Norwegian Righteous among the Nations

Norwegian Righteous among the Nations

During the occupation of Norway by Nazi Germany, its Jewish community was subject to persecution and deported to extermination camps. Although at least 764 Jews in Norway were killed, over 1,000 were rescued with the help of non-Jewish Norwegians who risked their lives to smuggle the refugees out of Norway, typically to Sweden [1]. Forty-one of these have been recognized by Yad Vashem as being Righteous among the Nations, as well as the Norwegian resistance movement collectively. This is a list.[2] [3]

Name Number Year Comment
Bonnevie, Alfhild 8611.2 1999
Breisjøberget, Ola 10816.5 2006 For the rescue of children at the Jewish Children's Home in Oslo
Bryn, Harald & Nanti 8611.3 1999
Faye-Hansen, Per 11021 2007
Follestad, Einar & Agnes 8611 1999 For rescuing the Raskow family in Oslo [4]
Hasvold, Nina (Hackel) 10816 2006 For the rescue of children at the Jewish Children's Home in Oslo
Helliesen-Lund, Sigrid[5] 10856 2006 For the rescue of children at the Jewish Children's Home in Oslo
Hougen, Bjørn & Torbjørg 9750 2002
Hougen, Helga (1) 9750.1 2002
Hougen, Helga (2) 9750.2 2002 The two Helga Hougens were cousins.
Kleivan, Kåre 10764.2 2006
Malm, Erling 5881 1994 Committed suicide rather than reveal network that smuggled Jews out of Norway
Mamen, Rev. Hans Christen 1248 1979 Lutheran minister who acted as a border pilot, bringing small groups of refugees from his home municipality of Asker across the border to Sweden, and ended up fleeing himself.[6][7]
Michelsen, Bjørn & Astrid & his father August 9493 2001
Nielssen, Finn & Valdis 8611.4 1999
Nilsen, Nikolai & Anny, children Edmund, Nordal, Jenny, Pauline 10764 2006 For the rescue of Smith family in Tromsø [8]
Norwegian Underground Movement 616.1 1977 Awarded collectively, among other things for Carl Fredriksens Transport
Rauken, Ola 10816.4 2006 For the rescue of children at the Jewish Children's Home in Oslo
Resch-Synnestvedt, Alice 2142.1 1982 A Norwegian citizen, but active in France[9][10]
Roth, Per 6267 1994 For assisting Jewish boys in Sachsenhausen concentration camp
Rotvold, Markus 10764.1 2006 For the rescue of Smith family in Tromsø [8]
Sjølie Oscar & Frida 10565 2005
Sletten-Fosstvedt, Ingebjørg 70 1967 Helped the family of rabbi Julius Samuel escape to Sweden
Solvang, Martin 10816.2 2006 For the rescue of children at the Jewish Children's Home in Oslo
Tanberg, Gerda 10816.3 2006 For the rescue of children at the Jewish Children's Home in Oslo
Tosterud (Limbodal), Margit 9069 2000
Waal, Caroline ("Nic")[11] 10816.1 2006 For the rescue of children at the Jewish Children's Home in Oslo
Wellen, Einar [12] 6846 1995 For arranging for the escape of the Rosenberg family, and others.
Wilhelmsen, Agnes & Carl 8611.1 1999


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