Angel's Feather

Angel's Feather

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name = Angel's Feather

caption = Group shot of characters
ja_name = エンジェルズフェザー
genre = Action, Drama, Fantasy, Romance, Yaoi
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developer = BlueImpact
publisher = BlueImpact (PC/PS2)
Studio e.go! (PS2)
genre = Eroge, Visual novel
ratings = 15+ (PC), 18+ (PC), 18+ (PS2)
platforms = PC - KiriKiri engine
released = April 25 2005 (PC)
June 30 2005 (PS2)
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licensor = flagicon|USA AnimeWorks
episodes = 2
first = 2006
last = 2006

nihongo|"Angel's Feather"|エンジェルズフェザー|Enjeruzu Fezā is a Japanese eroge visual novel game created by BlueImpact, which was originally released on April 25, 2005. It has been adapted into an anime television series, which was animated by Studio e.go!.


It begins when Hamura Shou comes to Yuusei Academy, from there it branches out into the truth behind his past, and his twin brother, Kai's as well (though they both have the same name, they are referenced differently). It also portrays light yaoi on the behalf of Kai and Nagi (his supposed best friend).


; Shou Hamura :: anime voices|Yamaguchi KappeiShou has short hair and is the older twin brother of Kai and prince of the Winfield Kingdom; a kingdom ruled by a royal family with white wings. At the beginning, Shou is seen bringing a puppy which he had supposedly saved (episode 1). Shou is a white-winged angel.

; Kai Misonou :: anime voices|Midorikawa HikaruKai has long hair and is Shou's younger twin. He excels in his studies and is the current chairman of the Misonou company. At first, Kai wasn't sure he has a twin and ignores Shou. It turns out that long ago before the twins were separated, Shou had told Kai to totally forget him. Kai moved into a wealthy family and has forgotten Shou. When Shou mentions that he is his twin, Kai's memory was a little blurry. He seems to be in love with Nagi Uesugi. Kai is also a white-winged angel and prince of Winfield Kingdom.

; Kurisu (Chris) Ousaka :: anime voices|Suzuki ChihiroHis fullname is Christopher. Chris is Shou and Kai's cousin (they only found out in episode 2). He is the Crown Prince of Winfield Kingdom. In episode 1, Chris is seen as a room-mates with Kai. Like his cousins, Chris is a white-winged angel.

; Naoto Aoki :: anime voices| Daisuke KishioNaoto is Shou's best friend. He is later revealed as a black-winged angel; the royal white-winged angels' enemy. For this, Shou's feelings are badly hurt for losing his best friend.

; Nagi Uesugi :: anime voices| Takurou NakakuniHe is Kai's lover who later in the series saves Kai and the others.

; Yuuto Nakajyou :: anime voices| Hatano WataruHe's the dorm leader and he becomes aware of Black Winged Angels when present.

; Anri Chikura : : anime voices| Miyata KoukiHe is a friend of shou who continuously repeats words at least three times. though kind hearted he is not very bright and plays the flute to rid monsters such as the warewolves in the second episode.

; Sena Mizuochi :: anime voices| Masutani YasunoriSena is one of the protector's of the royal family which Kai and Shou belong to.He carries a gun to shoot down demons,such as the werewolves in episode 2. Loyal and calm.

; Shion Toudou :: anime voices| Suzuoki Hirotaka, Ishikawa Hideo (18+ add-on)The second protector of the royal family of White Wings. He works along side Sena with is sword.He is also one of the gang's teacher's.

; Reiya Wakabayashi :: anime voices| Inoue KazuhikoThe evil head of the Family of Black Wings.Also the director of the school.He uses Naoto and Nagi to betray Kai and Shou.

; Ran Sakakibara :: anime voices| Kiyoshi HaraHe is the homeroom teacher of the gang. He is Reiya's right-hand man.

; Karen Neyagawa :: anime voices| mayumi nakamura

; Ruka Niijima :: anime voices| yuci

; Polyana Ninihopetestu :: anime voices| LoLo-sama

; Kyouhei :: He only appeared in anime.

Media information

Opening theme :"Rock Star" by Kakihara Tetsuya & Hatano Wataru

Ending theme :"Last Song" by Ishikawa Hideo & Suzuki Chihiro


Director: Kuroda Yasuhiro

Script: Horii Akiko

Episode director: Matsuzawa Kenichi

Character design: Akao Ryoutarou

Original character design: Kazue Yamamoto


Animation production: VENET

Original story: Blue Impact

Production: Angel's Feather Production Team

Studio: Studio e.go!


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