The Way

The Way

The Way may refer to a spiritual path:
* An early term for early Christianity (see also The Two Ways)
* The Way of the Cross, a Catholic devotion to the Passion of Christ.
* The Way (church) (Japanese: 道会, "michikai"), a Japanese movement founded by Matsumura Kaiseki in 1907
* The Way International, a religious organization founded by Victor Paul Wierwille.
* The Way of Madonna Della Strada
* The Way of Tao or Taoism
* The Way, or , of any number of spiritual and martial disciplines stemming from Japanese culture.
* The Way of the Buddha Dharma, or Buddhism
* The Way of Shinto
* Christian Conventions, a Christian sect, also known by its membership as "The Truth" or "The Way", referred to by non-members, pejoratively in many cases, as "Two by Two"s, as well as by other largely pejorative names.

The Way may also refer to:
* The Way (band), a Christian country-rock band of the early 1970s, part of the Jesus Movement
* The Way (Daniel Bedingfield song), a 2005 single from Daniel Bedingfield
* The Way/Solitaire, a 2004 single by Clay Aiken
* The Way (Greg Bear) is a fictional universe concerning the novels Eon, Eternity, Legacy, The Way of All Ghosts. It features the fictional cosmological construct (an artificial universe) called The Way (spacetime continuum).
*"The Way" (book), a 1939 book on Catholic spirituality, written by Josemaría Escrivá de Balaguer
* The Way (song), a 1998 song released by Fastball.

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