List of motion picture production companies

List of motion picture production companies


*Aqua Films
*Argentina Sono Film S.A.C.I.
*Aleph Producciones
*BD Cine
*Guacamole Films
*Impacto Cine
*Patagonik Film Group


*Efftee Studios
*New South Wales Film and Television Office
*Rising Sun Pictures
*Snowgum Films
*Village Roadshow
*Working Dog Productions




*Skylimit Pictures
*Studio 100


*CDI Virtual Brazilfilms Inc.
*O2 Filmes
*Globo Filmes
*Lereby Productions


*Barna-Alper Productions
*Breakthrough Films & Television
*Brightlight Pictures
*Cloud Ten Pictures
*Emmerson Denney Films
*Gallay/Hartt Productions
*Hit and Run Productions
*Image Diffusion International
*Leda Serene Films
*National Film Board of Canada
*Paperny Films
*Shaftesbury Films
*Shavick Entertainment
*True West Films




*Changchun Film Group Corporation
*Great Wall Film Company
*Hengdian World Studios
*Lianhua Film Company
*Mingxing Film Company
*Minxin Film Company
*Northeast Film Studio
*Shanghai Animation Film Studio
*Shanghai Film Studio
*Shanghai Fine Art Cinema
*Xinhua Film Company


*Saga Studios
*Sunico Films


*Paraply Films
*Yleisradio (YLE)
*Finnkino Oy


*Wild Bunch
*CiBy 2000


*Bavaria Film Studios
*Constantin Film AG
*Deutsche Film-Aktiengesellschaft (DEFA)
*neue deutsche Filmgesellschaft
*Rialto Film
*Universum Film AG (UFA)
*Werner Herzog Filmproduktion


*CL Productions
*Spentzos Films


*JAP Films
*Objektív Filmstúdió Vállalat
*Objektív Film

Hong Kong

*Golden Harvest
*Shaw Brothers


*Icelandic Film
*Blueeyes Productions
*Nordisk Film
*The Icelandic Film Company
*The Icelandic Film Center


*Rapi Films


*Dharma Productions
*Leukos Films
*Rajshri Productions
*S Pictures
*Trimurti Films
*Yash Raj Films
*Bombay Talkies (1934-1954)


*Italian International Film


*Enoki Films
*Kadokawa Pictures
*Makino Film Productions
*Studio Ghibli
*Toei Company
*Winery Productions




*Esperanto Films


*24fps Features
*Filmfabriek Hollandia (1912–1922)
*Fu Works
*Motel Films

New Zealand

*Avalon/NFU Studios
*WingNut Films
*New Zealand Film Commission
*New Zealand On Air
*Silverscreen Films
*New Zealand Film Production Fund


*Maipo Film- og TV Produksjon
*Norsk Film
*Filmhuset AS


*GMA Films
*LVN Pictures
*Regal Films
*Sampaguita Pictures
*Star Cinema
*Viva Films


*P. A. T.
*P. P. Film Polski (Communist-era monopoly)
*Polska Spolka Filmova
*Polski Tobis Film


*Rosa Filmes


*Media Pro Pictures
*Temple Film
*Transilvania Film
*Solaris Films


Парамаунт Мидиа Интернашинал, Москва/Киев(Paramount Media International, Moscow/Kiev)
*Gorky Film Studio


* [ Eleven Dreams, S.L.U.]
*Oro Films S.A.
*Eurocine Films


*Film i Väst
*Sonet Film
*AB Svensk Filmindustri
*System Elion


*Dovzhenko Film Studios

United Kingdom

*Ambassador Film Productions Ltd.
*Anglo-Amalgamated Productions Ltd.
*BBC Films
*The Archers
*British Lion Films
*Ealing Films Ltd.
*Gainsborough Pictures
*Gate Studios
*Gaumont-British Picture Corp. Ltd.
*Great Productions Ltd.
*Hammer Film Productions Ltd.
*Rank Organisation Film Productions Ltd.
*Sketchy Mic Studios Ltd.
*Working Title Films
*Edinburgh Film Studios
*Elstree Studios
*MGM-British Studios
*Palace Pictures films
*Dragon International Film Studios
*Denham films
*Pinewood films
*Vertigo Films

United States

*2929 Productions
*The Lenz Films Studio City CA.
*Girl George Productions Carmichael CA.
*A-Men Productions Inc.
*Alexander, M&A, Productions Inc.
*Allied Artists Pictures Corporation
*Allied Artists Productions Inc.
*Alperson, Edward L., Productions Inc.
*Amblin Entertainment
*American International Pictures
*American Pictures Co.
*American Zoetrope
*Argosy Pictures Corp.
*Artisan Entertainment
*Astor Productions Inc.
*Avnet-Kerner Productions
*Batjac Productions Inc.
*Blinding Edge Pictures
*Blue Sky Studios
*Brainstorm Films
*Broder, Jack, Productions Inc.
*Cathedral Films Inc.
*Caravan Pictures
*Carolco Pictures
*CDI Virtual Brazilfilms Inc.
*Cedar Grove Productions
*Christie Film Company
*Cinemation Industries
*Clover Productions Inc.
*Columbia TriStar Motion Picture Group
*Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc.
*Compass International Pictures
*Davis Entertainment
*Disney, Walt, Productions Inc.
*Dimension Films
* [ JC/ DV Productions]
*Edison's Black Maria
*Electric Entertainment
*Embassy Pictures
*Essanay Studios
*Famous Players Film Company
*Famous Players-Lasky
*Film Booking Offices of America
*First National
*Four Star Television
*Goldwyn Pictures
*Hallmark Productions Inc.
*Imagine Entertainment
*Interscope Pictures
*Kalem Company
*Keystone Studios
*Legendary Pictures
*Liberty Films
*Lightstorm Entertainment
*Limelight Department
*Lubin Studios
*Mascot Pictures Corporation
*MGM/UA Entertainment Co.
*Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (aka: MGM)
*Metro Pictures
*Monogram Pictures
*Mutual Film
*Nestor Studios
*Neo Art & Logic
*Never Moving Target
*New Line Cinema
*Orion Pictures
*Paramount Pictures Corp.
*Premium Picture Productions
*Producers Releasing Corporation
*Rapscallion Films LLC
*Reliance-Majestic Studios
*Republic Pictures
*Republic Productions (Great Britain) Ltd.
*RKO Pictures Inc.
*Rolfe Photoplays
*Salty Earth Pictures, Inc.
*The Samuel Goldwyn Company
*Samuel Goldwyn Studio
*Silver Pictures
*Scott Free
*Selig Polyscope Company
*Selznick International Pictures
*Sierra Pictures
*Solax Studios
*Spore Media
*Square Pictures
*Steven F. Zambo Productions, Inc.
*Sun Haven Studios
*Thanhouser Company
*Through A Glass Productions
*Touchstone Pictures
*TriStar Pictures, Inc.
*Twentieth Century-Fox Film Corp. (aka, by logo, 20th Century Fox)
*Twentieth Century Pictures
*United Artists Films, Inc.
*United States Productions
*Universal Pictures Co. Inc.
*Universal-International Pictures Inc. (aka U-I)
*Victor Studios
*Vitagraph Studios
*Walden Media
*Warner Bros. Pictures Inc. (aka, by logo, WB)
*Western Film Exchange
*Winchester Pictures Corp.
*The Whartons Studio

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