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Black Widow Records

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Black Widow Records is an Italian record label founded in 1990 and taking it's name from the British progressive rock act Black Widow. It was originally a rarities shop focusing on collectable records and reissues. After a few years they began to release records, at first concentrating on reissuing rare records but then began to release new albums by contemporary bands.


*BWR001 Crystal Phoenix - "Crystal Phoenix" CD/LP
*BWR002 Men of Lake - "Looking for the Sun" Box LP
*BWR003 Malombra - "Malombra" CD/LP
*BWR004 Runaway Totem - "Trimegisto" CD/LP
*BWR005 Dunwich - "Sul Monte è il Tuono" CD/LP
*BWR006 Presence - "The Sleeper Awakes" CD
*BWR007 Standarte - "Standarte" CD/LP
*BWR008 The Black - "Refugium Peccatorum" LP
*BWR009 Malombra - "Our Lady of the Bones" CD/2LP
*BWR010 Beggars Farm - "Beneath the Moon of Ilsacon" LP
*BWR011 Abiogenesi - "Abiogenesi" CD/LP
*BWR012 Darxtar - "Sju" CD/LP
*BWR013 Runaway Totem - "Zed" CD/LP
*BWR014 Presence - "Black Opera" CD/2LP
*BWR015 Standarte - "Curses and Invocations" CD/LP
*BWR016 The Black - "Apocalypsis" CD/LP
*BWR017 Il Segno del Comando - "Il Segno del Comando" CD/LP
*BWR018 Abiogenesi - "Il Giocoscuro" CD/LP + Poster
*BWR019 Architectural Metaphor - "Creature of the Velvet Void" CD/LP + Insert
*BWR020 ST 37 - "Spaceage" CD/LP Ltd. 160 gr. + 7" picture sleeve
*BWR021 Northwinds - "Great God Pan" CD/LP Ltd. 160 gr. Gatefold
*BWR022 Universal Totem Orchestra - "Rituale Alieno" CD/LP
*BWR023 Rise and Shine - "FlowerPowerMetal" CD/LP
*BWR024 Black Widow - "Black Widow IV" LP (limited 500 copies)
*BWR025 E Tu Vivrai Nel Terrore - "Tribute to Horror & Gothic Movies" 2CD + book/3LP + book
*BWR026 Hawkwind - "The Elf & the Hawk" CD/2LP
*BWR027 Gian Castello - "Taliesin" CD/LP
*BWR028 Standarte - "Stimmung" CD/LP
*BWR029 Black Widow - "Return to the Sabbat" LP
*BWR030 Shine Dion - "Killandra" LP
*BWR031 Pentagram - "Review Your Choices" LP
*BWR032 Ars Nova - "The Book of the Dead" LP + 12"
*BWR033 Alan (The Elf) Davey - "Chaos of Delight" CD/LP + comic book
*BWR034 Akron - "La Signora del Buio" CD/LP + book
*BWR035 Various Artists "Blue Explosion: Tribute to Blue Cheer" CD/2LP
*BWR036 The Black - "Golgotha" CD/LP
*BWR037 Rise and Shine - "RoadFlower" CD/LP
*BWR038 Various Artists "Beyond the Realm of Death SS: Tribute to Death SS" CD/2LP
*BWR039 Various Artists "King of the Witches: Tribute to Black Widow" CD/2LP
*BWR040 Northwinds - "Masters of Magic" CD/2LP
*BWR041 Monument - "The First Monument" LP
*BWR042 Bram Stoker - "Heavy Rock Spectacular" LP
*BWR043 Necromandus - "Orexis of Death" LP
*BWR044 Cirkus - "One" LP
*BWR045 Presence - "Gold" CD/LP
*BWR046 Abiogenesi - "Le Notti di Salem" CD/LP
*BWR047 Simon House - "Spiral Galaxy Revisited" CD/LP
*BWR048 Helden Rune - "The Wisdom Through the Fear" CD/LP
*BWR049 Agony Bag - "Feelmazumba" CD/LP
*BWR050 High Tide - "Open Season" CD/2LP
*BWR051 Jacula - "In Cauda Semper Stat Venenum" CD/LP
*BWR052 Morgan - "Nova Solis" LP
*BWR053 Malombra - "The Dissolution Age" CD/2LP
*BWR054 Various Artists - "The Tapestry of Delights" CD/2LP
*BWR055 Pentagram - Sub-Basement CD/LP
*BWR056 Ars Nova - "Android Domina" LP
*BWR057 Il Segno del Comando - "Der Golem" CD/LP
*BWR058 Antonius Rex - "Anno Demoni" CD/LP + 7"
*BWR059 Various Artists - "Not of This Earth " 3CD + book/4LP + book
*BWR060 Simon House/Rod Goodway - "House of Dreams" CD/LP
*BWR061 Ange - "Tome 87" LP
*BWR062 Sad Minstrel - "The Flight of the Phoenix" CD/LP
*BWR063 Crystal Phoenix - "The Legend of the Two Stonedragons" CD/LP
*BWR064 Manilla Road - "Spiral Castle" LP
*BWR065 Pentagram - A Keg Full of Dynamite CD/LP
*BWR066 Antonius Rex - "Neque Semper Arcum Tendit Rex" CD/LP (Ltd 400)
*BWR067 Akron - "Il Tempio di Ferro" CD/LP + book (ltd 400)
*BWR068 ST 37 - "Insect Hospital" CD/2LP
*BWR069 Presence - "The Sleeper Awakes + Live" CD/2LP
*BWR070 Ripper - "And the Dead Shall Rise" CD/LP
*BWR071 Areknames - "Areknames" CD/LP
*BWR072 The Black - "Peccatis Nostris/Capistrani Pugnator" CD/LP
*BWR073 Zess - "Et in Arcadia Ego" CD/LP
*BWR074 Antonius Rex - "Praeternatural"CD/LP
*BWR075 Various Artist - "Daze of the Underground: A Tribute to Hawkwind" 3LP Box
*BWR076 Wicked Minds - "From the Purple Skies" CD/2LP
*BWR077 Minotauri - "Minotauri" CD/2LP
*BWR078 Pentagram - "Show 'em How" CD/LP
*BWR079 Death SS - "The Horned God of the Witches" 2LP
*BWR080 Paul Roland - [Strychnine...and Other Potent Poisons" CD/LP
*BWR081 L'Impero Delle Ombre - "L'Impero Delle Ombre" CD/LP
*BWR082 Morticia - "Exhumed" CD
*BWR083 Antonius Rex - "Magic Ritual" DVD + CD
*BWR084 Pagan Altar - "Judgement of the Dead" LP + book
*BWR085 Deep Switch - "Nine Inches of God" LP
*BWR086 Wyxmer - "Feudal Throne" CD/LP
*BWR087 Bedemon - "Child of Darkness" CD/LP
*BWR088 Abiogenesi - "Io Sono il Vampiro" CD/LP
*BWR089 Northwinds - "Chimeres" CD + DVD/2LP
*BWR090 Paul Roland - "Pavane" 2LP
*BWR091 Orne - "The Conjuration by the Fire" CD/LP
*BWR092 Death SS - "The Seventh Seal" LP
*BWR093 Wicked Minds - "Witchflower" CD + DVD/2LP
*BWR094 Areknames - "Love Hate Round Trip" CD/2LP
*BWR095 Goad - "In the House of the Dark Shining Dreams" CD/2LP
*BWR096 Paul Roland "Re Animator" CD/LP
*BWR097 Abysmal Grief - "Abysmal Grief/Mors Eleison" CD/LP
*BWR098 Jet Jaguar - "Space Anthem" CD/2LP
*BWR099 Antonius Rex - "Switch on Dark" CD/LP
*BWR100 Delirium - "Vibrazioni Notturne Live" CD/2LP
*BWR101 Il Bacio della Medusa - "Il Bacio della Medusa" CD/LP
*BWR102 Il Bacio della Medusa - "Discesa agl'Inferi d'un Giovane Amante" LP
*BWR103 Spirits Burning - "Alien Injection" CD/LP
*BWR108 Jacula - "Tardo Pede in Magiam Versus" CD/LP

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