Appeals Selection Committee of the Supreme Court of Norway

Appeals Selection Committee of the Supreme Court of Norway

The Appeals Selection Committee of the Supreme Court (in Norwegian Høyesteretts ankeutvalg) was originally a Court of Norway in its own right [Lov om domstolene (domstolloven, English "The Courts Code") av 13. august 1915 § 1] , however, it does not anymore constitute an instance – a case will be decided upon "either" by the Appeals Selection Committee "or" it will be decided upon by the Supreme Court. The Appeals Selection Committee is intermittently comprised with three Supreme Court Justices appointed by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Norway. [Domstolloven § 8]

In penal cases which have been appealed from the Lagmannsrett (Court of Appeals) [Straffeprosessloven (The Code of Criminal Procedure) § 323] and in civil action cases where the appeal pertained to a substance valued at less than NOK 100,000 [Lov om rettergangsmåten for tvistemål (tvistemålsloven, English "Civil Proceedings Act") av 13. august 1915 § 357] a leave from the Appeals Selection Committee is required for the case to be tried before the Supreme Court. Besides, the Appeals Selection Committee is authorized to reject appeals if, among other things, the possibility of a successful appeal is obviously non-existent. [Tvistemålsloven § 373]

Besides, the Appeals Selection Committee is the final authority on appeals.

The rulings of the Appeals Selection Committee are published in Norsk Retstidende (Norwegian Law Reports).

Pursuant to the implementation on January 1, 2008 of the "Lov om mekling og rettergang i sivile tvister" (tvisteloven), the Appeals Selection Committee of the Supreme Court changed its Norwegian name from Høyesteretts kjæremålsutvalg to Høyesteretts ankeutvalg, on the count of the sole use of the term "anke" (appeal) instead of the antiquated synonymous term "kjæremål"



* Jon Gisle, "et al": "Jusleksikon", Kunnskapsforlaget, Oslo (2003). ISBN 82-573-1338-6

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