that holds up to 100 darts or a combination of darts and clip system magazines. Comes with 50 camouflage Streamline darts, suction darts, or whistler darts.
  • Ammo Box - A gray foot-locker-style box that holds more than 300 darts. Comes with 100 Sonic micro darts or 100 Streamline darts.

Other Interchangeable Accessories


  • Recon Barrel
  • Longshot Extender
  • Longstrike Barrel
  • Spectre Barrel


  • 6-Dart Clip - Sold with the Recon, Deploy, Longshot, Longstrike and Stampede ECS.
  • 18-Dart Extended Clip - Sold only with the Stampede ECS.
  • 18-Dart Drum - Sold with the Alpha Trooper CS-18. Also sold separately
  • 35-Dart Drum Magazine - Sold only with the Raider CS-35.

Shoulder Stocks

  • Recon Stock
  • Raider Stock
  • Yellow Raider Stock - Sold only with the Barricade RV-10 Walmart value pack.
  • Spectre Stock Foldable


  • Vulcan Belt
  • Secret Strike Belt Clip
  • Magstrike Magazine


All Nerf blasters come packaged with a set of foam darts, ballistic balls or mega darts matched to fit into their chambers. However, refill darts are also available in packs of 16, 32, 36, 160 or 216, or with ammo boxes/bags, clip or bandolier kits. With the exception of the Clip System blasters, all Nerf dart blasters are compatible with the different types of foam darts available; the Clip System blasters will only take Streamline darts, which have smaller diameter tips.

  • Suction darts - Blue/Black-tipped foam darts with suction cups that stick to glass windows or flat surfaces. Also available in forest camouflage when bought with the Ammo Bag.
  • Whistler darts - Black-tipped darts with holes on their sides, which emit whistling sounds when fired. Also available in forest camouflage when bought with the Ammo Bag.
  • Sonic micro darts - Reverse-colored Whistler darts in black with orange tips.
  • Clip System (Streamline) darts - Orange-tipped darts with a smaller diameter, designed to fit in Clip System magazines. Also available in forest camouflage when bought with the Ammo Bag.
  • Glow-in-the-dark darts - White suction darts that glow in the dark. They only glow, though, if shot by certain blasters like the Firefly REV-8
  • Ballistic balls - Green foam balls designed for the Ballistic Ball launchers.
  • Tagger darts - Orange/Blue darts with Velcro attached to the tip; this allowes it to attach to cloth targets. The Tagger darts included with the dart tag blasters also whistle.


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  • strike — 1 vb struck, struck, also, strick·en, strik·ing vi 1: to remove or delete something 2: to stop work in order to force an employer to comply with demands vt 1: to remove or delete from a legal document a …   Law dictionary

  • Strike Witches — ストライクウィッチーズ (Sutoraikuwicchīzu) Género Ciencia Ficción, Ecchi Novela ligera Strike Witches Suomus Iranko Chūtai Ganbaru (1), Koisuru (2), Hajikeru (3) Creado por Nob …   Wikipedia Español

  • strike — [strīk] vt. struck, struck or occas. (but for vt. 11 commonly and for vt. 8 & 15 usually) stricken, striking, [ME striken, to proceed, flow, strike with rod or sword < OE strican, to go, proceed, advance, akin to Ger streichen < IE * streig …   English World dictionary

  • Strike rate — refers to two different statistics in the sport of cricket. Batting strike rate is a measure of how frequently a batsman achieves the primary goal of batting, namely scoring runs. Bowling strike rate is a measure of how frequently a bowler… …   Wikipedia

  • Strike — Strike, v. i. To move; to advance; to proceed; to take a course; as, to strike into the fields. [1913 Webster] A mouse . . . struck forth sternly [bodily]. Piers Plowman. [1913 Webster] 2. To deliver a quick blow or thrust; to give blows. [1913… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • Strike Back: Project Dawn — Género Drama, Acción, Militar Reparto Sullivan Stapleton[1] Philip Winchester Richard Armitage Amanda Mealing Eva Birthistle Michelle Lukes Rhashan Stone Jimi Mistry …   Wikipedia Español

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