The Destructors (band)

The Destructors (band)
The Destructors
Origin Peterborough, England
Genres Punk rock
Years active 1977–1979 1980–1984, 2006–present
Labels Paperback, Carnage Benelux, Criminal Damage, Death Records, Illuminated, Radical Change, Rowdy Farrago, Captain Oi!
Associated acts 6ck 6ck 6ck, Speed, The Gestapo, Five Go Mad In Europe, The Now The Blanks
Allen Adams
Dave Colton
Steve Rolls
Rob Baylis
Ian Stapleton
Past members
Phil Atterson
Dip (Paul Wicks)
Joe MacColl
Andrew Jackson
Andrew Butler
Neil Singleton
Dave Ivermee
Andy McDonald
Graham Butt
Nigel Davis
Steve Crosby
Lee Reynolds
Simon Stabler

The Destructors (aka Destructors V) are a punk rock band from Peterborough, England, 1977-1979 then 1980 until 1984. They re-formed as Destructors 666 in 2006.



The band was formed by former 6ck 6ck 6ck members Allen Adams (vocals), Phil Atterson (guitar), and Dip (Paul Wicks) (bass) and various drummers including Steve Rolls and Dave Colton. Later the original band were complemented with a varying line-up including Andy Butler (drums) Andrew Jackson (guitar). Butler and Jackson left in 1978 to set up a new band called The Blanks. Some of Jackson's songs were used in later Destuctors recordings. A Blanks 3 track EP featured the song Northern Ripper which Allen Adams wrote the words. In 1980 The Destructors name was resurrected by Adams with a new line-up of Neil Singleton (vocals), Andy McDonald (drums), and 'Dave Ivermee ' (rhythm guitar) Allen Adams(bass) and later Graham "Gizz" Butt (lead guitar, formerly of The System, (among other bands) before their first release, 1982's Senseless Violence EP.[1] Butt took on the job of writing about half of the band's music, with Adams writing the lyrics. Singleton remembered the songs: "They could be very complicated and a right bastard to remember. He also seemed to have a fixation with serial killers!".[2] A series of EPs and two albums followed before 1984's final album Bomb Hanoi, Bomb Saigon, Bomb Disneyland. The band split shortly after Bomb Hanoi, their records never living up to their live shows, and the band members falling out.[1] According to Singleton: "I don't think we ever made a really good record! They never ever lived up to our live shows; We were so much better on stage".[2] Of the frictions within the band, Butt said: "Neil couldn't get on with Alan, and me and Dave didn't want Andy on drums any more. We weren't happy with Alan organising everything and neglecting his bass-playing role".[2] Adams immediately formed a new band, Five Go Mad In Europe, and resurrected the band name as Destructors V in 1984. Singleton went on to front Trench Fever.[2] Butt went on to form The Desecrators, joined English Dogs, and later formed Janus Stark and then The More I See, also playing guitar with The Prodigy.[2]

The band name was resurrected again in 2006 as Destructors 666, with former members Adams, Dave Colton, and Steve Rolls ex of The Now joined by new members Steve Crosby and Lee Reynolds. Steve Crosby walked out of the studio one night and was never heard from again. Lee Reynolds left the band due to recording commitments with The 925's. Crosby and Reynolds were replaced by Ian Stapleton (Bass) and Rob Baylis (Drums). In 2009 the band returned to the original name of The Destructors.


Chart placings shown are from the UK Indie Chart.[3]

Destructors Releases 1982-1984

  • EP - "Senseless Violence EP" (1982) Paperback (#33)
  • EP - "Religion... There Is No Religion EP" (1982) Carnage Benelux (#34)
  • EP - "Jailbait EP" (1982) Illuminated
  • LP - "Exorcise The Demons of Youth" (1982) Illuminated (#12)
  • EP - "Forces Of Law EP" (1983) Illuminated (#26)
  • LP - "Armageddon In Action" (live) (1983) Radical Change (#10)
  • EP - "Cry Havoc and Unleash The Dogs EP" (1983) Criminal Damage (#31)
  • LP - "Merry Christmas and Fuck Off" (1983) Death Records
  • EP - "Wild Thing", 4 Track E.P released December 1983, Illuminated Records, ILL1912
  • EP - "Electronic Church" (1983) free with "Trees and Flowers" magazine
  • LP - "Bomb Saigon, Bomb Hanoi, Bomb Disneyland" Album Released January 1984 Carnage Benelux, KILL666

Destructors V Release 1984

Releases from the shortlived Destructors variable Destructors V

  • EP - "TV Eye" 3 Track E.P (August 1984) Criminal Damage, CRI108

Destructors 666 Releases 2006-2009

Destructors 666 started as a one off project with the release of Plus Ca Change Pour La Meme Chose. However, all copies were sold due to the solid fanbase of the band and their strong legacy to the world of punk rock. The split EP is seen as something unique to The Destructors and provides an opportunity to showcase other local talent. All contributors retain full rights to their material and receive costs for recording as well as free copies of the finished CD's. Date EP's started as an idea around the 666 label (Released on the 6th day of the 6th month of the 6th year of the 21st century and continued every year, i.e. 777, 888 etc. Often these are split releases though not always. Concept EPs are another format and cover areas such as Police / CCTV / Witchcraft (Racial Intolerance) etc. Finally, full blown Destructors only releases.

  • Split EP - "Plus Ca Change Pour La Meme Chose" CD (Rowdy Farrago, RF003, February 2006) Split EP with The Ruined
  • Date EP - "06:06:06" CD (Rowdy Farrago, RF666, June 2006)
  • Split EP - "Sturm Und Drang" CD (Rowdy Farrago, RF004, August 2006) Split EP with The 925's
  • Split EP - "Gott Mit Uns" CD (Rowdy Farrago, RF005, December 2006) Split EP with Radicus
  • Split EP - "No Parasan" CD (Rowdy Farrago, RF006, March 2007) Split EP with $UP
  • Album - "Many Were Killed Few Were Chosen" CD (Rowdy Farrago, June 2007, RFA01)
  • Date EP - "07:07:07" CD (Rowdy Farrago, RF777, July 2007)
  • Split EP - "Biberati Ut Gothi" (Rowdy Farrago, RF007, September 2007) Split EP with Fletch Cadillac
  • Concept EP - "Sichien Lassen Mit Fremdem Machten" (Rowdy Farrago, November 2007, RFEP1)Theme = Strange Things
  • Split EP - "Caveat Emptor" (Rowdy Farrago, RF008, February 2008) Split EP with White Clouds & Gunfire
  • Split EP - "Labor Omnia Vincit" (Rowdy Farrago, RF009, April 2008) Split EP with Eastfield
  • Split EP - "Lex Talionis" (Rowdy Farrago, RF010, June 2008) Split EP with Dirty Love
  • Date EP - "08:08:08" CD (Rowdy Farrago, RF888, August 2008)
  • Split EP - "Geistbahn" (Rowdy Farrago, RF011, September 2008) Split EP with March To The Grave
  • Concept EP - "Malleus Maleficarum" (Rowdy Farrago, October 2008, RFEP2)Theme = Witchcraft / Racial Intolerance
  • Concept EP - "Bah Humbug" (Rowdy Farrago, December 2008, RFXMAS1)Theme = Christmas
  • Split EP - "Deus Ex Machina" (Rowdy Farrago, RF012, March 2009) Split EP with Dun2Def
  • Album - "Pow! That's Kill Musik 666 Volume 1: Revision" CD (Rowdy Farrago, May 2009, RFA02)
  • Concept EP - "Quisnam Vigilo Vigilo" (Rowdy Farrago, July 2009, RFEP3)Theme = Control
  • Split EP - "Scheikunde" (Rowdy Farrago, RF013, August 2009) Split EP with Dangers Close
  • Date EP - "09:-09:09" CD (Rowdy Farrago, RF999, September 2009) aka The Nein Nein Nein EP
  • Destructors 666 renamed to The Destructors In November 2009

The Destructors Releases 2009-Present

The present day lineup of The Destructors. Continuing to release multi theme albums / EP's and split EP's

  • Split EP - "Tormentum Insomniae" (Rowdy Farrago, RF014, November 2009) Split EP with Sick On The Bus
  • Concept EP - "Politika" (Rowdy Farrago, April 2010, RFELECT01) Theme = Politics
  • Split EP - "Zengakuren" (Rowdy Farrago, RF015, June 2010) Split EP with The Black Marias
  • Album - "Dead Beat To White Heat" (Rowdy Farrago, RFA03, August 2010)
  • Date EP - "101010 (The Meaning Of Life EP)" (Rowdy Farrago, RF101010, October 2010)
  • Concept EP - "Helloween"(Rowdy Farrago, October 2010, RFHELL01) Theme = Halloween
  • Split EP - "Les Fleur Du Mal" (Rowdy Farrago, RF016, January 2011) Split EP with Gripper
  • Concept EP - "Media Studies"(Rowdy Farrago, May 2011, RFEP04) Theme = Media, Celebrity Culture, Journalism
  • Split Album- "Wohlgefuhl" (Rowdy Farrago, RFSA01, August 2011) Split Album with Dun2Def
  • Split EP - "Je Suis Radio" (Rowdy Farrago, RF017, September 2011) Split EP with Don't Look Down
  • Date EP - "111111 (In Memoriam)" (Rowdy Farrago, RF111111, November 2011)

Band Members Timeline

This is an overview of the history of The Destructors. Now over 34 years old and still recording and releasing innovative new material.

01. 6CK 6CK 6CK (1976) The Kid i.e. Allen Adams (vocals) T.W atterson (guitar) Stuart Bland (bass) Graham Black (drums)

02. Speed Mark II (1976) The Kid (vocals) Steve Bavister (guitar) Paul Cooper (guitar) Dip (bass)

03. 6CK 6CK 6CK Mark II (1976) The Kid (vocals) T.W Atterson (guitar) Dip (bass)

04. The Gestapo (1976) The Kid (vocals) T.W Atterson (guitar) Dip (bass) Andy Arthurs (drums)

05. Destructors (1977) The Kid (vocals) T.W Atterson (guitar) Dip (bass) Joe MacColl/Steve Rolls/Dave Colton (drums) at different times

06. Destructors Mark II (1978) The Kid (vocals) T.W Atterson (guitar) Dip (bass) Andrew Jackson (guitar) Andrew Butler (drums)

07. Destructors Mark III (1978) The Kid (vocals) T.W Atterson (guitar) Dip (bass) Andrew Butler (drums)

08 Destructors Mark IV (1980) Neil Singleton (vocals) Dave Ivermee (guitar) Allen Adams (bass) Andrew Butler (drums)

09. Destructors Mark V (1980–1981) Neil Singleton (vocals) Dave Ivermee (guitar) Allen Adams (bass) Andy McDonald (drums)

10. Destructors Mark VII (1981–1983) Neil Singleton (vocals) Dave Ivermee (guitar) Graham "Gizz" Butt (guitar) Allen Adams (bass) Andy McDonald (drums)

11. Destructors V (Mark VII) (1983–1984) Allen Adams (vocals) Dave Colton (guitar) Nigel Davis (bass) Joe MacColl (drums)

12. Five Go Mad In Europe (1984) Allen Adams (vocals) Dave Colton (guitar) Faz Farrow (bass) Joe MacColl (drums)

13. Destructors 666 (Mark VIII) (2006–2007) Allen Adams (vocals) Dave Colton (guitar) Steve Rolls (guitar) Steve Crosby (bass) Lee Reynolds (drums)* Simon Stabler (sound locator)

14. Destructors 666 (Mark IX) (2007–2008) Allen Adams (vocals) Dave Colton (guitar) Steve Rolls (guitar) Steve Crosby (bass) Rob Baylis (drums) Simon Stabler (sound locator)

15. Destructors 666 (Mark X) (2008) Allen Adams (vocals) Dave Colton (guitar) Steve Rolls (guitar) Rob Baylis (drums) Tom Savage (bass)

16. Destructors 666 (Mark XI) (2008-9) Allen Adams (vocals) Dave Colton (guitar) Steve Rolls (guitar) Rob Baylis (drums) Ian Stapleton (bass)

17. The Destructors (2009-?) Allen Adams (vocals) Dave Colton (guitar) Steve Rolls (guitar) Rob Baylis (drums) Ian Stapleton (bass) + AC (Live) Tom (Live)


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